Energizing for the Day

Hello all!  I knew I was going to need energy this morning for my fave class, BodyAttack.  This is a very demanding, very hard, but really fun class that I take 1-3 times per week.  (Gonna get back into it, for sure, now that my Wednesdays are freed up from the “long runs”).  If you want to increase your fitness, take that class.

Knowing that I was going to need to fuel before class, I started my day with this:


chocolate covered raisins protein oatmeal.  Did you get all of that? LOL.  In this bowl:  1 serving of oats, 1 scoop of Sun Warrior Chocolate Protein Powder, 1Tb. Hershey’s unsweetened chocolate powder, stevia, and raisins.  Guess what? It carried me through Attack!  The perfect breakfast for a high intensity cardio class!  I would also like to mention that I burned 484 calories @ 24% fat.  It’s not as high as I normally do (around 500-550) but I’ll take it!

I actually had some running around to do today and didn’t get home until noon.  I really wanted to be home an hour earlier than that.  I had to go to the marina, and to Publix…to get the cottage cheese that I wanted yesterday, along with some extras (uh, beer ;), a yellow pepper, chick peas to make homemade hummus with, yellow rice, and baby bella mushrooms).  HAHA!!!

I was mainly happy about the cottage cheese.  Let me tell you why.  I fell in love with the Friendship low-fat, low sodium cottage cheese.  I like to watch my sodium, and it only has 50 mg.  The regular has 450-500!  WOW!

My fave 🙂

I came home and made a quick and yummy lunch:

Marinaded salmon in Wegmans Santa Fe Marinade.  (I sent it home from NY!)  Cottage cheese (of course!) and half a yellow pepper.  I actually put some of Annie’s Goddess Dressing on the cottage cheese and mixed the peppers in, and that really hit the spot.

Side note: I plan on making some homemade hummus tomorrow.  I also plan on making some peanut sauce to eat with stuff. 🙂

I got really hungry again about 3pm.  I also craved salt. To stop my craving, I had a plate of broccoli with Braggs Amino’s and real parmesan:

Broccoli. Braggs. Cheese. Foodgasm!

That is honestly a rockin’ snack! 😀

So I worked some and blogged some and facebooked some haha.  Jeremy grilled up some chicken and I roasted about 2 pounds of carrots, resulting in my dinner looking like this:

The rice is Rice-A-Roni, but it is the Nature’s Way, and doesn’t have any yucky stuff in it (and actually tastes really good…my kids love it!)

Jeremy and the kids actually had a pasta version (a la Pasta Roni):

and of course a close-up of the chicken…nothing beats marinaded grilled chicken (subsequently marinated in the same marinade as the salmon, :))

Hope y’all have a great hump day!  I know I am!  Things to do today: gym (duh, LOL!) and meeting a friend for coffee.  Oh, and we’re cooking a 22 pound turkey!  Jeremy agreed to put it in if I made homemade mashed potatoes.  I think I’m going to need to get some canning jars, because I plan on lots of soup…and turkey tetrazzini, turkey pot pie, turkey stock, turkey gravy, turkey legs, turkey breast (sliced for sandwiches)….

Question of the day:  Any suggestions for what we can do with the turkey leftovers?  They have to be clean recipes! 😉


4 Responses to Energizing for the Day

  1. LOVE that you eat meat! Most health blogs I read are vegan/vegetarian and while I still get great recipes from those I’m not planning to give up meat anytime soon 😉

    I wish I could take that workout class!!!!

    Have a great day

    xoxox, Lauren

  2. love the chocolate covered raisins protein oatmeal!!!! you’re making me hungry 🙂

  3. jennincat says:

    Noticed the name of you blog in one of the comments of another blog and came over to have a look. Checked out your about and it sounds like we have a lot in common regarding food and fitness.

    I used to take the Body Attack class when I belonged to a gym. I liked it except after having kids I can only take so much jumping. Yikes!

    Adding raisins to your chocolate oatmeal mess is brilliant. Yum.

    • Nice to meet you 😉 Les Mills are my fave classes of all time. I really credit them with my fitness and being able to tone after having the kids! You’re right about the jumping in Attack, though! It’s a LOT, LOL!

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