Sweet, Salty, Savory

August 4, 2010

Good evening!  Hope your hump day has been great!

I want to start by catching you all up on a decision that I’ve made after careful deliberation these last few days.  I’ve decided to put Insanity on the back burner because of a couple of reasons:

1.  I can’t seem to fit it in with all of my gym classes right now, and

2.  I’m decreasing my cardio and increasing my weight lifting (and my weights!)  for the next few weeks.

I have, however, decided to bring it with me while I am on vacation in a few weeks, along with my portable DVD player. 😉  I know how it is at resorts and they don’t offer any classes or anything like that beyond maybe some machines and some free weights.

SO, with that being said, I took a BodyAttack Express class (45 minutes) and a BodyPump class (60 minutes) and burned 723 calories!

I have been an eating machine lately, because I’ve been taking classes back to back, and burning anywhere from 700 to 900 calories!  And just to mention, 1200 calories isn’t sustainable when you burn so many calories. So I’ve increased my calories.


That was yesterday’s lunch.  A whole peach, Greek yogurt (with 2 packets of Truvia), and granola that was a little “well done”.  It was awesome and totally filling for lunch.

I have increased the amount of water that I’ve been drinking lately, and it works out to be about 90 ounces a day (when I’m on my game!)  Alas, I’m kind of getting sick of water.  I know how good it is for you, and it flushes the toxins and salts out of our system, and our bodies are approximately 70% water.  It is sooo important.

I can’t drink diet soda’s anymore, because they have that “chemical” taste to me now.  Sometimes I make decaf tea (green or otherwise) and chill and drink that.  Today I wanted lemonade, but without the chemicals and/or sugar and artificial unclean whatnots they put in everything:

Healthy Lemonade

In the frozen section in the grocery store, they sell a lemon juice that doesn’t have any preservatives in it (unlike RealLemon, which does!!!)  So I took purified water, ice, lemon juice and Truvia and mixed it all together.  Well, there you go! Healthy Lemonade!!!

Something else I’ve been craving:


Yes, it’s a sweet potato.  I tend to eat a lot of them because they are really good for you. They have some great nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, fiber and carotenoids.  It becomes scrumptious when you put a tablespoon of Cinnamon Peanut Butter on it.  Mine just happens to be Market Pantry (from Target).  OMG.  I think I’ve had them at dinner 3 days in a row!!

For example, with green beans and *fresh* sausage (from out local butcher) and:

with cauliflower and chicken.

Today I had a really great lunch, too! Lately I seem to be on an exciting cooking adventure, LOL!

I started with these burgers:

Fried it up in a pan, and added some balsamic vinegar to it which turned into a nice coating on the burger:

Are you wondering what is on the chicken burger?

Here’s a close up:

Yes, more peaches. (I live in Georgia, after all! :)) On top of a whole ounce of goat cheese!  It was sweet, salty, savory from the vinegar…perfect.

Along with cottage cheese and some more peaches, with a drizzle of balsamic!

My lettuce has been growing:

It’s actually grown quite a bit since my last picture! 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to be making something with these.  Can you guess what they are??

Question:  Are you a cardio junky, or more into weight lifting?  Do you find it hard to tone back the cardio?


2 Days

February 8, 2010

Can you tell I’m homesick? I miss the hubby and the kiddos!

First Day of School, 8/2009

Pensacola Beach, summer 2009

me and Jeremy Pensacola 2009

Ok, so enough of the family! 😀  I did some eating today (what else is new?)  Breakfast was bright and early:

Cinnamon raisin bagel from Wegmans with SunButter and some of these:


Peaches remind me of Georgia (uhh, I live in the peach state)!  They also remind me of summer, which can’t get here soon enough!  I’m so tired of being cold all of the time!

I took Mom to her appointment at the cancer center where she did really, really well.  I haven’t been hungry, so I had a salad with balsamic vinaigrette:

and there was some turkey noodle soup (but I wasn’t feeling it, I bit into a bone and that was kind of it for me!)

I’m not a huge fan of broth-y soups, although I do like some.

I was craving fish and veggies for dinner.  I never used to until I started clean eating!  I haven’t been eating my salmon!  For dinner I made a huge plate of leftover veggies with a piece of salmon (plain) and a slice of sourdough bread (also plain).

Now that’s the perfect dinner! It was great.

When I get home there’s going to be some updates, and possibly a new blog that will be mainly about exercising.  I was watching Fox News today and I swear that they made a comment stating that being thin and eating healthy are mutually exclusive. I didn’t think I heard that right, but I’m fairly certain that I did.

