Rainy, snowy Tuesday

Ok, I just want to point out that I moved to the south for a reason.  That reason used to be, that it didn’t snow!  What happened to global warming this year??  This is the third time that it snowed this winter.  They let the schools out at 10:30, and let me tell you, nothing ruins a workout more then having to leave!  So I didn’t get to finish my Attack class today 😦 and I didn’t get all of my weights workout in (I did chest before class…at least I got that in!)  I was also supposed to do shoulders and triceps.  There’s always tomorrow, though!

This morning I was looking for an easy, grab-it-quick kind of breaky and came up with this:

Excuse the Dora plate 😉

1 whole egg, 3 egg whites, homemade bread and peach all fruit jam.  I was good to go, dropped off Sophia at pre-k and headed to the gym.

After picking Sophia up less then 2 hours later I came home to a household full of my kids who were all home by 11am.  The kids had turkey “burrito” wraps with cheddar, and I made this concoction:

ahhh. Excuse the tin foil 😉

That is a whole can of tuna with mushrooms, goat cheese, on homemade bread, with basil, tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar.  Roasted broc on the side!  It was really good...

My eats today were actually kind of run-of-the mill boring compared to Pomegranate Margarita Monday:

Yes, I had to post the picture again. 😀

I made baked chicken for dinner and started with 2 tons of chicken breast:

Butterflied and pounded to within an inch of their lives!  I dipped the majority of them in egg, garlic powder, salt and pepper:

mix it together!

and breaded them with whole wheat bread crumbs:

They all looked like that pic above!  I took some for me and dipped them in egg whites instead of egg, and baked them also.

Remember when I said I couldn’t cook? Today was one of those days.  Bland, bland, and more bland.  I’ve made this recipe in the past and it has always turned out good!  It tasted like I didn’t even season them.  Well, one good thing, is we can pour Franks Red Hot all over them and have Buffalo Chicken Tenders! 🙂

As you can see, I had half a baked sweet potato and it has cinnamon.  Some creamed corn, also:

The rest of the family had rice:

No preservatives!

There is this phenomenon that happens to me every Tuesday while I’m watching The Biggest Loser (huge Jillian fan, here!!!) I have to eat.  It is absolutely bizarre that I get hungry (staaaarving, actually) during that show every time it’s on.  I wasn’t snacky during the Olympics!


Homemade hummus, low sodium cottage cheese, green peppers, Mary’s Gone Crackers.  YUM!!!

There were also 2 squares of this equating to 105 calories and only 10g of sugar:

not lopsided. 'twas actually 2 squares.

Can’t go wrong with Lindt.  There will be a nail polish change by next post, though. Ugh, so sorry!  I’ve finally taken my acrylic nails off after like, 4 years…in an effort to not waste money.  I miss my nails 😦  Yikes!

I didn’t get to pick up the terror dog today either 😦  The vet called and told me the roads were bad up where they are and she could stay free for another night.  I get to pick her up tomorrow!  I miss her, I’ll admit it.  I actually think she’ll be a great dog to run outside with, and I need to start this week after she recovers from her surgery. 🙂

My terror. 😀

Hope y’all have a really fantastic hump day!  Weeks almost done!!!:D

Jessica xoxo


2 Responses to Rainy, snowy Tuesday

  1. Ameena says:

    Love your breakfast, especially the Dora plate. My daughter has the same one!

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