fit and clean Sunday.

Hello my friends!   It was not a very exciting day in my food world today.   After all of the boys left from the sleepover last night, I really didn’t want to do anything, at all.  I knew, because I know myself, though, that if I didn’t go out for the run I’d been talking about that I would sit around and munch all morning.

Today’s breakfast (Monday) was the one of my usual breakfasts:

Eggs, onions and peppers, toast.  I wanted my whole egg to be over-easy, but kind of broke it when I put it on the plate. 😦

I salvaged some of it, though, so all was not lost:

Yesterday (which was Sunday), I was huuuunggggry before the run, but didn’t want a heavy meal to weigh me down, so I ate one of these:

Perfect pre-run snack.  I had originally planned on 2-3 miles, but once I was out there and ‘found my groove’ I ran a bit farther:

running stats.

4.68 miles in 48.52 and burned 567 calories.  Oh, yeah, baby!!! It was the perfect day for a run, too!  Sunny, and a little windy, so I wasn’t too hot…I wore workout pants, a long sleeve running shirt, and a t-shirt over it.  No jacket! It was 60 degrees out. 🙂

I came home and it was later in the day then I had planned, around 3:00, but I needed something to tide me over until dinner:

More turkey (it’s lasting forever) red hot, cottage cheese, and peppers.  I was having some water retention issues because of the Italian that I ate last night, which resulted in today being a  really low sodium, drink a lot of water day for me as I tried my hardest to flush the salts out of my system.

Jeremy made a loaf of french bread for us to eat with homemade chili (also a la Jeremy – I don’t make homemade chili, only chili from a box…;))

Chili and bread

and of course another picture of the awesome chili (he didn’t add any salt, so it was good for me)

Granted, I probably made up for it with the cheese. 😉

Then the aliens sapped my energy and I started crashing hard, so in an effort to not completely crash I made some coffee:

It didn’t help much. 😦

I can’t wait until spring is here to plant our garden…I love knowing where my veggies come from and that there isn’t anything bad on them (ie pesticides).  Here are a couple of pictures from the end of last summer of peppers and carrots that we grew:




Have a wonderful Monday!

Jessica xoxo


2 Responses to fit and clean Sunday.

  1. april says:

    Wow! Awesome calorie burn!! I know you said your not up to me with weights, but I’m nowhere close to being as good as you at running! The furthest I’ve ever ran is 2 miles! LOL

  2. kbwood says:

    great run girl!! i must try that luna bar! thats the one flava i havent!

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