sugarless day 2!

Hello all.  Today was my second day of sugar detox and it went phenomenally.  I only had 1 dark chocolate truffle.  (Not much sugar for 1, it was about 4.5 grams).  The guy at Trader Joe’s was following me and a friend of mine around and wanted us to try all the food…true story!! LOL!  We also tried some dehydrated green beans that had oil and sea salt on them…they were sooo good, but I didn’t buy them.  I didn’t buy the chocolates, either! 😉

My cart held 3 bottles of “2 buck Chuck” (Trader Joe’s wine), their brand of sprouted grain bread, some soft whole grain flour tortillas that are preservative free, preservative free chicken and garlic sausage, low fat havarti cheese, and alphabet cookies (preservative free) for the kids.

This morning I made some eggs for breakfast, and as much as I was trying to take a great picture, they look strange:

There are actually 2 over-easy eggs in there, and herbs de provence sprinkled on top and cooked in.  Biscuit actually ate my first piece of toast (Ezekial Bread).  She also ate some other things today, that weren’t so good for her, but I don’t think I’m going to get into that. It involved phone calls to the vet. She’s ok, though, it wasn’t anything real serious.

I didn’t eat until quite a bit later, but it worked out as a late lunch/really early dinner before I went to the gym for 5:30pm.

My knew soft tortilla, leftover pork chop, Williamson Bros. BBQ Sauce (clean with the exception of the little bit of sugar in it), tomato and havarti cheese:

everything's better with cheese!

It tasted fantastic.  I was still hungry after so I enjoyed a treat that I hadn’t had in a while:

Greek Yogurt

Oikos yogurt with blueberries.  No fat, low in calories, naturally sweet.  I’ve tried their greek yogurt with honey, but in that case I like the Fage yogurt better.  The honey tastes different.

So tonight was BodyCombat, and it ROCKED, as usual.  I wish I could tell you how many calories I burned, but I still haven’t gotten my HRM back yet. 😦 Hopefully soon!  I did find that my hamstrings are super tight.  I suspect it was from BodyAttack yesterday…lots of kicking and jumping was involved.  Then there was more kicking tonight, so…that all = really tight hamstrings!

I got home and was staaarving.  Jeremy took care of the kids so I could make myself dinner.  I kind of went with some more leftovers with a spin on it:


Baked Scoops are preservative free, FYI.  There was around 3 ounces of grilled chicken, some black beans, preservative free salsa, Tabasco Chipotle hot sauce, and goat cheese.  (My new mantra…everything’s better with cheese!) LOL!  I wanted cheddar, but both the shredded cheddar and mozzarella had a preservative in it.  These are the upper-class nachos. Goat Cheese Nachos! My new invention! 😀

Goat Cheese Nachos

Mmmmm! YUMMY!

My side dish was plain roasted broccoli:

which I put some Braggs Amino’s on.  I love Braggs! Tastes like soy sauce (but better), lower in sodium then low sodium soy sauce, and has lots of protein per half teaspoon.

I guess today was the day of trying new things:  I thought I would try Bakers Unsweetened Chocolate today in lieu of my usual 85% dark chocolate that I normally eat.  Ugh.  Tasted like cardboard! I guess if you’re going to melt it and mix it with some sort of sweetener that it would be good.  Otherwise, not so much.

What it would be good with is melted and frozen on a banana.  I think I will try that!  I’ll let you know how it turns out, of course!

I also had a well deserved glass of Merlot. 😉

Hope you all had a great day!

Jessica xoxo


One Response to sugarless day 2!

  1. kbwood says:

    OH MY GAHHH THOSE NACHOS!! those sound sooo great!!
    thank you SO much for your comment-i am so thankful that i found your eat so clean and so healthy.. i love it!

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