Breakfast for Dinner

Hello friendlies!  I am in a fantastic mood tonight (you will see this post in the morning ;)) I finally got a good workout in this week! Whoo-hoo!  I didn’t go on Monday, Tuesday was interrupted during class for my kids early dismissal from school for the snowstorm (yes, I live in GA!), so I only got 3/4 of a class in and chest (weights).  I was actually sore this morning from the weights, because I decided to increase my weights and decrease my reps.

I’ve had enough, I really want to get toned before we leave for the family vacay in June! Remember, however, that being fit is 80% nutrition.  I think I’ve been cheating too much as of late, so have tightened up my eats, which you will hopefully see over the next few days.

With that being said, I just couldn’t decide what to eat for breakfast!  I decided on my staple as of late:

1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, mushrooms and herbs de provence.  One rock hard half of a blueberry bagel.  I could have broken a window with that thing!  I ate it anyway, just because it was really stale didn’t mean that it tasted bad, LOL! 😉

I went to pick up Biscuit, it was a wonderful, sun-shiny day today and 41 degrees!  Biscuit is doing really well, although the vet put a pain patch on her which is making her tired.  Happy to have her home, though!

After the 2 hour drive, I got home finally and it was already lunch time!  I decided on leftovers:

Leftover clean baked chicken with Frank’s Red Hot (completely clean!!) and half a sweet potato.  Spicy but not too hot, what they make Buffalo Chicken Wings from! (Remember, I lived in Buffalo for many years, so I know.)  It was sooo good, and I totally recommend it if you like some spice in your lunch. 😀

I knew I was going to need a snack this afternoon before going to the gym tonight for BodyCombat…so I chose a Luna Bar:


Blueberry Bliss.  LOVE it!

Those bars are decadent.  Again, the sugar is high (I think 12 grams).  FYI.

I dragged myself to the car after having a large cup of coffee and ROCKED it in Combat!  Whoo-hoo!  I love when I take class and it all falls into place! 😉  Where you feel like you really got a good workout in, that burned lots of calories, and made you more fit all at the same time.  Unfortunately, my Polar heart rate monitor is on the fritz, so I had to hand it back in…so no actual numbers for the calorie burn.  I can only use my Garmin one outside when I run because it needs a satellite signal. 😦

During my workout I’ve been drinking tea, just to have something different with water.  I am not a fan of sports drinks or flavored what-not, because generally they are not clean and have a lot of calories in them and/or chemicals.

This is what I’ve been drinking:

I’ve been drinking this as well:

I love Yogi teas.  They are very mild, all natural ingredients…they make me feel like I’m putting good things into my body! 😀

I came home starving.  Another sign of a kick-butt workout! Except I didn’t feel like chicken…or turkey.  I used my last 3 eggs and made this:

Looks like breakfast!  1 whole egg, 2 egg whites with herbs de Provence, caramelized onions, mushrooms, roasted broccoli and toast (x2).

Well, I have to sign off.  All of the driving, working out and eating has left me exhausted!  Hope y’all have a fantastic Thursday…the weekend is almost here! YAY!!!

Jessica xoxo


2 Responses to Breakfast for Dinner

  1. april says:

    Your lunch sounds absolutely perfect! Chicken and sweet potatoes = perfect clean eating!

  2. kbwood says:

    ahh I LOVE breakfast for dinner!! mmmm i can eat oats anytime of the day! GREAT are eating so clean and so fresh! mmm!

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