Health and Clean Eating

August 9, 2010

Good Monday evening to you all!  I am happy, happy today! 😀  The pool is coming along, the kids were good today, I went to a fantastic BodyPump class (ummm…400 calories….the most I’ve ever burned in BodyPump ever!!)  Plus, it’s launch week, where all of the new material is introduced, which makes it fun!  If you’re ever in my area, let me know, and you can come to my gym with me…you won’t be disappointed.  (Email for details! :))

For more information:  check out the Les Mills web site!


I would like to begin this next section with some questions:

Are you tired during the day, especially around mid-afternoon?

Do you feel sluggish and “foggy”?

Do you have health issues such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol or high blood pressure?

Then clean eating is for you. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!  Please don’t be scared off by that statement.  If you are just beginning, here are some things you can do to ease into the clean eating lifestyle:

1.  STOP eating fast food.  Anything that you make at home, in your own kitchen, is better than this:

Not sure about the story of the 4 year old burger that didn’t mold…you can Google it and make your own determination. 😉

2.  Start eating more of these:

Homemade Eat Clean Wheat Berry Salad


I think that is the perfect way to ease into the clean eating lifestyle.  It’s that simple!!

OK, so let me show you some of what I’ve been eating these last couple of days:

April’s brownies with peanut butter (which were great, by the way!! Thanks, April!)

Amy’s All American Veggie Burger with some organic ketchup, mustard, goat cheese and vinegar green beans on the side.

Ezekial toast with the last of my Artisana coconut butter. 😦  Egg whites (great source of a clean protein!)


It’s the return of the panoli. For those of you that are new to my blog, I actually invented something delicious! 🙂  A whole grain pancake, made really, really, thin.  Stuffed with protein, and eaten for breakfast.  This panoli had a cottage cheese and blueberry blend.  It looks interesting, but it was yummy and sweet! 🙂


The pancake was super thin.

It was soooo good! 🙂

Lots of smiles today! 😀  I am still working on my dot com, and will let you know when it is up and running.  Possibly by tomorrow!

Have a great night!


Friday “date night” :)

February 20, 2010

Hello lovlies!  Sorry about the delay of the bloggy, but last night we dropped the kids off at the gym for “date night” (it’s 3 hours…rolled into my membership and cheap) and went out to dinner.  We hadn’t done that in a loooong time, so it was a wonderful treat.

I started my morning with Bob Marley Oatmeal because I knew I was in for a run, no matter how long.

Bob Marley Oats

Jillian Micheal’s vanilla protein powder, fresh pineapple, raw cashews, coconut and maple syrup.

So let’s get down to it and talk about the run.

I have issues sometimes going in to my gym to workout, because I have a lot of friends there.  And I start to chit-chat.  I was late as it was, and I had to bring Sophia with me, so I only had a certain length of time to finish 7 miles.  Well, suffice it to say, I only ran 4.5.  Approximately 20 minutes was spent chit-chatting.

Something this run did make me realize, though, is that I have not properly trained to run a half marathon at this point. There is less than a month of training left.  So, unfortunately, I am going to pass on the ING on the 21st of March and aim for a different one down the road.  This was a hard decision, but I think in the end it will be better.  As soon as I find a new one, I will let y’all know what the new date is!

OK, enough running talk.  When I got home from my run it was late and I knew we were going to date night, so I didn’t want to eat a heavy lunch and decided on my current staple:

Wheat Berry Salad

I love wheat berry salad, as I’ve said before, so I won’t bore you with any more salad talk. 😉

Let’s get down to it with dinner.  We ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant by our house.   They brought out buttery garlic rolls:

Then salads (I had my dressing on the side…it was the House dressing, a balsamic vinaigrette):


Sorry about the lighting…but I had to take the pictures with my phone, and it was dark in the restaurant!

Then for my main dish:


I tried to eat only half:

But who was I kidding? I ate the rest when I got home! 🙂

I would like to point out, that all the things that I ate were freshly made.  I doubt any of it had preservatives or the like.  So even though none of my selections were not low-fat, that does not mean that they weren’t clean!

I did have some dessert, and dessert is not normally a clean food, on account of the sugar.  I could not pass up some tiramisu and cappuccino, which I did not eat all of (I promise)!

Oh, it was heavenly.  And I still have half  the slice in my fridge! 😀

There was some wine...

Who can eat Italian food without having a nice cabernet to go along with the meal?  Unheard of, LOL!