Really? What kind of message is that?? Of course the way that you eat will either cause you to be thin, or to gain weight. It’s as easy and simple as that.  I am a firm believer in the “calories in vs. calories out” mantra.  If you eat more calories then you burn, you will gain weight.  If you burn more calories then you eat, you will lose weight.  Of course, this is a generalization, and there are lots of factors that can play into the weight situation.  A person’s medical situation, how much they exercise (or not) are just 2 factors that could rock the boat.

I was very disappointed when I heard that said on national TV.  That’s a horrible message to be sending to the public!

(**I guess I will get off of my soap box now**)

Hope you all have a wonderful night! Big changes ahead, my friends! It’s going to be very exciting! 😀

Jessica xoxo

Superbowl Sunday Treat Day!

February 7, 2010

Hello my friends 🙂  Hope you are having a fantastic Superbowl Sunday!  I rarely give myself treat days, but due to the fact that I am at my parents house, and they make the best takeout food here in western New York, I decided that today would be the perfect treat day!

Of course I made sure I ate a healthy breakfast brunch that incorporated a protein plus a carb:

The above picture would be the carb with a tiny bit of protein: honey wheat bagel with homemade cinnamon-vanilla pecan butter.  The below picture is Oikos yogurt with lots of peaches:

Peaches. YUM!

Honestly, I was all about the peaches but had to make myself eat the yogurt.  But I did! There’s some Sunday morning honesty for ya! 🙂

I was also all about my coffee this morning…I’ve found that I’m honestly better on 6 hours a sleep then 8 or 9, and since I’ve been home I haven’t been able to get to sleep before 2am.  Going home and getting up with the kids at 6am is going to be a huge shock to my system!! 😉

I thought I might go for a run today, but I needed to pack up some boxes to ship out tomorrow…stuff for the kids, food I’m bringing home (food I can’t get at home), Aidan’s birthday presents (he’s going to be 10!!).  It took forever. I’m just tuckered out, I guess.

Looks like I may get another long run in on Tuesday, which would be great, because the next one will need to be Friday.  In case you’re wondering about all of the long runs, it’s because I don’t have time to get in the short ones!  My mileage should be going up substantially soon, also…I think this coming week is 7 miles! Can’t wait! 😀

After packing, though, I was hungry again and made some lunch:

That is a coco pop…remember those corn cakes I told you about the other day?  Just in case you didn’t see them, here’s the picture:

coco pop!

There’s nothing bad in them.  Barely any carbs, no sugar, no preservatives…it’s kind of like eating air, LOL! 😉  My lunch was on a coco pop and it was grilled chicken, guacamole, feta, and mushrooms with a side of peppers with hummus. It was good, clean, and filling. (My fave kind of lunch!)

As I mentioned earlier, I am originally from Rochester, NY.  I grew up there and then moved to Buffalo, NY.  Buffalo is the home of….guess??  Buffalo Chicken Wings.  They were invented at the Anchor Bar in downtown Buffalo.  There’s nothing else like them, and certainly not as good (although some come close in Atlanta, of all places) anywhere else that I have been.  My treat meal was dinner, which consisted of:

Buffalo Chicken Wings. YUMMY!

and there was also 1 slice of this:


Pizza in Rochester and Buffalo is also an exceptional experience 🙂  I can’t remember the last time I ate pizza, so this was a great treat for me!

My plate.

All I have to say is, at least I wasn’t sitting around snacking all day long…and this was one of those times where I wasn’t going to deny myself! Especially since I honestly can’t remember the last time I ate pizza! 😉

I also have to say, the team I was pulling for won the Superbowl! Yay! And I also have to say congratulations to Nicole for passing her BodyCombat training.  Can’t wait to see you! xoxo

For those of you who are wondering what BodyCombat is, please click here.  It’s a fun, high intensity, cardio workout. It kicks my arse!!

To everyone else, hope you had a wonderful Sunday. See you on Crazy Monday! 😀

Jessica xoxo

Early Bird Gets the Worm!

December 19, 2009

Hello y’all! I wasn’t on early this morning, because being the crazy person I am, I went to class for 8:15am this morning! Wanted to get a good start going to my day 😉 Then I did some stretching for my hip (it’s been quite painful recently) and came home. Now I’m doing the 100 loads of laundry that accumulated since Tuesday, and the banking (not fun).

So getting down to it, yesterday’s breakfast was not anything special, except my Peanuts cup was involved and had lots of coffee in it:

Wheatena, peaches, COFFEE!

