Sweet, Salty, Savory

August 4, 2010

Good evening!  Hope your hump day has been great!

I want to start by catching you all up on a decision that I’ve made after careful deliberation these last few days.  I’ve decided to put Insanity on the back burner because of a couple of reasons:

1.  I can’t seem to fit it in with all of my gym classes right now, and

2.  I’m decreasing my cardio and increasing my weight lifting (and my weights!)  for the next few weeks.

I have, however, decided to bring it with me while I am on vacation in a few weeks, along with my portable DVD player. 😉  I know how it is at resorts and they don’t offer any classes or anything like that beyond maybe some machines and some free weights.

SO, with that being said, I took a BodyAttack Express class (45 minutes) and a BodyPump class (60 minutes) and burned 723 calories!

I have been an eating machine lately, because I’ve been taking classes back to back, and burning anywhere from 700 to 900 calories!  And just to mention, 1200 calories isn’t sustainable when you burn so many calories. So I’ve increased my calories.


That was yesterday’s lunch.  A whole peach, Greek yogurt (with 2 packets of Truvia), and granola that was a little “well done”.  It was awesome and totally filling for lunch.

I have increased the amount of water that I’ve been drinking lately, and it works out to be about 90 ounces a day (when I’m on my game!)  Alas, I’m kind of getting sick of water.  I know how good it is for you, and it flushes the toxins and salts out of our system, and our bodies are approximately 70% water.  It is sooo important.

I can’t drink diet soda’s anymore, because they have that “chemical” taste to me now.  Sometimes I make decaf tea (green or otherwise) and chill and drink that.  Today I wanted lemonade, but without the chemicals and/or sugar and artificial unclean whatnots they put in everything:

Healthy Lemonade

In the frozen section in the grocery store, they sell a lemon juice that doesn’t have any preservatives in it (unlike RealLemon, which does!!!)  So I took purified water, ice, lemon juice and Truvia and mixed it all together.  Well, there you go! Healthy Lemonade!!!

Something else I’ve been craving:


Yes, it’s a sweet potato.  I tend to eat a lot of them because they are really good for you. They have some great nutrients such as vitamin C, potassium, fiber and carotenoids.  It becomes scrumptious when you put a tablespoon of Cinnamon Peanut Butter on it.  Mine just happens to be Market Pantry (from Target).  OMG.  I think I’ve had them at dinner 3 days in a row!!

For example, with green beans and *fresh* sausage (from out local butcher) and:

with cauliflower and chicken.

Today I had a really great lunch, too! Lately I seem to be on an exciting cooking adventure, LOL!

I started with these burgers:

Fried it up in a pan, and added some balsamic vinegar to it which turned into a nice coating on the burger:

Are you wondering what is on the chicken burger?

Here’s a close up:

Yes, more peaches. (I live in Georgia, after all! :)) On top of a whole ounce of goat cheese!  It was sweet, salty, savory from the vinegar…perfect.

Along with cottage cheese and some more peaches, with a drizzle of balsamic!

My lettuce has been growing:

It’s actually grown quite a bit since my last picture! 🙂

Tomorrow I’m going to be making something with these.  Can you guess what they are??

Question:  Are you a cardio junky, or more into weight lifting?  Do you find it hard to tone back the cardio?



July 19, 2010


As you can ascertain from the title of this blog post, I have finally arrived back in GA with my family.  For those of you that don’t know, we took a trip to Northern NY for the week of July 4th and then went down to Rochester, NY (just my husband and myself, we left the kids with my in-laws) to begin packing up my parents house and tie up loose ends there.

The second part of our trip was long and arduous.

This is where I like to have a blog, to show how a real person (myself, of course) deals with everyday frustrations that may or may not be common situations for others.  I would also like to share with you, that honestly, I fell off of the clean eating bandwagon.  The second week, I ate out ever meal except for breakfast.  Toward the end of the week, I gave up and ate breakfast out too.  I began to feel physically awful.  I blew up like a balloon (really – 10 pounds) which I am more then certain that it was from the sodium, fried, and preservative laden foods that I was ingesting in the restaurants.