I am going to let you go now, as I want to go out and run a couple of miles for fun.  I think I was putting too much pressure on myself to increase mileage, and I started losing my zest for running.  I got it back today though, on account that there is no more pressure for the time being! 😉

Have a fantastic Saturday!  It’s supposed to be 60 degrees here in the ATL today…can’t wait to get outside!

Jessica xoxo

it was a brownie-bites kind of day

February 16, 2010

Today was Aidan’s actual birthday.  He turned 10!  It doesn’t mean that he acts 10 all of the time, though! Ugh.  The trials and tribulations of children.  Today was his second party (with just us) and I made mini-cupcake bites for him in lieu of cake (because he’s going to have a sleepover and he will get his big cake then):

Happy Birthday, Aidan! I love you!  Of course I took a picture of the brownie bites:

This morning I was headed to the gym for my fave class, BodyAttack.  I even dreamed about class, all night long.  No, not obsessed, LOL.  I busted it out in class, and burned 538 calories at 17% fat in 58:14.  I LOVE that class!!! If you have a chance, I recommend it for a couple of reasons…it will get you into shape in short order, and if you already feel that you are in shape, it will raise your fitness level.

I knew that I was going to class and because it’s February break I also knew that I would have all the kids with me en route to the gym (they go into the daycare…they love it) so after feeding everyone I finally got to eat something myself and guzzle some coffee along with it:

Half an Einstein Bros. blueberry bagel that I picked up yesterday with blueberry jam.  I also had 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites.  Half of the bagel is 150 calories. (I looked it up on their web site).  If I had eaten the whole thing it would have been 300 calories! Holy cow! Good thing I suspected. 🙂  They’re huge!

After I got home I was starving and I’m pretty certain that I burned through that bagel and the eggs in the first 15 minutes of class.  I ate the wheat berry salad I made the other day with half of a honey wheat bagel:

wheat berry salad

I put some of this dressing on the salad:

and didn’t put anything on the bagel.  It didn’t need it!

I got hungry again and ate the last Think Thin Bar that I had bought when traveling.  Those things are so inedible!  Sometimes I eat more for fuel then flavor, and I knew I needed more protein:

I decided that Sophia and I needed to get our nails done (in my case, I got them taken off…) so we went to do that and to the grocery store for the odds and ends that I’ve forgotten the last 2 days.  I had to make sure I had enough time to make dinner, and I did and it was clean and yummy!  I started out with a roast:

caramelized some onions and added celery:

added some diced tomatoes and the coup de grace:

coup de grace

Target carries this amazing line of spices in with the regular spices.  There’s nothing but spices…no preservatives or anything bad in it.  On the back of the package it tells you how much meat and what is needed and cooking directions.  Even I can’t mess that up:


I had mine with brown rice and green beans:

The rest of the family ate them with No Yolks noodles.  So good!

That’s all I have for you today!  Hope you enjoyed the post.  Tomorrow I have another 7 mile run.  Hoping I can actually finish it!  Have a wonderful night! 🙂

Jessica xoxo

not a believer in global warming anymore…

February 14, 2010

Whatever happened to global warming? Atlanta is supposed to get more snow tomorrow! At this rate, we’ll be shut down for a year, LOL.  In light of all of the snow, I took some pictures.  Now I know that some of you are going to laugh…it is not as much snow as MD, or DC got by a long shot, but still enough to shut us down!

So I have to show some pictures of the snow. 🙂

Alright, enough of all the snow! I think I brought it down with me from NY! 😉

So sorry I missed a day of blogging 😦 Please bear with me as I get back into “the swing of things” at home!!

Yesterday I thought I was going to run, but I just didn’t have the energy. (Probably because I didn’t run!)  It’s funny how that works out…I have more energy on the days that I exercise.  Yesterday’s breakfast was yummy, and I kind of ate the same thing this morning as well:



Yesterday’s breaky was 1 egg and 2 egg whites with havarti cheese and ezekial bread with blueberry jam.  Today’s breakfast was 1 egg, 2 egg whites with baby bella mushrooms and herbs de provence.  Highly recommended! There was an ezekial muffin with blue berry jam.  I also took a picture of the jam, because it’s clean, with no processed sugars:

Yesterday’s lunch was Wheat Berry Salad…and I have to admit, I ate some chocolate and other things that weren’t clean.  There won’t be anymore of that, rest assured, because it didn’t taste the same that I remembered…and wasn’t very good!