That’s a lot of peaches, sometimes you just need a LOT 😉

For a snack I ate Ezekial bread with cashew butter, maca and raisins (This is a good snack. LOVES it!) It really fills me up and the Maca goes good with nut butters.

I’m pretty sure I ate other things too…I think I had a Fage yogurt with honey for lunch which I love. I didn’t realize it had so many calories in it (it’s not a bad thing, I was just surprised). It has 250. It’s filling, though, so it’s all good.

I actually ate that in the car waiting to pick up my daughter from pre-k. I was starving again! I also had a Starbucks Latte, but didn’t take a pic of that, since it’s just a cup 😉

Dinner I made tuna with a balsamic reduction with sides of broccoli and sweet potato. Not bad, not great. I’ve said this in the past, I’m not a fantastic cook, but this time it wasn’t me. The tuna tasted “fishy”, so I didn’t like it that much. I got it at Publix, so never again. I guess I’ll stick to Whole Foods, my favorite expensive place to shop 🙂 I did manage a picture of it though. Even the picture looks strange, because of the reduction:

Really, I don’t recommend that meal. VERY plain, and very boring. With the exception of the balsamic reduction, which was very good 🙂

I then proceeded to eat a handful of raisins, cashew butter out of the jar (not much left there) and made Averie’s  Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs and licked the spoon 🙂 These were the highlight of my day yesterday! SO divine!

Averie's Raw Vegan Chocolate Coconut Snowballs

My workout this morning bright and early was a BodyAttack express class. I burned 364 calories at 24% fat in 43:20. Just in case you were wondering. See you tomorrow morning!

YaY! It’s Friiiidddaaaaay!

December 18, 2009

Hello y’all from rainy, gloomy Atlanta, Georgia. Oh well, that’s ok. At least it’s not snow! 😉 Yesterday was horribly busy and hectic for me. Something went really wrong with my car, and I wound up having to have it towed and get a rental. It was after the gym, though, which was good (priorities, LOL!) I took BodyStep and had the most fantastic class since I’ve been back on my feet (literally!) I burned 589 calories @ 24% fat in 1:28. That is fantastic. Plus, I was on an endorphine high for the rest of the day so the car incident didn’t really bother me 🙂

I promised I would veer away from chicken and steamed veggies and switch things up. I did!

This morning’s breakfast was not very creative (but I have never claimed to be a cook). Wheatena with peaches and coffee. I was super hungry, the Wheatena has carbs and protein, and I just felt like my body needed carbs. So there you have it. At least I was drinking out of my Peanuts mug!

So lunch yesterday (because I had to deal with the car) came from Publix, the local grocery store. I had gone to one that I normally don’t go to, and found they have a little sushi station! (The other stores just make it in the back and package it). SO, I have a moderate sensitivity to cucumbers, which every single roll had, and was able to custom order my rolls and bring them home:

this is smoked salmon, avocado and brown rice. It was sooo good!

Dinner I made a pork butt with garlic powder, thyme and a pinch of sea salt (ummm, not that great, but edible:)

Salad mix with mushrooms, Goddess dressing, and a LOT of broccoli. I also had a Luna bar yesterday (I had a coupon, buy 2 get 1 free so they’re gone now) and another banana hammock (the same as yesterday as well). So if you missed my posts from yesterday, go check them out!

My plan for today:

1. Return rental car (my hubby came home last night, so I can use his car)

2.  Find out what is wrong with my car

3.  Take Biscuit for a bath at PetSmart (didn’t make it yesterday for obvious reasons)

4.  Christmas shopping

Friday Tip of the Day: If you experience pain while doing a particular exercise, don’t continue to do it. Try to modify it if possible or choose a different one. There are lots of exercises out there, you don’t have to do any that cause you pain!

Tuesday Ramblings and Clean Food

December 15, 2009

Hello my friends 😉 Today is another busy day for me so I will make the rambling quick: I want you all to know that I CHOOSE to eat clean and to avoid preservatives in my diet. I CHOSE to have the food sensitivity test done, not because it’s a “diet”, but because my body, for ONE YEAR, has had issues with losing weight and retaining water, and my doctor thought I might have food sensitivities. I can gain up to 10 pounds of water weight after eating certain meals. 10 pounds! I think most of you will agree that anything beyond a pound or two (or even three) is not normal.  After a year of dealing with this, I am ready to try just about anything. It’s been a very frustrating year for me in this regard.  And I repeat, this is not a diet. I am not cutting or watching calories, or restricting foods (except for the ones I showed sensitivities to – and those will be added back into my diet in the future).  I am doing these things so that I can live a long, strong, life. Which is what I believe clean eating and working out will achieve.

