Happy, happy! It’s FRIDAY!!

July 30, 2010

Happy Friday, happy weekend!

I am so happy the weekend is here.  I guess it has been a couple of days, so let’s catch up!  Thursday I went to BodyStep with all of my kids in tow.  I had an uninterrupted class where I busted it out.  Seriously busted it out. Resulting in a 623 calorie burn!  I told my instructor, my calorie burn is always indicative of how much I’ve enjoyed myself. 🙂

Jeremy also came home Thursday night, which was a blessing, as I had “the week from heck”.  I do not wish to revisit the week so if you haven’t been following, please see my previous posts. 😉

Let’s talk about my lettuce in my Aerogarden.  It’s growing fast!  I haven’t bought another one yet, though….

Home-grown lettuce 🙂

Sophia has some sprouts of her own but they’re flowers. 😉

I could not decide what to eat that night, either.  It was a toss up between ordering out for sashimi and sushi or making something at home.  I voted on a Gardenburger with chipotle-gouda cheese, a salad, and cottage cheese with Mrs. Dash:

That’s actually a really good picture, LOL!  The following shows the whole plate:


I ate all of that, then my weight in natural peanut butter with graham crackers.  I could not stop eating!  Bottomless pit, that was me. 😉  I wish I had a picture of what I ate for lunch, the girls came out to lunch with me and the kids and we had Mexican.  I had fish taco’s (no tortillas) and 2 frozen strawberry margaritas that looked like this, because I felt

totally entitled after the week I’d had. 😀  SO, loaded with sugar, and some other excess sugar I ate (I hadn’t had any in almost 2 weeks) I woke up this morning feeling AWFUL.

Determined to start my day out the right way, I started with my old standby:

Lunch was another smoked salmon sandwich:

Complete with greek yogurt and some Mrs. Dash………..YUM!  With a side of another old standby, cottage cheese and no-sugar added fruit spread:

The end of the week always sneaks  up on me and for whatever reason, I run out of ideas for meals and I also run out of food, LOL!  So we wound up ordering out BBQ, which is a favorite of the entire family:

I stayed away from the mac-n-cheese and potato salad and made some broccoli to accompany the pulled pork and big honkin’ slice of white stripped-of-all-nutrients bread.

Tomorrow I am hitting the gym for Attack and Bodypump and then who knows what the rest of the weekend holds?

What are your plans for the weekend? Doing anything fun?


Cooking Frenzy

July 22, 2010

Hello all!

Since I last posted, I have completely cleaned up my diet, and have been on a cooking frenzy!  It’s crazy how much I’ve cooked over the last couple of days, and I have lots of pictures too! 🙂

Has it been hot where you are? Here in GA it’s been in the high 90’s every day!  I honestly feel like I can’t get cool.  Hence the digging in my backyard as of Monday morning at 7am:

The Big Hole

We’ve been working on getting this pool for a while now.  There were all sorts of issues to begin with but they’ve been resolved, as you can see!  Can’t wait for it to be finished!  I’m an instant gratification kind of person.  When I want something, I want it right away, and usually yesterday. LOL  I’m working on my patience. 😉

On to the cooking frenzy. I’ve obviously been on a clean eating kick.  I am also on a 1200 calorie kick, also.  I’ve been eating a ton of food for that little calories.  Let me explain what I’ve been doing.  In a nutshell I’ve:

1.  Cut out preservatives

2.  Lowered sodium and fat

3.  Increased protein

4.  Lowered carbs

5.  No refined sugar

That leaves unprocessed, whole foods.  In a nutshell!

I guess I’ll start with breakfast, since it is obviously the first meal of the day.  After we got back from NY, I didn’t have anything in the fridge.  Including eggs.  The chicken farmer down the road told my husband that his chickens weren’t laying very many eggs.  I was so disappointed, because I love my fresh eggs.  Off to the grocery store I went, though, because I cannot not have eggs in the house!  I bought 2 cartons of 18 and commenced to hard-boil an entire carton:

and there were some omelets but they all look the same, LOL! This morning I made a 5 egg white omelet that had chipotle gouda cheese in it.  YUM!

I’ve been all about hot sauce and seafood this week. I’m giving you advance warning!

We did manage to get some homegrown beefsteak tomatoes from the chicken farmer and they were so great!

These became part of a sandwich I made with snow crab (that I took the time to crack out of the shell!) a preservative free “thin bun” and hot sauce for lunch one day:

I do not recommend the snow crab.  It took forever to shell them, and the end of the process (a total process, by the way) I got 4 ounces of meat from 2 bunches of crabs.  King crab all the way!!! 😀

I also made some chicken tortilla soup this week and it was so good. It had veggies in it, chicken broth, chicken, and a ton of chipotle chili powder along with some cumin, onion, oregano, garlic….

Soup's On!

I ate that for lunch 2 days in a row!  I did find some tortilla chips at Publix (my local grocery store) that are clean so I had half an ounce of those with it today:

Yep, they're blue!

The end result. 😀

Since I am going to be home until at least November, I decided to grow some lettuce in my Aerogarden.   I love my Aerogarden!  Since the pool is taking up most of the backyard I’m not sure we’re going to have room for much of a garden next year.  I really want to plant some herbs too…maybe an excuse to get another Aerogarden? Hmmmm!

