Plane time!

Hello y’all and happy holiday weekend. I hope you have a safe and fun holiday!

The entire family is on a plane to Rochester, NY. We are heading to my in-laws in Northern NY for a week, then I am going to leave the kids there and drive back down to Rochester for a few days to take care of some estate matters.

Technically speaking, I haven’t blogged from my iPhone in a while so I am re-learning. Please disregard any spelling errors and enjoy the pictures that will undoubtedly show up at the END instead of where I want then to go! šŸ˜‰ Hopefully it will all look glorious, lol!

I started my day today with Sophia waking us up an hour early before the alarm went off. Isn’t that how it always is? I can never fall back asleep either, so I was awake for the duration.

We made the flight, got stuck in the back of the plane over the engine, got in a little early, then had rental car issues.

Apparently Enterprise thinks a Ford Fusion is a full-sized car! (Just a reminder, there’s 5 of us with 4 pieces of luggage, 3 backpacks, my gym bag, and a laptop bag. Jeremy finally managed to fit us all into some car that was bigger that had just been returned. Thank goodness!!

Ahhhh, that is how I keep my sanity on the plane. The kids were actually really good, they’re old pros at traveling now, but so am I! I do not go anywhere without my portable DVD player. Sophia watched it on the plane and they all watched movies in the car. I’ve been through a few…we wear them out! But it’s a lifesaver when you need to occupy the kids!!

So I have a plan and I brought my sneakers and workout clothes and I want to run 4-5 miles tomorrow morning. Actually EVERY day that I am gone! I also ordered INSANITY from the infomercial and am very excited about getting it this week – I had it shipped to NY!

I am a strong believer in changing things up and that is what I am going to do over the next few weeks. Insanity has a money back guarantee, so I will let you all know how it turns out and if I “get ripped in 60 days”. Hahaha!!

I actually brought some essentials with me on my trip:

I brought my blender cup and protein powder, my new *pink* gym bag that I picked up at the Nike Outlet in Destin, FL last week, and my water bottle. I plan on working out, and planning ahead is the key to consistency!!

I also plan on eating just like I do at home or on vacation:

Some staples: plain yogurt with protein powder for a snack, grilled chicken and veggies, (Jeremy did an ahhhmazing job with that chicken! The homemade marinade was tasty :)) and of course, lots of egg creations!

I will do updates and before/after pictures regarding the Insanity DVD’s…you all can then judge for yourselves!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend…and don’t forget to tell your friends about Fit and Clean! Happy 4th of July!


One Response to Plane time!

  1. Sara Gordon says:

    Glad to see you are getting some family time in and then coming “home”. I would love to see you when you are here. I know it’s hard to fit everything in, but please contact me. Sara

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