What is REAL FOOD?

Real food is SIMPLE and EASY! I PROMISE. It is getting back to basics. First let me tell you what it is NOT. Real foods are not anything that comes out of a box (in most cases). These are “convenience foods”. Yes, they cook in about 5 minutes, but they are loaded with preservatives and sodium. Some of these boxed items can give you your daily sodium intake in ONE SERVING. Most deli meats and processed cheeses (American cheese, or even the infamous “cheese in a can”) are NOT whole foods.

I will be posting some of the chemicals that go into these boxed foods in the next few days. You won’t want to be putting these chemicals in your body!!! Trust it!

With that being said, real foods are Whole Foods. Vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seafood and meats, and whole grains are real foods. Any foods that are not processed. For example, you would want to eat a natural nut-butter over a jar of Jiff, which is processed and has added sugars and oils that you don’t need (and are really BAD for you). Unprocessed cheese’s are whole foods and can inlcude real paremesan, goat cheeses, and feta cheese (among others). There are some boxed foods that are without preservatives but they are far and in-between, and I find a lot of times that even though they are without the preservatives, the sodium is VERY high (which then acts as a preservative).

So, to recap…REAL FOODS = WHOLE, (unprocessed, preservative-free, low in sodium) FOODS! Here are a couple of pictures from my garden last summer:


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