The great thing about clean eating is that even if you stop, for any amount of time, you can start making wiser decisions at your very next meal. I came home with a plan.  It’s a detox plan, but not detox in the traditional sense (um, anyone heard of the water with lemon and cayenne cleanse??) I’ve never tried it and probably never will.  (It sounds disgusting!)

Detox clean eating style is cutting out the sugar, the unhealthy fats, and bad carbs, while drinking boat-loads of water to get rid of excess sodium, which causes bloat. I try to drink 80-100 ounces a day.

I shall get off my soap box now! 😉  I tried to make better choices at times, and wanted to share the better (and worse choices) that I made with you.

TGIFriday’s (which was incidentally next to the hotel):

This meal was under the “Right Portion, Right Price” part of the menu.  The description:  Parmesan Crusted Chicken: “A sautéed chicken breast basted with Caesar dressing, then finished with a Parmesan-crust topping. Served with three cheese tortelloni tossed in spinach Alfredo sauce and a side of our fresh tomato Mozzarella salad.”

The other meal that I had was a salmon meal: (called Dragonfire Salmon)

The description:  “Norwegian salmon fillet fire-grilled and glazed with spicy Chinese Kung Pao sauce. Served over jasmine rice with pineapple pico de gallo, Mandarin oranges and broccoli.”

Those two meals weren’t terrible.  It was all of the rest of the yuck that I ate that put my body over the edge! Like these:

Buffalo Chicken Wings.

Let the detoxing begin:

Boars Head preservative free chicken and low sodium cottage cheese with Mrs. Dash on a whole grain preservative free thin-bun.

Tortilla Soup in the Vitamix.  So as some of you remember, I can sometimes cook and sometimes not so much 😉 and this was one of those recipes that needs some doctoring (so I guess it wasn’t my fault, lol…it’s not my recipe!).  It kind of tasted like veggie soup with taco seasoning.  Hopefully I can fix it tomorrow with the addition of more taco seasoning (organic) and boneless, skinless chicken breast!!

3 ounces of steak, boiled cauliflower and roasted sweet potato.  (Can you believe that the potato is just over 100 calories? All of that potato is only 1 cup!!)

Rotisserie chicken breast eaten sans skin with broiled broccoli with Mrs. Dash.  On the side I had leftover greek salad with Newman’s Own Lighten Up Sun Dried Tomato Vinaigrette Dressing.

I was disappointed today because the farmer down the road from my house was out of fresh eggs.  He told my husband that his chicken’s weren’t laying that many.  We’re supposing because it’s been so hot. 😦  I only have one egg for tomorrow!  I guess I need to stop at the grocery store.  Jeremy did come home with a boat load of tomatoes, though! 🙂

So it’s been a couple of weeks of ups and downs.  I was sad when I came home, but then my girlfriends all decided to stop by the night I got back:

They made my night! 😀

Good things come to those who wait…

June 14, 2010

and wait….

Remember these?

Wild Raspberries

The raspberries ripened and we got to pick some today…and they turned into these:


So this past weekend we decided that we were going to go camping at Red Top Mountain State Park, which is somewhat near our house.  Tent camping, which I have not done since I was in my early 20’s, lol!  A lot has changed since then, such as I’m a lot older, and I have 3 kids!  You really need to pack a lot more stuff when you have kids.

The Gruesome Threesome

and yes, just to prove I slept in a tent:

I have to admit, I was completely out of my element, but it was a lot of fun…and I really think that getting out of one’s element every once in a while helps you grow as a person.

At any rate, I tried to pack healthy things, but here is a sampling of what we ate while we were camping:

Bacon and Eggs

For the record, I don’t eat bacon very often because of the nitrites/nitrates, not to mention I have to watch my sodium intake…but it was really good as a treat. 😉


I’m a bear without my morning coffee.  Starbucks VIA rocks! 🙂  You heat up some water, add the little packet, and voila! Coffee! And it tasted good, too!

Burger and Carrots

You simply cannot go camping without having a cheeseburger. Period!  I had mine with some cheddar cheese (unprocessed).


Loving the Larabars.  With 5 ingredients, you can’t go wrong!  Very filling.  I’ve just purchased a box of the mini Larabars at Target today, because sometimes I don’t want to eat 200 calories and 12 grams of fat (or thereabouts).  The little bars are half that.

