Super Survivor Thursday!

Yes, it’s Thursday. YES, Survivor was on.  I love my Survivor.  I won’t post anything about the show, because there may be some west-coasters out there and I don’t want to ruin it for them! 😉  Go Boston Rob!!! I am so glad it is Thursday!  Whoo-hoo! 😀

I decided a big breaky was in order since I was going to BodyStep this morning.  It was soooo good! 🙂 One meal I don’t normally mess up is breakfast!

Eggs. Bagel. Yumminess!!!

What we have here is one whole egg, 2 egg whites, mushrooms and herbs de provence.  My carb was a blueberry bagel with blueberry jam.  Approximately 310 calories.

Then I had my workout session, and I kicked it hard. In BodyStep I burned 488 calories at 22% fat.  After BodyStep I decided I wanted to run a few miles instead of weights.  I just don’t see the point in lifting until the 1/2 marathon is done.  I believe that it’s tremendously hard to gain muscle when doing so much cardio.  Just as a side note, I do get some body-weight resistance training (about 15 minutes worth, plus abs) in my classes so I will not lose my muscle tone.

With that being said, I ran 2.75 miles after class and burned 335 calories at 21% fat.  This is a grand total of: 823 calories. Whoo-hoo! 😀  This would also explain why I was soooo hungry today and craving carbs (along with the usual cheese and chocolate cravings of late).

Let’s talk lunch.  Lunch consisted of one of these @ 100 calories (and clean, which is why I wanted to try them):

It was good.  Definitely had a different texture than a burger, but I wasn’t expecting a burger, either.  I smothered it in cheese and added some sides:

Gardenburger, 1/4 cup low-fat cottage cheese, yellow bell pepper.  All of this = happy, happy, me! Oh, and 1 slice mozzarella cheese.  Approximately 240 calories.

By the way, I am calorie-ing out my foods today because I was curious.  It does not include the chocolate I ate, LOL! 😉

Then I had a cheese stick with Sophia, approximately 90 calories.  And this is where I give up with the calorie counting.  It’s just so tedious. I try to listen to my body, and I was super hungry today. So be it!!

Dinner was leftovers tonight.  While the kids had spaghetti and meatballs, and Jeremy had chili with toasted rolls (I partook in 1/2 a buttered hamburger roll), and a couple of spoonfuls of his chili (homemade, yum!)  I had leftover Delmonico Steak (approx. 3 ounces) 1/2 of a huge sweet potato with a garlic yogurt sauce, and my squash with cranberries and basil.  I dipped the steak in the hot pepper salsa I’ve been all about.  Scrumptious and filling (after I ate all of mine and some of Jeremy’s dinner…glad he likes to share ;))

Dinner of Champions!

Oh, and a pic of the largest sweet potato I’ve ever seen:

Here are some more pics of the potato, LOL:

Sweet Potato with yogurt garlic sauce. HEAVEN!

Also, a pic of the squash:

Cranberry Basil Butternut Squash

Then there was another cheese stick, chocolate…I think that was it for dessert.  I was starving during Survivor again, so I decided I needed more cheese (this time havarti) and half of a honey wheat bagel that I toasted and had melty, cheesy goodness:

WOW! I think I ate a lot of food today…but with the calorie burn, it was completely justified.  Tomorrow is the day I run the 7 miler.  I swear!  I know I’ve been putting it off.  I think I should have put my long runs on the weekend, instead of Wednesdays, because I’m dreading how sore I’m going to be.  An ice bath may be the order of the day tomorrow when I get home 😉  Sad thing is, I could’ve done it today, I got into a zone while reading my new Oxygen magazine on the treadmill, but had the kids with me at the gym and didn’t want to starve them to death as it was almost lunchtime!

Hope you all have good clean eats and a fantastic night.  See you after the run tomorrow!

Jessica xoxo


2 Responses to Super Survivor Thursday!

  1. Wow, awesome workout!!!! I’m jealous! I slept through my alarm this morning and missed my workout, LOL. What is BodySculpt? I’d love to try a class!

    Good luck on the 7-miler! xoxoxox

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