Clean Food With Flavor

If you all recall, I had a bunch of things to do yesterday.  I actually got most of them done!  Here was the list as it was, and I crossed out all of the things that I did:

  1. Call eye doctor to make appointment
  2. Make reservations for vacation with the family to the beach
  3. Put gas in the car (nothing like having one square left).
  4. Go to WalMart (ugh, need I say more??)
  5. Study for the ACE Exam
  6. Schedule the ACE Exam (I’m thinking 2 months out from now).
  7. Go to the bank
  8. Figure out what to make for dinner.  (This one is especially hard).
  9. Go to the gym for 6:30pm cardio core class.  (This may be the one thing not done, because I may be really tired…I hate that the class is so late in the day).

Whoo-hoo! I’ve promised myself that after the gym this morning I am going to not stay and socialize and I am going to come home and study.  Gotta get my studyin’ on! You understand.

Today’s eats were fantastic.  I ate lunch before I went to WalMart, because my being hungry in WalMart while grocery shopping is never a good thing.  I have to say, I was disappointed that they didn’t have the cottage cheese I was looking for.  Now I have to stop at the grocery tomorrow for 1 thing.  That’s irritating. Oh well, I guess I’ll get over it! 😉

Before I left I had a gardenburger, cottage cheese, and broccoli with Braggs (my new fave condiment):

I have to apologize for some of these pictures. The battery in my camera is dying and apparently makes things look funny (yes, that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself, LOL) 😉

The burger doesn’t look like anything wonderful but has a ton of flavor.  Really good!!!

Then not 3 hours later, right on schedule, so I had a snack and then a cheese stick that there is not a picture of:

Blueberry Luna Bar!

It is strange, how each picture is blurry, though!  Ugh, sorry!  As I was inhaling the Luna Bar (I love Luna) I actually looked at it when there was this much left, and decided it warranted a picture!

Looks kinda cool 🙂

Yummy.  Then I went to the gym, where I took Cardio Core with Gloria who is a cardio phenomenon…and burned 300 calories.  I came home and made the most fantastic dinner I’ve had in a while.

Get a look at this:

French Bread. Roast Chicken.

I started with Jeremy’s homemade French Bread and leftover roasted chicken.  I added about an ounce of goat cheese:

the addition of goat cheese.

I put that in my convection oven for about 7 minutes.  In the meantime, I grabbed one of these:


I actually bought tomatoes at WalMart. Impressive!  I cut up the tomato and added some fresh basil.  I then proceeded to put it all together with some EVOO and balsamic vinegar.  OH MY GOODNESS.  I just made something that I would eat at a restaurant.  Maybe there’s hope for me after all! 😉

I ate it with broccoli, tomatoes and balsamic vinegar.

While I’m on the subject, I wish restaurants didn’t put so much junk in their food.  I would gladly pay a little more to eat clean, fresh food instead of all of the processed junk that I know they’re getting frozen and reheating.  I’m not saying all restaurants, but I don’t have access to a lot of good restaurants near my house (I think there’s 2 that come to mind right this instant).  Just good, clean, fresh food.  How hard is that concept?

It kills me that when you ask for your vegetables without anything on them, the waitresses start stuttering and then tell me that they’re not sure that they can do that in the kitchen.  Ugh.

I also ate an orange and a square of dark chocolate (Lindt 85%) YUMMY.  I didn’t eat them together, in case you were wondering.  But the pictures would have been boring compared to my “Balsamic Basil Chicken Stack”.

Clean food with flavor.

I hope you all have a productive Tuesday!  Mine will be less busy as I have 2 things to accomplish today:

  1. Study for the ACE exam
  2. Buy cottage cheese

Jessica xoxo


One Response to Clean Food With Flavor

  1. april says:

    Mmm dinner looks delicious! I need to buy cottage cheese too.. i ran out yesterday and am so sad!

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