One night we made shish-kebobs and cooked them on the fire:

They were really good!

With a side of green beans. 😉

There were some more eggs with whole wheat toast and Polaners All Fruit:

and some chicken breast with cottage cheese.  I was bound and determined not to eat bad.

There were also some of these 😀

which ended up looking like this (of course!)

I’m the only person I know that gets bummed because I forgot to bring veggies (besides a bag of carrots). LOL! We went to the gas station down the road for some supplies and I bought a can of green beans.  What is wrong with me? Hahaha!

We drank a ton of water.  We went through almost 2 cases!  It was about 90 degrees out or more, at 97% humidity.  It was H.O.T.!!  I was monitoring my water intake and I was around 100 ounces during the second day and my ankles (and the rest of me) swelled from the heat anyway.  Even with all of that water! I was sweating it out as soon as I drank it, or so it felt.  We did some exercising, (a 3.5 mile hike) and swam in the lake.

Some things I learned this weekend:

1.  It’s not good to go camping when it’s 90 degrees with 97% humidity.

2.  I missed my vegetables.  I never really cared about veggies before, but now I enjoy eating them.  Especially broccoli and cauliflower.

3.  Getting to the campsite and unpacking is much more fun than taking down tents and packing everything back up. None of that is fun when it’s so hot out, though!

4.  Kids will complain about things no matter what, and embarrass you at all times. They also pitch fits wherever and whenever. 😉

4.5  Kids like to play horseshoes…when the horseshoe is the size of my mailbox 🙂

4.75 Sophia will sing and dance anywhere.

5.  I can never be without my morning coffee.  (and thanks to SBux, I won’t have to be!)

6.  You can cook eggs anywhere.

7.  Even in the wilderness, I had a cell phone signal and Facebook.  LOL

8.  Camping is fun! 🙂

Next week is another adventure for us! Lots of pictures and stories to come!

So we got home, and I made myself a monstrous salad:

Greek Salad

right before making that fantastic salad I was sleeping on the couch.  At 6pm.  Exhausted!

I bought this dressing at my local Publizzle…preservative free and nothing bad in it:

Along with a rotisserie chicken.  Easy dinner!

Hope y’all had a fun weekend.  I sure did!


Some of this, some of that…

March 22, 2010

Hello all.  Sorry I haven’t been blogging so much lately.  I’m home helping my parents, and my Dad is very, very sick.  Sometimes it’s just a lot to think.  With that being said, tonight’s blog is going to mainly be pictures.  I am still eating in the real world, and doing the best job that I can under the circumstances.

Let’s start with yesterday it was sunny again in Rochester! Amazing. I had everything taken care of, and finally got a run going around 3:30pm to enjoy the day outside.  Today it rained all day long, so I’m glad I took advantage of the sun!

I also apologize for every picture being kind of…crappy.  Iphone pictures leave a lot to be desired!

I was a little stop and go on that run.  I didn’t find my groove until the last 15 minutes, but decided to call it a day.

I ate some breakfasts:

3 egg whites, baby bella mushrooms, herbs de provence.  That other thing on my plate? A cinnamon roll. I just wanted something sweet.  I suspect you will be seeing some uncharacteristically sweet items the next few days until I go home, because when I stress, I eat sweets.  And not much else.  I am making an honest effort to eat healthy, but I’m not depriving myself of some sweets.  I can clean it up when I get home!

Thus eating in the real world.

Some more breakfast:

Clean pancake (meaning no preservatives or oil), Oikos plain Greek yogurt, blueberries and cinnamon. The next picture is all smushed down so I could eat it, and I sprinkled it with Truvia, because the yogurt was just so sour!

There was some snack/lunches:

It was actually the Apple Pie flavor. YUMMY!


5 of these huge glasses of water.  I figured it out, and it was just over a gallon. Per day.  Water is definitely good for you! I’m glad I took my own advice and started drinking so much!

There was some more of this:

with some Mary’s Gone Crackers.

Sorry, I guess lunches weren’t much the last couple of days! 😦

Dinners were a bit better!

