What a beautiful day!

It was a great day in Western New York today! The sun was shining, it was warm and a little windy…perfect for a run:

I rocked the run!  It felt fantastic to get out there and run again, I’d been neglecting the runs lately, since I decided not to run the race.  I missed it, though!  I may not be the fastest runner, but I love it because I can get into a groove where it just feels good. I’ve read that this happens to runners, thus the reason why I consider myself one!

I also did a short ab workout which consisted of crunches, reverse crunches, v-ups and pulse-ups.

I was going to run earlier in the morning, but ended up running mid-afternoon because of a trip to Wegmans (the local grocery store).  So breakfast I had a protein and a carb, because I knew I’d be running today:

4 egg whites, 1 slice of mozzarella cheese, and herbs de provence.   The carb was a blueberry pancake sprinkled with cinnamon (no syrup).

After I returned from the store (breakfast was actually at lunch time, LOL) I needed something to get me through the run, so I had one of these:

I’m becoming very fond of these.  And this one does taste like PB&J!  I think it had 5 ingredients, tops. All pronounceable, and no preservatives.

When I returned after the run, I was hungry again, but it was so late in the day that I decided a snack would suffice:

Hummus with:

Mary’s Gone Crackers.  My fave snack! I got some great things at the store today! 😉

My parents have some wonderful friends who cooked dinner for us, brought it over and visited while it heated in the oven.  I love any food I don’t have to cook, and it just so happens that this food tasted awesome.

They brought over the following:

stuffed shells.


greek salad, garlic bread, pita.

The Greek Salad was wonderful!  There was feta, onion, big dark green lettuce leaves, olives, pepperocini’s, and calamari with a dill dressing.

This is what my plate looked like…veggified, LMAO:


Broccoli and cauliflower, stuffed shell, garlic bread, lots of Greek Salad, and a corner of a pita.  Awesome, awesome!  I stuffed my face full of some really rockin’ food.

Stay tuned tomorrow for another food rockin’ day in the real world!

Jessica xoxo


3 Responses to What a beautiful day!

  1. rundadrun says:

    Great job getting back out there. Today was my first day out in a while too. Great post.
    Happy running,

  2. kbwood says:

    love the real world posts! haha..i loved the pb and j lara! altho i ADORE the PB cookie kind!

  3. Congrats on the run you rocked 🙂 And I’m soooo jealous you got to eat stuffed shells! That was my favorite meal pre-lactose issues 😦

    Have a great week! xoxox

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