The salad was so good.  I was kind of the person planning the dinners and since my in-laws were still here I decided a couple of days before to marinade some chicken and have Jeremy cook it on The Big Green Egg.  We had regular baked potatoes (I put some cheddar cheese on mine, I had a total craving.)  I also roasted carrots with some EVOO and garlic salt that I ate with leftover brussel sprouts:

Oh my, it was all soooo good.  We also celebrated Aidan’s 10th birthday yesterday, and in light of everything being closed down in the ATL my mother in-law whipped up a cookie cake for his birthday:

I partook in some cookie.  It was sooo sweet though! I kind of felt icky after eating it.  Oh well, I’m all sweetened out now! 😉

oh, and before I forget, have a Happy Valentines Day!

Jessica xoxo


February 12, 2010

Hey Y’all! So I’m back in Atlanta, GA as I mentioned yesterday, and look what happens:


and more snow…

and MORE!

I thought I had left all the snow back in NY! Guess not.  The kids were thrilled, though! Tomorrow it’s supposed to be 38 degrees. Atlanta will probably be shut down for 4 or 5 days, LOL! 😉


For breaky today there was my usual protein and a carb, because I knew I was going to the gym for a rockin’ BodyCombat class:

Self explanatory breaky.  Yummy!

Lunch I ate at Taco Mac (I don’t know why I keep going back there, the food is mediocre,) but today I had a shrimp and avocado salad that wasn’t half bad.  Unfortunately, no pictures, but here is the description from their menu:

Grilled Shrimp
and Avocado Salad $8.99
Romaine lettuce topped with grilled
shrimp, avocado, pico de gallo, black
beans, jalapeño, and feta cheese.

It was healthy and yummy.  I was so hungry after Combat I inhaled it.  No joke! Next time, I promise to take pictures!

So after the snow thing, and the grocery shopping thing (why do people buy all of the milk, bread and eggs when there’s a storm? There’s so many better things a person could be eating!) Jeremy offered to make dinner (YAY!!!).  He’s such a better cook then I am!  Pictures of dinner in a bit…

I love Tosca Reno’s Wheat Berry Salad recipe.  It is soooo yummy!  Very good for you!  I bought some edamame at the store, cooked it, cooled it and had to hull the beans out:

Then I had to cook and cool the wheat berries (which are a good protein source, by the way.)

Wheat Berries

I chopped up celery, onion, red pepper, cucumber, green onions, basil…

Wheat Berry Salad

and made the yogurt dressing.  I can’t wait to eat it tomorrow!

Jeremy made chili for dinner with Delmonico Steak.  It was sooo good.  All fresh ingredients, no fillers or MSG. (he’s funny because he made it a point to tell me I could eat the chili! 😀

Jeremy's Chili

Oh it was so good!

Today I burned 399 calories at 33% fat in BodyCombat.  So far this week in  1:58:36 I burned 925 calories.  Tomorrow I have a 7 mile run, and if the snow doesn’t melt tonight, it’s going to be in the snow!  Good thing I invested in these 2 weeks ago:

Trail Sneakers!

and also my cold weather gear:

Cold Weather Gear

Have a wonderful night! I will let you know how that 7 mile run goes tomorrow! 😀

Jessica xoxo

Monday Mahem

January 4, 2010
Good Monday Morning to y’all! One more day until the kids are back to school and then *F*R*E*E*D*O*M* !!! Two weeks off at Christmas is a LOT. Sometimes with the funky schedule in my county it seems like the kids are off more then they’re in school.
So this morning breakfast consisted of a beautiful egg white sandwhich on an Ezekial muffin with a little bit of Farmer  cheese:
Yesterday, after I started my day with the peanut butter and “no jelly” oatmeal, I discovered my tummy was still a little off and could only eat unlike me! So when lunchtime hit, I decided that a mostly raw meal would be great, and had some Wheatberry Salad with a yogurt dressing:
I always seem to have this on hand, because when I make it, it makes a TON.  And it keeps really well in the fridge 🙂 So I made the yogurt dressing right in the yogurt container as it was half gone anyway (why dirty another container?)
Yogurt, rice wine vinegar, oregano, lemon juice = yummy! There was also some hummus and Mary’s Crack:
Not sure I’m a fan of the roasted garlic hummus…I think I’m more of a fan of the spicy Sabra that I ate before 🙂
I had to do some grocery shopping at Target, and do some returns, so when I got home it was late and I hadn’t had a snack yet and this hit the spot:
I am all about Fage with Honey. It is the perfect combination of tart and sweet. I’ve tried to add honey to other plain greek yogurts, and it’s just not the same 😉 So this is my yogurt splurge! And it eats like a meal, very rarely do I need something with it…protein and carbs all in one place! (Simple carbs, but still.)
As I did the grocery shopping Jeremy decided he would cook dinner which was semi-clean (bet he didn’t know! ;)) and I still felt kind of “off” so I stayed out of the kitchen:
It was fantastic! Homemade scalloped potatoes, and swedish meatballs.  I was so in need of comfort food, and this did it for me! Maybe the onions in the scalloped potatoes could be considered my vegetable? (Shame on me, but I just did not have the energy today!)
So the potatoes = clean, the swedish meatballs = not so clean. Oh well. It is all about moderation! Starting tomorrow there may be some small tweaks and changes to the eats.  I need to add in more protein, and I need to make sure that the things that I eat are not on the food sensitivity list. (I plan on posting the lists as well as the explanation of ALCAT later today, finally). I am giving myself another month with the ALCAT, to see if there are any further changes (weight, and water weight).  I have noticed changes with the water weight issue…being that it is less of an issue than it was before. I am thrilled about that, actually.
There will also be small changes to my workout routine (that have already started)…more running, more strength training).
Today’s plan:
1.  Breakfast
2.  Hitting the gym with the kids (2 mile run from yesterday) and push/pull weight routine plus abs (I plan on posting this also under the FIT workout later today!)
3.  Spending time with the kids on their last day off, having an early dinner and getting them to bed early to be ready for school!
4.  Blogging!
5.  Studying for the personal trainer certification (this might not actually happen until the kids are back in school Tuesday).
Have a great day!
Jessica xoxo
Thoughts: What changes are you making for the new year? 2010 is going to be a GREAT year. Bring it ON!

The countdown has begun…

December 30, 2009

to 2010! I can’t wait for the new year. I am notorious for saying this at the end of every year, but this year especially.  The holidays have finally come to a close, and I am blogging and sitting with my husband. All 3 kids are quiet and upstairs playing/watching movies. Finally some peace!

So, yesterday morning I went to the gym for a Les Mills BodyAttack class. Wondering what BodyAttack is? Click the link. Through this link you can see all of the classes that I take. And I love them! It is worth the time to see if a gym in your area has these specific classes. And for anyone wondering, I burned 466 calories @ 25% fat in 58:00.

So let’s talk about healthy eating. If you are not currently eating healthy, a good time to start is the beginning of the year. Set a date, and begin! It’s easier then you may think. I thought it would be difficult to eat clean, but essentially all it is, is getting back to basics. Our grandparents never had boxed foods loaded with preservatives lining their grocery store shelves. They made everything from scratch. Eating out was a treat, not a way of life. You can begin by making small changes. Realize that every small change you make will be part of a bigger picture – a healthy picture, with the added side effect of weight loss.

It is possible to eat out and eat clean. I want to make that clear. There are always options, just as there are at the grocery store!

OK, lets get to today’s clean eating breakfast…

Always in a hurry (I start my training this morning!) I made yet another Ezekial muffin, but a peanut butter and strawberry non-jelly one:

Pac Man!

I thought I had taken a picture…but remembered mid-bite that I hadn’t 😉

Yesterday’s clean eats were great. I started with sushi from my trip to Whole Foods yesterday: Raw Tuna and Avocado with Brown Rice:

And a close-up of the love:

Then there was another Cliff Nectar Bar, this one cacao:

Then there was a Starbucks non-fat latte, which I am addicted to this holiday season. But I was getting my nails done while I was drinking it, so no pictures (sometimes I’m such a girl 😉 )

A LOT later I got hungry for dinner, so I ate my Wheat Berry Salad, along with a regular salad that had pomegranite arils, raw cashews, feta cheese and Goddess Dressing…with a side of Mary’s Crack 🙂

pomegranite arils

Wheat Berry Salad

Yummy Salad

Something I didn’t eat today, but someone else in my family did and decided to take a picture:

What I ate instead:

Clean Chocolate Coconut Snowballs. The next time I make a treat it is going to be clean peanut butter cups. I will share the recipe!

And there was picture of the pup-pup (Biscuit)…

And one more 🙂

Question: What are your New Years Resolutions for 2010?