Change is good!

August 6, 2010

Hey y’all!

So first of all, I have to say that I’m super excited because I’ve decided to move the blog to a .com, instead of  I’ve actually had all of the domain names for a while, but wanted to see if people were actually interested in what I had to say before I switched.  So it’s been about a year, the blog is going strong, and I’m still enjoying myself writing it! 😉  I will post and let you know when it happens…(of course!) 😀

So after I post this, that is what I am going to be working on.  While watching Man vs. Food, and smelling these fresh out of the oven that I am waiting to cool:

These are April’s Protein Brownies!  You can find the recipe here.  Can’t wait to try them…they are currently cooling.

This morning I decided I didn’t want eggs (gasp!) so I had two slices of Low Sodium Ezekial Bread (it should be called “no sodium” since there isn’t any in it) with some cinnamon peanut butter and apricot preserves.  Well, that sounded like a good idea at the time, but that didn’t really go together.  At all. Um, what was I thinking?? LOL

Yesterday for lunch, I had some more Mexican Shredded Chicken on an organic spelt tortilla:

Another lunch the last couple of days also on the same spelt tortilla but included shredded pork and chipotle BBQ sauce:

The BBQ sauce is Williamson Bros.  They have restaurants here in the Atlanta area…and there isn’t any HFCS in it, just regular sugar.  So given the choice, I’d rather avoid a sauce with HFCS.  The “experts” are linking it to cancer now.  Have you heard?  You can find the article here.

There was also some of this BBQ sauce on some homemade BBQ chicken nachos:

Made with agave nectar! 🙂


The BBQ chicken nachos had low sodium organic blue tortilla chips, shredded chicken breast, Mexican cheese, tomatoes, and Wholly Guacamole.  It was fantastic! I didn’t even miss the salt in the chips. 🙂

Yesterday, I also made some homemade pesto dip.  I had some basil that was on the way out, some pine nuts that I soaked overnight, and Asiago cheese.  Oh my!  It turned out soooo great.  I could sit and eat it by the spoonful!

Pesto Dip

I liked it so much, I put it on one of Amy’s Vegetarian Burgers for lunch today:

and it didn’t exactly look like the picture, LOL.

I didn’t go to the gym today, I normally don’t on Friday.  I will be there bright and early for BodyAttack and BodyPump (8:15am!)


Sweet, Salty, Savory

August 4, 2010

Good evening!  Hope your hump day has been great!

I want to start by catching you all up on a decision that I’ve made after careful deliberation these last few days.  I’ve decided to put Insanity on the back burner because of a couple of reasons:

1.  I can’t seem to fit it in with all of my gym classes right now, and

2.  I’m decreasing my cardio and increasing my weight lifting (and my weights!)  for the next few weeks.

I have, however, decided to bring it with me while I am on vacation in a few weeks, along with my portable DVD player. 😉  I know how it is at resorts and they don’t offer any classes or anything like that beyond maybe some machines and some free weights.

SO, with that being said, I took a BodyAttack Express class (45 minutes) and a BodyPump class (60 minutes) and burned 723 calories!

I have been an eating machine lately, because I’ve been taking classes back to back, and burning anywhere from 700 to 900 calories!  And just to mention, 1200 calories isn’t sustainable when you burn so many calories. So I’ve increased my calories.


That was yesterday’s lunch.  A whole peach, Greek yogurt (with 2 packets of Truvia), and granola that was a little “well done”.  It was awesome and totally filling for lunch.

I have increased the amount of water that I’ve been drinking lately, and it works out to be about 90 ounces a day (when I’m on my game!)  Alas, I’m kind of getting sick of water.  I know how good it is for you, and it flushes the toxins and salts out of our system, and our bodies are approximately 70% water.  It is sooo important.

I can’t drink diet soda’s anymore, because they have that “chemical” taste to me now.  Sometimes I make decaf tea (green or otherwise) and chill and drink that.  Today I wanted lemonade, but without the chemicals and/or sugar and artificial unclean whatnots they put in everything:

Healthy Lemonade

In the frozen section in the grocery store, they sell a lemon juice that doesn’t have any preservatives in it (unlike RealLemon, which does!!!)  So I took purified water, ice, lemon juice and Truvia and mixed it all together.  Well, there you go! Healthy Lemonade!!!

Something else I’ve been craving:


Yes, it’s a sweet potato.  I tend to eat a lot of them because they are really good for you. They have some great nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, fiber and carotenoids.  It becomes scrumptious when you put a tablespoon of Cinnamon Peanut Butter on it.  Mine just happens to be Market Pantry (from Target).  OMG.  I think I’ve had them at dinner 3 days in a row!!