I just wanted to make that absolutely clear, because I think there were some questions about why I eat the way I do.

Now, onto more fun topics such as food 😉

This mornings breaky was different for me, because I strayed away from my normal oatmeal routine and ate yogurt instead, and some fruit. I LOVE Fage 2% yogurt with honey. It ROCKS!!!

And some peaches. I need to go to the store today and stock up on good-eats, I’m running low.

Lunch yesterday was boooring. Sorry! And I had wanted feta, but my feta was frozen so it was really boring. But I was stuffed full when I was done 🙂 Salad, carrots, baked chicken, raisins and Cafe Geneva all natural dressing…(sugar and carb free, if you were wondering, and you can get it in the refrigerated section in the produce section in Publix). Plus, it ROCKS! YUMMY 🙂

“Boring” Salad

For a snack I had an Oatmeal Protein shake out of Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet Cookbook: oatmeal, vanilla protein powder, peanut butter, skim milk, ground flax. I drank this right before I went to the gym and got my stress out in the 6:30pm Cardio Core class.  This class is taught by a kick-butt instructor who is the most motivating person I’ve met in a looong time 😀 In 52:56 I burned 426 calories at 26% fat. Not bad at all!

I was starving when I got home but I had to take care of the kids and the puppy. By the time I sat down to eat, it was around 8:30. Being that it was so late, I seared a piece of salmon in 100% maple syrup (1 Tb) and heated up my steamed veggies. My carb was Mary’s Gone Crackers.

It doesn’t look like a lot, but I had already started chowing down when I remembered to take the pic. Starving, I tell you! LOL! I also had some Kombucha Tea:

Now, for dessert, I made a “Banana Hammock”.   These are the creation of a fellow blogger, Chocolate-Covered Katie. I LOVE Katie’s creations!  My creation included a banana, unsweetened cocoa powder, raisins, natural peanut butter, and honey. Foodgasmic! I am definitely going to try to be creative with these for the next couple of days. Healthy and Yummy!

Sorry about the blurries!

I will leave you all with a picture of my NEW peanuts cup. My boys had one, and I found one at my local Publix 🙂 I LOVE the Peanuts at Christmas time! Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday Tip of the Day: Bring your snacks with you! Some versatile snacks include almonds and raisins, celery and peanut butter, or clean eating granola bars. Easy and versatile, your snacks that you have throughout the day will stop you from bingeing later when you are super-hungry, as well as keep your blood sugar levels steady, reducing “junk food” cravings.

It’s going to be a PEACH of a day…

December 14, 2009

This morning I felt like peaches, so I made groats with peaches and honey.  Groats are whole oats, in case you were wondering, and are much better for you and have more protein then regular oatmeal.

Groats, Peaches and Honey

Let’s get down to it, yesterday was a busy cooking day for me. I had NO IDEA what to make for myself with my new “restrictions” for food sensitivities. So, I took some chicken from yesterday, steamed every veggie I could find, and made a sort of sauce. The sauce was soy sauce, honey, rice wine vinegar, and a bit of brown rice flour. I threw all of that over some brown rice.

Steaming Every Veggie in the House

Making the Sauce

Voila! It's Some Kind of Stir-Fry!

After making lunch I found out that my 9 year old (Aidan) had volunteered me to make some muffins for the class Christmas Party on Tuesday. Well, always trying to be healthy (and clean!), I decided I had ingredients for chocolate chip. Whole wheat flour, buttermilk and skim milk, honey, egg, canola oil and semi-sweet chocolate chips:

Making Healthy Muffins

That’s Sean and Sophia, helping me make them. They turned out like this:

Healthy Muffins!

He has 26 kids in his class! So that was 3 batches of muffins. Somehow it didn’t make the amount it was supposed to, it was supposed to make 36, but only made 29, so the kids are getting extra big muffins! LOL.

Dinner was 3/4 clean. I had bought pork for carnitas, but didn’t realize that they are fried. In lard. Which my husband did, because he wanted them to be authentic. Well, not worth the effort, I would have rather simmered it all day and had adobo instead.  At any rate, I added a salad, yellow rice and green beans to round out the meal.

The next couple of days are going to be really busy. Kids Xmas parties at school, cleaning the house, and my folks come on Wednesday! Plus I need to finish the Xmas shopping, and grocery shop. Aaargh. And hit the gym. Hitting the gym tonight at 6:30 with the kids for a Cardio Core class to work out some of the stress,

See you later, my friends! 🙂 Have a PEACH of a day!