leaving on a jet plane tomorrow!

Yes, I am traveling to Rochester again…just a short trip, (one week) to help out my parents who aren’t feeling well.  So I will be eating in the “real world” again!  Yay, can’t wait to document my new eats for all of you!

Tonight’s posting is going to be quick…I have to get packed, and I have a major headache from these allergies that I’ve been complaining about…feel like my eyes got run over by a truck!  So let’s get to it…

Meal number 1 of the day, the most important meal of the day, is BREAKFAST!

Homemade bagel with apple butter (no sugar added, so just apples and spices) from a local orchard here in Georgia.

Apple Butter

Then there was the main thorough-fare:

4 egg whites, peppers, mushrooms and low-fat havarti cheese.  Biscuit ate half the cheese, and I think I ate some dog spit this morning, because she was licking my eggs, but they were still good! 😉  (just kidding, but she did get half the cheese, for real!)

Lunch was some clean “balls” that friends made (thanks Shaunna and Lesley for sharing!)  they were so good.  I don’t even know all of the ingredients!  After I ate the balls I had a container of greek yogurt with frozen blueberries and some stevia.

It was Sean’s 8th birthday today and he looooves pizza so we had pizza but I made mine into a healthy pizza:

Can’t go wrong with broccoli!

I also wanted to mention that I made some homemade, sugar-free, agave nectar BBQ sauce because I love to dip things in sauce and missed doing that!  Last night’s salmon dinner had a heaping spoonful of sauce on it:

It was soooo good.  Also, here is a picture of the sauce:

I made quite a bit.  It’s more of a soy based sauce then sweet and sugary, even though it has agave nectar in it.  It grew on me!

Of course, tonight there was cake for Sean’s birthday, but I didn’t have any…(not big on funfetti cake, LOL)

looks like a big donut, but it's a bundt cake!

Happy Birthday, Sean!!

I have to go, I need some clean snacks to take with me to pack.  I hope y’all have a great day, and next time you hear from me, I’ll be in NY!

Jessica xoxo


2 Responses to leaving on a jet plane tomorrow!

  1. Colleen says:

    I want to know more about those “balls”…were they like meatballs or cheeseballs or ???? If they were tasty, please share 🙂

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