My Aerogarden

Those are little pods that have seeds in them.  According to the directions, I should have spouts in 1- 3 days!  I will take progress pictures to share. 🙂


Well, back to the food. 😉

I had purchased scallops along with the crab (I don’t know where this seafood kick came from!)  I’ve never actually cooked a scallop before.  I read how to do it online (broiling them) and made a little lemon juice and paprika sauce to eat along with them.  They were good, but I think I need practice at broiling.  😉

With some broccoliciousness on the side!

Dinner tonight was chicken.  Jeremy’s family recipe for Fireman’s Chicken.  Marinated, grilled chicken.  I had 4 ounces of sweet potato with cinnamon on it and a really large spinach salad on the side.  Fireman’s chicken, by the way, is when the Firemen raise money by selling their marinated, BBQ chicken.  They sometimes have tables where you can go and eat outside with the family, or you can get it to go.  It’s common up in Western New York and Northern NY.  Not sure where else. 😉

BBQ Chicken

along with the sweet potato:

and salad make for a perfect meal. 😀

The salad had tomatoes, banana peppers, red onion, mushrooms, goat cheese and Seeds of Change Organic Dressing.  I love goat cheese!  Absolutely one of my favorite cheeses.

Let’s talk about working out for a minute.  I took class at the gym today (BodyStep) and burned 573 calories in 60 minutes.  KILLER!!! And I loved every.single.minute of it! 🙂

Question of the day:

What are you all cooking this summer?  I love trying new things!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

One more day until 2010!

December 31, 2009

Oh, boooy! Happy New Years Eve! What are your plans for New Years? My hubby and I stay home every year, we don’t like to go out and fight the crowds and worry about drinking and driving. Plus we’d need a babysitter, which is a problem of it’s own.  We plan on grilling out and having some snacks and watching the ball drop.

Today I am going to the last BodyStep class of the year. I can’t wait! I know the class is going to rock, because of the 2 trainers team-teaching.  It’s going to be a good one 🙂

For breakfast I decided to copy yesterday’s breakfast and had another peanut butter and strawberry non-jelly Ezekial muffin. Scrumptious!!!

Made with Cashew Butter:

Yesterday’s eats were interesting.  I got home from the gym (I started my 1/2 training today!) where I ran my 2 miles…non-stop, @ 10 minutes / mile. (I haven’t run in a year!) I burned 249 calories @ 32% fat in 38:57. This included a 5 minute warm up, cool down, and stretching my hip after. Just in case you were wondering!

Lunch was whatever I could scrounge together quick, so I had some smoked muscles and a salad:

The salad had pom arils and farmer cheese with Goddess Dressing.

Then we headed to the movies with the kids to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunk movie. It was great! The kids really liked it.  I didn’t want to eat the popcorn or anything they were selling there, so I made myself a clean snack to take in with me:

Raw cashews, raisins, and raw cacao nibs.  It looked like this:

Are you wondering what a cacao nib is? Cacao nibs are raw chocolate that are roasted and hulled. They are just a little bit bitter, but when paired with raisins and cashews they are fantastic! They crunch like a coffee bean. When processed with milk and sugar they turn into candy bars.

Dinner was boring, so it was roasted chicken, roasted carrots and salad. We had company, and I forgot to take a picture.  BUT, since I had bought a cake for the kids, (I had 6 kids at my house!!) I made Averie’s raw brownies. OMG, these were the best tasting brownies I have ever ate! And I took a picture:

I had a few 🙂 Thanks Averie!!!

Last night for dessert I made a concoction but it didn’t turn out exactly the way I wanted (remember, I’m sooo not a good cook)…So I was shooting for another banana boat with a peanut butter/chocolate sauce and what I ended up with was a peanut butter/chocolate liquid that I had to put pieces of banana into.  I mixed 1/4 cup milk with peanut butter, 1 Tb of unsweetened cocoa powder, and 1 Tb honey, then added one banana and sprinkled coconut and raisins on the top:

It looks good in the picture, but needed something..a little less milk, and maybe some agave? If you tweek it and it turns out, let me know!!! 🙂

Happy New Years Eve my friends! I am still working on my resolution list!

Les Mills Favourite Class

December 16, 2009
THIS is what I do for exercise and I LOVE it!!!

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December 10, 2009

Yay! It’s go home day for my husband 🙂 Can’t wait to see him!! This am breakfast was uneventful, sorry! Cream of Wheat with blueberries, coffee. I missed my protein, I was in such a rush to get to the gym!

Step class was today and I burned 501 calories at 24% fat in 1:03. I’m totally good with that. I worked hard!!

Lunch was fantastic. I went for Mexican with my BFF Alisa. We both had the same thing:

So that is grilled fish tacos on corn tortillas with Mexican rice and a pico de gallo/tomatillo sauce. Fantastic AND healthy – not your typical cheese laden Mexican junk-o-rama. Unsweetened iced tea (even though I live in the south and sweet tea is what is common) completed the meal.

Last night I made Clean Fudge. And it does not involve a candy thermometer. I got the recipe from the November issue of Clean Eating Magazine. It is AWESOME. And soooo easy!!!! What you see in the picture is what you get for ingredients.

All you do is mix the ingredients together. I’m wondering if I can’t use agave nectar, and swirl some peanut butter through it next time. Whoa! I can’t wait to try it that way. Maybe add cranberries? oooooohhhhh!!!