The good along with the not great…where good reigns :)

I know I said it yesterday, but this week seemed especially long.  I think for me it was due to a couple of reasons:  I inadvertently over-trained this week, resulting in aches that I don’t normally have to endure, the kids went back to school after being off for February break, (sleep deprivation) and my relatively new heart rate monitor (about 6 months old or so!) isn’t working properly.  (uh, it got stuck on 175 today in BodyStep, LOL).  It gets “stuck” all of the time!  Giving it back to get it fixed (hopefully).  In case you are wondering, I changed the battery. 😉 It didn’t help.

There were also some good points to the week: The kids went back to school, 😀  My heart rate monitor is getting fixed, and I scored some samples of POM Pomegranate Juice  from the POM Wonderful people! (Thanks, Ryan!)  I can’t wait to try it, reviews to come in the next couple of days! Also, I went to the eye doctor and I don’t need glasses to see! Whoo-hoo!

I decided I wanted to try a different protein powder with my oatmeal this morning, and I bought this at the health food store the other day:

Pina Colada!

I added it to my Bob Marley Oats…so pineapple, coconut, and some cashews.  It just didn’t taste good to me, it tasted sweet but was lacking in flavor. I was so disappointed, because I’d heard good things about this brand in the blog world.  Maybe because it was an unusual flavor?  I have one more flavor to try, so it gets a second chance.

The following is a not-great picture of my Bob Marley Oats, it looks very white:

It normally looks like this:

Well, maybe there’s not much of a difference, after all! 😉

After I got out of class this morning (I believe I burned about 500 calories…for what DID register on my HRM), I ate a LemonZest Luna Bar:

and then came home and ate lunch.  I was starving again about an hour later!  Helloooo cottage cheese, homemade Southwest Chipotle Hummus, and veggies.

There was a cheese stick and some more dark chocolate:

Dinner was some leftover, some new.  I want to discuss the carrots that I cooked first, though:

They were a bit charred. Completely not edible, and I was really looking forward to eating them!  (No, I can’t cook, and I’m ok with that! ;))  The sweet potato turned out fantastic, though!


I put the peanut sauce that I made yesterday on my sweet potato and it went from mediocre to fantastic in an instant!

Peanut Sauce

Along with the wondrous, peanutty sweet potato was, of course, turkey (which I have coming out of my ears!!) and some mixed veggies:

It was really good, I must admit 🙂

About 3 hours later I was hungry again, so I made a snack:

I know you’re wondering why there’s frosting on my homemade bread and blueberry jam toast. It’s not frosting, it’s Artisana Coconut Butter! I looooove coconut butter.  It is frosting like, smooth, coco-nutty, creamy goodness.  It cost $12 and was worth every penny.  You don’t need a lot, either!  That was probably less then a teaspoon on the toast!

Well, it’s been fun, but I’m exhausted and in need of some sleep.  See you tomorrow, and I hope you have a warm and cozy night 😉

Jessica xoxo


2 Responses to The good along with the not great…where good reigns :)

  1. kbwood says:

    i must find that coconut butter!! i heard it was SOO good! all ur eats look aweesome!

  2. I also MUST find that coconut butter!!! 😉

    Great idea putting peanut sauce on sw. potato! I’m gonna try that this weekend!

    Have a great day ❤ -Lauren

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