For example, with green beans and *fresh* sausage (from out local butcher) and:

with cauliflower and chicken.

Today I had a really great lunch, too! Lately I seem to be on an exciting cooking adventure, LOL!

I started with these burgers:

Fried it up in a pan, and added some balsamic vinegar to it which turned into a nice coating on the burger:

Are you wondering what is on the chicken burger?

Here’s a close up:

Yes, more peaches. (I live in Georgia, after all! :)) On top of a whole ounce of goat cheese!  It was sweet, salty, savory from the vinegar…perfect.

Along with cottage cheese and some more peaches, with a drizzle of balsamic!

My lettuce has been growing:

It’s actually grown quite a bit since my last picture! 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to be making something with these.  Can you guess what they are??

Question:  Are you a cardio junky, or more into weight lifting?  Do you find it hard to tone back the cardio?

Rainy, snowy Tuesday

March 3, 2010

Ok, I just want to point out that I moved to the south for a reason.  That reason used to be, that it didn’t snow!  What happened to global warming this year??  This is the third time that it snowed this winter.  They let the schools out at 10:30, and let me tell you, nothing ruins a workout more then having to leave!  So I didn’t get to finish my Attack class today 😦 and I didn’t get all of my weights workout in (I did chest before class…at least I got that in!)  I was also supposed to do shoulders and triceps.  There’s always tomorrow, though!

This morning I was looking for an easy, grab-it-quick kind of breaky and came up with this:

Excuse the Dora plate 😉

1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, homemade bread and peach all fruit jam.  I was good to go, dropped off Sophia at pre-k and headed to the gym.

After picking Sophia up less then 2 hours later I came home to a household full of my kids who were all home by 11am.  The kids had turkey “burrito” wraps with cheddar, and I made this concoction:

ahhh. Excuse the tin foil 😉

That is a whole can of tuna with mushrooms, goat cheese, on homemade bread, with basil, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar.  Roasted broc on the side!  It was really good...

My eats today were actually kind of run-of-the mill boring compared to Pomegranate Margarita Monday:

Yes, I had to post the picture again. 😀

I made baked chicken for dinner and started with 2 tons of chicken breast:

Butterflied and pounded to within an inch of their lives!  I dipped the majority of them in egg, garlic powder, salt and pepper:

mix it together!

and breaded them with whole wheat bread crumbs:

They all looked like that pic above!  I took some for me and dipped them in egg whites instead of egg, and baked them also.

Remember when I said I couldn’t cook? Today was one of those days.  Bland, bland, and more bland.  I’ve made this recipe in the past and it has always turned out good!  It tasted like I didn’t even season them.  Well, one good thing, is we can pour Franks Red Hot all over them and have Buffalo Chicken Tenders! 🙂

As you can see, I had half a baked sweet potato and it has cinnamon.  Some creamed corn, also:

The rest of the family had rice:

No preservatives!

There is this phenomenon that happens to me every Tuesday while I’m watching The Biggest Loser (huge Jillian fan, here!!!) I have to eat.  It is absolutely bizarre that I get hungry (staaaarving, actually) during that show every time it’s on.  I wasn’t snacky during the Olympics!


Homemade hummus, low sodium cottage cheese, green peppers, Mary’s Gone Crackers.  YUM!!!

There were also 2 squares of this equating to 105 calories and only 10g of sugar:

not lopsided. 'twas actually 2 squares.

Can’t go wrong with Lindt.  There will be a nail polish change by next post, though. Ugh, so sorry!  I’ve finally taken my acrylic nails off after like, 4 years…in an effort to not waste money.  I miss my nails 😦  Yikes!

I didn’t get to pick up the terror dog today either 😦  The vet called and told me the roads were bad up where they are and she could stay free for another night.  I get to pick her up tomorrow!  I miss her, I’ll admit it.  I actually think she’ll be a great dog to run outside with, and I need to start this week after she recovers from her surgery. 🙂

My terror. 😀

Hope y’all have a really fantastic hump day!  Weeks almost done!!!:D

Jessica xoxo

it was a brownie-bites kind of day

February 16, 2010

Today was Aidan’s actual birthday.  He turned 10!  It doesn’t mean that he acts 10 all of the time, though! Ugh.  The trials and tribulations of children.  Today was his second party (with just us) and I made mini-cupcake bites for him in lieu of cake (because he’s going to have a sleepover and he will get his big cake then):

Happy Birthday, Aidan! I love you!  Of course I took a picture of the brownie bites:

This morning I was headed to the gym for my fave class, BodyAttack.  I even dreamed about class, all night long.  No, not obsessed, LOL.  I busted it out in class, and burned 538 calories at 17% fat in 58:14.  I LOVE that class!!! If you have a chance, I recommend it for a couple of reasons…it will get you into shape in short order, and if you already feel that you are in shape, it will raise your fitness level.