Leftover Greek Salad from pasta night, roasted frozen brussel sprouts, and rotisserie chicken.  Very good! Completely filling, and good for me.

Today I had to go to the grocery store so I purchased one of their “$6 meals” for dinner:

Parmesan garlic encrusted tilapia, seasoned green beans, and squash with Craisins, spinach and onions.  It rocked, it was so good! I do have that food sensitivity to green beans, of all things, (found out through a food sensitivity test that I had done several months ago) and I hadn’t eaten them in a long time.  Wow, they did a number on my stomach tonight.  Green beans, of all things.  Ugh.  They will definitely be eaten in moderation (uh, or not at all) from now on.

Yesterday there was a very small piece of chocolate cheesecake with real whipped cream:

It looks bigger then it was! 😉  It was truly the most decadent slice of cheesecake I have ever had, and very, very rich.

It looks like I’m all caught up, so I’m going to sign off.  Happy running, happy Tuesday, and don’t ever forget to tell your family that you love them.

Peace Out,

Jessica xoxo

What a beautiful day!

March 20, 2010

It was a great day in Western New York today! The sun was shining, it was warm and a little windy…perfect for a run:

I rocked the run!  It felt fantastic to get out there and run again, I’d been neglecting the runs lately, since I decided not to run the race.  I missed it, though!  I may not be the fastest runner, but I love it because I can get into a groove where it just feels good. I’ve read that this happens to runners, thus the reason why I consider myself one!

I also did a short ab workout which consisted of crunches, reverse crunches, v-ups and pulse-ups.

I was going to run earlier in the morning, but ended up running mid-afternoon because of a trip to Wegmans (the local grocery store).  So breakfast I had a protein and a carb, because I knew I’d be running today:

4 egg whites, 1 slice of mozzarella cheese, and herbs de provence.   The carb was a blueberry pancake sprinkled with cinnamon (no syrup).

After I returned from the store (breakfast was actually at lunch time, LOL) I needed something to get me through the run, so I had one of these:

I’m becoming very fond of these.  And this one does taste like PB&J!  I think it had 5 ingredients, tops. All pronounceable, and no preservatives.

When I returned after the run, I was hungry again, but it was so late in the day that I decided a snack would suffice:

Hummus with:

Mary’s Gone Crackers.  My fave snack! I got some great things at the store today! 😉

My parents have some wonderful friends who cooked dinner for us, brought it over and visited while it heated in the oven.  I love any food I don’t have to cook, and it just so happens that this food tasted awesome.

They brought over the following:

stuffed shells.


greek salad, garlic bread, pita.

The Greek Salad was wonderful!  There was feta, onion, big dark green lettuce leaves, olives, pepperocini’s, and calamari with a dill dressing.

This is what my plate looked like…veggified, LMAO:


Broccoli and cauliflower, stuffed shell, garlic bread, lots of Greek Salad, and a corner of a pita.  Awesome, awesome!  I stuffed my face full of some really rockin’ food.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another food rockin’ day in the real world!

Jessica xoxo

Eating in the real world part deux.

March 19, 2010

So this morning I left on a plane to fly from Atlanta, GA to Rochester, NY.  I made sure that I ate breakfast first:

1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, sprouted grain bread.  Simple and easy for a breakfast before I got to the airport.  I drove through the Atlanta traffic (anyone recognize this sign?)

Traffic wasn’t terrible, but it took an hour to get there!  I even took a picture of the GA landscape from the plane:

Aren’t these pictures amazing? Sorry about the pictures, for real….everything this week is going to be with my phone, so I apologize ahead of time.

I brought some reading material with me:

and learned that I *may* burn half fat and half muscle when I lose weight.  According to a 5 questions survey in the mag.  Even so, it’s one of my fave reads!

I had a snack and a glass of wine (not pictured…I figured it was 5:00pm somewhere, even though I started a bit earlier)  At any rate, here was the snack, a new fave of mine.  I think this one had 2 ingredients…dates and peanuts.  Maybe I could make that at home?? Hmmmm!

Lunch was some of these:

and half of this:

Blueberry bagel.

Dinner was really good:

Coconut shrimp, Polaner All Fruit orange marmalade, sweet potato with cinnamon, and cauliflower/broccoli with garlic salt.  It was really good.

