Back on schedule and fun run!

Good Morning! 😉  Today in the ATL it is soooo dreary. Last night we had thunderstorms and lightening all night long.  I think I got a total of 4 hours of sleep!  All of my kids went back to school today (February break = OVER, LOL).  So if I get tired, I can always take a nap. 😉

I want to begin by talking about my run yesterday – which I actually enjoyed now that there is no pressure.  I did a 3 mile run, just under 10 minute miles, and burned about 350 calories.  Sundays are good run days, for sure!  Since it was 70 degrees out, that was an added bonus – no bundling up!

Today I have a plan, there’s some things that I need to knock off of my list (there is always a list).  The following should keep me busy until the kids get home from school (and when my day ultimately begins)

  1. Call eye doctor to make appointment
  2. Make reservations for vacation with the family to the beach
  3. Put gas in the car (nothing like having one square left).
  4. Go to WalMart (ugh, need I say more??)
  5. Study for the ACE Exam
  6. Schedule the ACE Exam (I’m thinking 2 months out from now).
  7. Go to the bank
  8. Figure out what to make for dinner.  (This one is especially hard).
  9. Go to the gym for 6:30pm cardio core class.  (This may be the one thing not done, because I may be really tired…I hate that the class is so late in the day).

Yep, that’s my day to a tee.  Did I mention I may need a nap?

Well, enough about my schedule today!  This morning I had a great breakfast that was very filling:


What you see above is an Ezekial muffin, 1 whole egg, 3 egg whites with herbs de Provence and real, freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Really filling!

Yesterday before my run I had some lunch, and as always, I hate to waste food.  This resulted in a lunch of leftovers:


Wow, that picture is terrible!  What is in it is my homemade butternut squash with craisins and basil, leftover roasted chicken, and the spicy salsa that I’ve been all about lately.


After my run I was hungry again (about 3 hours had gone by) so I had a snack:

Broccoli with Braggs and low sodium cottage cheese.  Dinner always throws me for a loop when Jeremy is home, it’s always so hard to decide what to eat!  Tonight we decided on easy taco’s…and for the record, they were *almost* clean…Ortega mix has maltodextrin in it, but none of the other yucky colors or additives.  I had mine with some more salsa and leftover green beans on the side:

The seasoning was actually kind of bland.  Not sure why!

It was perfect for Sophia, though, who had her taco in the form of a burrito:

and lots of carrots.  Sophia’s fave foods include canned carrots and spaghetti. 🙂

After watching the US win at hockey and then a show on TLC about one of The Biggest Loser contestants who won and then gained it all back I decided I needed another snack:

Homemade french bread with Polaner All Fruit Blueberry Jam.  YUMMY!

Well, I’m off.  I have a ton to do today!  Wherever you are, here’s to hoping you have a fantastic Monday!

Jessica xoxo


2 Responses to Back on schedule and fun run!

  1. Congrats on a great 3-miler!! I didn’t know you were taking the ACE exam! How cool!!!

    Have a great week and enjoy your nap 😉

    xoxox, Lauren

  2. i have thought about getting my ACE. I dont see myself as a “gym” person, im a yogi! But it would be intersting to me and helpful at some level i think. Would love to hear more about this journey you’re on with it!

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