Food, Feet, and Finally Friday!

So I was trying to be creative with my title today. It’s all true, though! I plan on talking about all 3 of these words!

Firstly (ha! another “F” word) it is Friday, and almost the end to my exhausting week. Tomorrow is going to be busy as well, but more of driving 3 kids in 3 different directions at 3 different times. At 9am, my 4 year old has her outdoor soccer “meet and greet”. At 1:30pm my 7 year old has a birthday party. At 3pm, my 10 year old has a birthday party. I really need to start studying tomorrow also…1 chapter a day for the next 12 days! You might find me getting caffeinated at the Starbucks by my house with my nose buried in a book at one point!

Usually, that’s a grande non-fat latte. Just in case you were wondering.

This morning I had a ton of things to get done. I was fairly certain I wasn’t going to the gym, but thought I might run later, but it didn’t happen. I like talking about things that I did during the day (hope it doesn’t bore y’all too much!) it makes me feel like I got something accomplished! πŸ˜€

Today was a lot of driving. I needed to go to Sean’s school, because 2 of his library books were eaten by a Biscuit:

Biscuit cost me $41.70. For two second-grade library books. UGH!!

I also had to pick up a kindergarten registration for Sophia, which will be a very happy day when she rides the same bus in the morning as the boys, and I don’t have to drive her separate.

I went to the gym to hand in my heart rate monitor, and of course was there for a bit chit-chatting (I didn’t even get to work out today!) Then I went to Target to return yet another bathing suit. I just can’t seem to decide on one, and I keep bringing them home and returning them. I’ve been through 2 so far! OK, I guess it’s not that many, but still!! I needed some groceries too…and birthday presents for the above parties I mentioned.

Breakfast and my first snack fueled me through my errands this morning along with 3 cups of coffee:

That was one egg, 3 egg whites1 slice of mozzarella cheese and baby bella mushrooms with herbs de Provence. I also had a slice of Ezekial Bread with it for a carb.

I was still home trying to get going a couple of hours later so I had another LemonZest Luna Bar:

I really like them, like I’ve said before. I just wished they used agave or honey instead of sugar.

Oh, and some coffee:

I was tired when I got home (just from doing those few things!) and not feeling very creative, so lunch was kind of plain:

Other half of the behemoth sweet potato I baked yesterday with cashew butter and coconut, cottage cheese.

I went to get Sophia, the boys got home from school, and I dealt with a really bad puppy all afternoon:

She dug holes under the fence in the back yard, chased the kids and scared them, jumped over the gate on the stairs to keep her from upstairs, ate Sophia’s pizza, and made Sean cry. Good thing she’s cute, LOL!

She snores really loud. So loud, that Jeremy doesn’t let her sleep in the bedroom anymore! πŸ˜‰

I almost forgot to share about Sophia. Sophia came home from pre-k with her feet looking like this:

and like this:

She said Victor drew on her feet and she drew on his. They were “partners”. LMAO!!! They have yet to be cleaned.

The rest of the day was not an improvement. I went to cook carne asada for eveyone for dinner, and discovered there wasn’t enough for the adults and all the kids, so the kids got leftover turkey burritos and me and Jeremy had the carne asada. Poor Jeremy. He walked into the kitchen, and I said to him, I can’t cook, I don’t know why you let me! It’s been a rough day. I had a clean version of the carne asada, though!

Brown Rice.

Nothing in it but brown rice. I made everyone else saffron rice, but that had 3 different kinds of “flavor enhancers” – i.e. MSG. I passed on it. I made some black beans from a can, and they were clean:

The ingredients:

I used Baked Tostitos Scoops instead of a wrap, which have no preservatives also resulting in my complete dinner:

with 2 salsa’s to spice it up!

Hope y’all had a fantastic Friday! Mine was….interesting. See you in the morning!

Jessica xoxo


5 Responses to Food, Feet, and Finally Friday!

  1. RC says:

    Hey I just came across your blog/website and I really like it!! I try to be a clean eater and exercise and enjoy reading about others who do as well. Keep it up! I think it’s great you’re studying for the exam to be a personal trainer. I’ve considered it for several years and am trying to get my butt back in good shape and then might venture into it or a similar field. I’m inspired by you and your postings.. as well as amused πŸ™‚

  2. The life of a mama!! My two year old came home from the babysitter one day with BLACK PERMANENT MARKER all over her new Gymboree shirt. I was a lil upset until I saw the sitter’s sofa…

  3. William says:

    I put the pictures of Sophie’s feet on display in my home in a large digital picture frame. OMG! I get so many comments about her feet LOL! Everyone who sees the pictures stops, looks and comments. We love Sophie’s feet and are having a blast with them!

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