I knew that I was going to class and because it’s February break I also knew that I would have all the kids with me en route to the gym (they go into the daycare…they love it) so after feeding everyone I finally got to eat something myself and guzzle some coffee along with it:

Half an Einstein Bros. blueberry bagel that I picked up yesterday with blueberry jam.  I also had 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites.  Half of the bagel is 150 calories. (I looked it up on their web site).  If I had eaten the whole thing it would have been 300 calories! Holy cow! Good thing I suspected. 🙂  They’re huge!

After I got home I was starving and I’m pretty certain that I burned through that bagel and the eggs in the first 15 minutes of class.  I ate the wheat berry salad I made the other day with half of a honey wheat bagel:

wheat berry salad

I put some of this dressing on the salad:

and didn’t put anything on the bagel.  It didn’t need it!

I got hungry again and ate the last Think Thin Bar that I had bought when traveling.  Those things are so inedible!  Sometimes I eat more for fuel then flavor, and I knew I needed more protein:

I decided that Sophia and I needed to get our nails done (in my case, I got them taken off…) so we went to do that and to the grocery store for the odds and ends that I’ve forgotten the last 2 days.  I had to make sure I had enough time to make dinner, and I did and it was clean and yummy!  I started out with a roast:

caramelized some onions and added celery:

added some diced tomatoes and the coup de grace:

coup de grace

Target carries this amazing line of spices in with the regular spices.  There’s nothing but spices…no preservatives or anything bad in it.  On the back of the package it tells you how much meat and what is needed and cooking directions.  Even I can’t mess that up:


I had mine with brown rice and green beans:

The rest of the family ate them with No Yolks noodles.  So good!

That’s all I have for you today!  Hope you enjoyed the post.  Tomorrow I have another 7 mile run.  Hoping I can actually finish it!  Have a wonderful night! 🙂

Jessica xoxo

Still thinking about paradise…

January 6, 2010

Bob Marley always get’s me thinking about Jamaica 🙂  So, in an ode to Bob Marley this morning, I made some Jamaican Oatmeal:

A closer look:

Plain ole’ oatmeal, pineapple, raw cashews, shredded coconut, and maple syrup flakes.  Brought me back to the tropics 😉

So, yes, my husband reads my blog. So that’s a big hint.

I had exhausted kids yesterday, and really, my days actually start when they get home from school at 2:45.  So I tried my best to eat good meals to keep my energy levels high throughout the day.  I didn’t need my 3:00 cup of coffee, so I must have succeeded.

When you energize through food, you won’t need a surge from sugar or caffeine mid-afternoon. Most days, if I drink coffee in the afternoon, it’s because I want to (I LOVE coffee) not because I need to.

I went and hung out at the gym all morning.  Why, how unusual! 😉 I was starving after my workout, so I brought my portable smoothie machine (kind of like a generic bullet thingy everyone has), packed a frozen banana, then threw  maca, unsweetened cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder and water all together and had a homemade smoothie right from the gym.  It looked like this:

Sorry about the old pic, but people probably already think I’m strange for smoothie-ing at the gym…can you imagine if I took a picture of it too? LOL! I don’t care, if I go to the smoothie bar, I can’t count on the quality of what they’re putting in my drink, or if there’s sugar.  There wasn’t any sugar in mine, except for some fructose in the protein powder! And it tasted ah-maz-ing.

Lunch was also ah-maz-ing.  I actually made something that tasted like it was from a restaurant:


There it is, baking in my new convection oven. That I love. Took 10 minutes, 15 total…

That’s not a great picture, but here is what was on my extra fiber tortilla (not clean, but I don’t think I would be able to make my own, and ezekial is out for the time being)…FETA, rotisserie chicken, purple onion, butter lettuce.  If you don’t fold it over first, and then put it in the oven…it will fall apart, and you will need a fork and knife.  FYI. Didn’t matter to me, it was awesome!

To accompany that (not sure what I should name it?)  I steamed some broccoli in my huge chinese style steamer that came from San Francisco:

And had a great big plate full with splashes of my current fave seasoning, balsamic vinegar:

Snacky time right after the kids got home to re-energize:

My new FAVE snack

I know, I need to switch things up! But I am loving my new FAVORITE snack:  raw cashews, raisins, and raw cacao nibs.

Then there was dinner, and I was once again stymied…I worry about the kids and what they’re eating, and then cook myself something entirely different (it’s not normally like this, but I can’t eat everything they are eating).

