Good things come to those who wait…

and wait….

Remember these?

Wild Raspberries

The raspberries ripened and we got to pick some today…and they turned into these:


So this past weekend we decided that we were going to go camping at Red Top Mountain State Park, which is somewhat near our house.  Tent camping, which I have not done since I was in my early 20’s, lol!  A lot has changed since then, such as I’m a lot older, and I have 3 kids!  You really need to pack a lot more stuff when you have kids.

The Gruesome Threesome

and yes, just to prove I slept in a tent:

I have to admit, I was completely out of my element, but it was a lot of fun…and I really think that getting out of one’s element every once in a while helps you grow as a person.

At any rate, I tried to pack healthy things, but here is a sampling of what we ate while we were camping:

Bacon and Eggs

For the record, I don’t eat bacon very often because of the nitrites/nitrates, not to mention I have to watch my sodium intake…but it was really good as a treat. 😉


I’m a bear without my morning coffee.  Starbucks VIA rocks! 🙂  You heat up some water, add the little packet, and voila! Coffee! And it tasted good, too!

Burger and Carrots

You simply cannot go camping without having a cheeseburger. Period!  I had mine with some cheddar cheese (unprocessed).


Loving the Larabars.  With 5 ingredients, you can’t go wrong!  Very filling.  I’ve just purchased a box of the mini Larabars at Target today, because sometimes I don’t want to eat 200 calories and 12 grams of fat (or thereabouts).  The little bars are half that.

One night we made shish-kebobs and cooked them on the fire:

They were really good!

With a side of green beans. 😉

There were some more eggs with whole wheat toast and Polaners All Fruit:

and some chicken breast with cottage cheese.  I was bound and determined not to eat bad.

There were also some of these 😀

which ended up looking like this (of course!)

I’m the only person I know that gets bummed because I forgot to bring veggies (besides a bag of carrots). LOL! We went to the gas station down the road for some supplies and I bought a can of green beans.  What is wrong with me? Hahaha!

We drank a ton of water.  We went through almost 2 cases!  It was about 90 degrees out or more, at 97% humidity.  It was H.O.T.!!  I was monitoring my water intake and I was around 100 ounces during the second day and my ankles (and the rest of me) swelled from the heat anyway.  Even with all of that water! I was sweating it out as soon as I drank it, or so it felt.  We did some exercising, (a 3.5 mile hike) and swam in the lake.

Some things I learned this weekend:

1.  It’s not good to go camping when it’s 90 degrees with 97% humidity.

2.  I missed my vegetables.  I never really cared about veggies before, but now I enjoy eating them.  Especially broccoli and cauliflower.

3.  Getting to the campsite and unpacking is much more fun than taking down tents and packing everything back up. None of that is fun when it’s so hot out, though!

4.  Kids will complain about things no matter what, and embarrass you at all times. They also pitch fits wherever and whenever. 😉

4.5  Kids like to play horseshoes…when the horseshoe is the size of my mailbox 🙂

4.75 Sophia will sing and dance anywhere.

5.  I can never be without my morning coffee.  (and thanks to SBux, I won’t have to be!)

6.  You can cook eggs anywhere.

7.  Even in the wilderness, I had a cell phone signal and Facebook.  LOL

8.  Camping is fun! 🙂

Next week is another adventure for us! Lots of pictures and stories to come!

So we got home, and I made myself a monstrous salad:

Greek Salad

right before making that fantastic salad I was sleeping on the couch.  At 6pm.  Exhausted!

I bought this dressing at my local Publizzle…preservative free and nothing bad in it:

Along with a rotisserie chicken.  Easy dinner!

Hope y’all had a fun weekend.  I sure did!



3 Responses to Good things come to those who wait…

  1. Kelly says:

    Hi Jessica! Gosh, I am so sorry about you losing both of your parents earlier this year…..I lost my dad at 58 about 16 years ago. He had a brain tumor….I am so sorry for your loss.

    so glad you are back posting on your blog – I always look forward to your updates.

    You look fantastic – that pic with you and your son at the Les Miles class – you look so thin and FIT…congrats!!!

    I am still about 20 lbs overweight…still struggling with getting consistent and in a groove. I am trying to eat more protein, less carbs and mainly less processed foods.

    your kiddos are darling! Wishing you much continued success! Kelly

    • Thanks so much! 🙂 It’s hard to be consistent and get into a groove. If it were easy, there wouldn’t be so many fad diets out there and gimmicks, and everyone would be thin! I wish you continued success with your goals! Jessica

  2. kbwood says:

    oh wow i am so impressed by this camping trip!!

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