So I’m sorry if the post was boooring…I also had some dessert:

A really large parfait. 240 calories, and it was all organic with non-fat yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and granola. Completely clean and yummy.  Fortunately, there are 2 more in the fridge!

I need to get some sleep, I am absolutely exhausted, so “peace out” until tomorrow! Tomorrow I plan on going for a medium sized run! 🙂 Can’t wait, the snow is gone and the weather’s been great outside!

Jessica xoxo

Clean Food With Flavor

February 23, 2010

If you all recall, I had a bunch of things to do yesterday.  I actually got most of them done!  Here was the list as it was, and I crossed out all of the things that I did:

  1. Call eye doctor to make appointment
  2. Make reservations for vacation with the family to the beach
  3. Put gas in the car (nothing like having one square left).
  4. Go to WalMart (ugh, need I say more??)
  5. Study for the ACE Exam
  6. Schedule the ACE Exam (I’m thinking 2 months out from now).
  7. Go to the bank
  8. Figure out what to make for dinner.  (This one is especially hard).
  9. Go to the gym for 6:30pm cardio core class.  (This may be the one thing not done, because I may be really tired…I hate that the class is so late in the day).

Whoo-hoo! I’ve promised myself that after the gym this morning I am going to not stay and socialize and I am going to come home and study.  Gotta get my studyin’ on! You understand.

Today’s eats were fantastic.  I ate lunch before I went to WalMart, because my being hungry in WalMart while grocery shopping is never a good thing.  I have to say, I was disappointed that they didn’t have the cottage cheese I was looking for.  Now I have to stop at the grocery tomorrow for 1 thing.  That’s irritating. Oh well, I guess I’ll get over it! 😉

Before I left I had a gardenburger, cottage cheese, and broccoli with Braggs (my new fave condiment):

I have to apologize for some of these pictures. The battery in my camera is dying and apparently makes things look funny (yes, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself, LOL) 😉

The burger doesn’t look like anything wonderful but has a ton of flavor.  Really good!!!

Then not 3 hours later, right on schedule, so I had a snack and then a cheese stick that there is not a picture of:

Blueberry Luna Bar!

It is strange, how each picture is blurry, though!  Ugh, sorry!  As I was inhaling the Luna Bar (I love Luna) I actually looked at it when there was this much left, and decided it warranted a picture!

Looks kinda cool 🙂

Yummy.  Then I went to the gym, where I took Cardio Core with Gloria who is a cardio phenomenon…and burned 300 calories.  I came home and made the most fantastic dinner I’ve had in a while.

Get a look at this:

French Bread. Roast Chicken.

I started with Jeremy’s homemade French Bread and leftover roasted chicken.  I added about an ounce of goat cheese:

the addition of goat cheese.

I put that in my convection oven for about 7 minutes.  In the meantime, I grabbed one of these:


I actually bought tomatoes at WalMart. Impressive!  I cut up the tomato and added some fresh basil.  I then proceeded to put it all together with some EVOO and balsamic vinegar.  OH MY GOODNESS.  I just made something that I would eat at a restaurant.  Maybe there’s hope for me after all! 😉

I ate it with broccoli, tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.

While I’m on the subject, I wish restaurants didn’t put so much junk in their food.  I would gladly pay a little more to eat clean, fresh food instead of all of the processed junk that I know they’re getting frozen and reheating.  I’m not saying all restaurants, but I don’t have access to a lot of good restaurants near my house (I think there’s 2 that come to mind right this instant).  Just good, clean, fresh food.  How hard is that concept?

It kills me that when you ask for your vegetables without anything on them, the waitresses start stuttering and then tell me that they’re not sure that they can do that in the kitchen.  Ugh.

I also ate an orange and a square of dark chocolate (Lindt 85%) YUMMY.  I didn’t eat them together, in case you were wondering.  But the pictures would have been boring compared to my “Balsamic Basil Chicken Stack”.

Clean food with flavor.

I hope you all have a productive Tuesday!  Mine will be less busy as I have 2 things to accomplish today:

  1. Study for the ACE exam
  2. Buy cottage cheese

Jessica xoxo