Does anyone remember peas and carrots jewelery? I used to have earrings that were peas and carrots.  That’s really strange, but they were my favorite when I was around 4 years old.  I think they came with a necklace too: and looked exactly like what I ate last night for a side:

So what this is:  obviously a sweet potato (I put a bit of earth balance spread on it), peas and carrots, and under all of that mess of pineapple is a very dried out bison burger that I bought frozen and pre-made at Whole Foods.


So, I was still dealing with my kids dinners and getting them eating, and totally dried the cr*p out of the burger.  It tasted fine with that small exception. 😉 I had sprinkled garlic salt on it, and with the pineapple…it was fantastic tasting. Not so much to look at.  Maybe I will try again tonight, if I get stuck for ideas for my dinner.
Even with all of that food at dinner (yes, I cleaned the plate, as usual)…I was hungry around 10pm.  I plan on switching what I eat late at night around, as it is my witching hour, but last night I treated myself as I had such an incredibly hard day with the munchkins:
In keeping with the tropical theme, that is my “banana boat”. HINT! 😉 With a side of chocolate Purely Decadent coconut milk , everything in it I can eat ice cream!
Cashew butter, coconut, banana. That’s all you need.
Have a fantastic day everyone! I have to get to the gym for my first 3 miler in over a year!  Just as a reminder, the ALCAT page is updated, as is a new page with my personal food sensitivities…and the FIT workout is almost complete (except for legs and abs). Let me know what you think!!!
Stay warm!
Jessica xoxo
Yesterday’s Workout (Cardio and Weights):
Machine Chest Press, 50 lbs. 3 sets, 12 reps
Pushups (body weight) 3 set of 12
Bench dip (body weight) 3 sets of 8
Machine triceps extension 80lbs. 3 sets, 8 reps
Seated tricep extension 15 lbs. 3 sets, 12 reps
BodyAttack Class
calorie expenditure: For the cardio – 462 calories at 35% fat; for the weights: 77 calories @ 52% fat.
I didn’t get to my shoulders 😦 I plan on doing them today after my run, along with some abs.  Please keep in mind that my cardio classes also incorporate body weight strength training, so I probably did 100 push ups before I even hit the floor for weights, as well as a ton of body weight strength training on my legs and an ab track 🙂  Overall, a good workout!

The countdown has begun…

December 30, 2009

to 2010! I can’t wait for the new year. I am notorious for saying this at the end of every year, but this year especially.  The holidays have finally come to a close, and I am blogging and sitting with my husband. All 3 kids are quiet and upstairs playing/watching movies. Finally some peace!

So, yesterday morning I went to the gym for a Les Mills BodyAttack class. Wondering what BodyAttack is? Click the link. Through this link you can see all of the classes that I take. And I love them! It is worth the time to see if a gym in your area has these specific classes. And for anyone wondering, I burned 466 calories @ 25% fat in 58:00.

So let’s talk about healthy eating. If you are not currently eating healthy, a good time to start is the beginning of the year. Set a date, and begin! It’s easier then you may think. I thought it would be difficult to eat clean, but essentially all it is, is getting back to basics. Our grandparents never had boxed foods loaded with preservatives lining their grocery store shelves. They made everything from scratch. Eating out was a treat, not a way of life. You can begin by making small changes. Realize that every small change you make will be part of a bigger picture – a healthy picture, with the added side effect of weight loss.

It is possible to eat out and eat clean. I want to make that clear. There are always options, just as there are at the grocery store!

OK, lets get to today’s clean eating breakfast…

Always in a hurry (I start my training this morning!) I made yet another Ezekial muffin, but a peanut butter and strawberry non-jelly one:

Pac Man!

I thought I had taken a picture…but remembered mid-bite that I hadn’t 😉

Yesterday’s clean eats were great. I started with sushi from my trip to Whole Foods yesterday: Raw Tuna and Avocado with Brown Rice:

And a close-up of the love:

Then there was another Cliff Nectar Bar, this one cacao:

Then there was a Starbucks non-fat latte, which I am addicted to this holiday season. But I was getting my nails done while I was drinking it, so no pictures (sometimes I’m such a girl 😉 )

A LOT later I got hungry for dinner, so I ate my Wheat Berry Salad, along with a regular salad that had pomegranite arils, raw cashews, feta cheese and Goddess Dressing…with a side of Mary’s Crack 🙂

pomegranite arils

Wheat Berry Salad

Yummy Salad

Something I didn’t eat today, but someone else in my family did and decided to take a picture:

What I ate instead:

Clean Chocolate Coconut Snowballs. The next time I make a treat it is going to be clean peanut butter cups. I will share the recipe!

And there was picture of the pup-pup (Biscuit)…

And one more 🙂

Question: What are your New Years Resolutions for 2010?