What do I do all day?

First, to get it out of the way, my run was moved to Friday.  I didn’t realize how behind I was on catching up with things at home.  This is what I accomplished today, and nothing had to do with going to the gym 😦 :  This is a modified schedule of what I do when the kids are off from school!

  1. woke up, 8:30 am (kids are on February break)
  2. made lots of breakfast
  3. cleaned the kitchen
  4. planned dinner
  5. took the puppy to PetSmart for a bath
  6. went to Target to get Sophia earrings
  7. made lunch for everyone
  8. made myself a protein shake
  9. 7 loads of laundry
  10. picked up the puppy
  11. wrote out the kids chores (and made them do them!)
  12. went to the post office for boxes, and ultimately back to the post office to drop them off
  13. took the boys for a haircut
  14. made dinner
  15. cleaned up after dinner
  16. had family game night

WHEW!!! I guess I was busy today! 😉  In between all of that I talked on the phone to a couple of people and refereed the kids.

Hopefully tomorrow will be an easier day. Today was just hectic!

I gave the kids the pancakes that I made the other day for breakfast, and made my “panoli’s“. Can you guess what is better then 1 panoli?  2 panoli’s, LOL!


In case you didn’t see this post, Panoli’s are pancakes that are thin like crepes, with cottage cheese and hot pepper salsa.  Love them. I have decided, these are the perfect breakfast.  It’s all about getting both the protein and the carbs in!

Since y’all saw how busy I was today, my lunch was a protein shake.  (the kids had sandwiches).


and the larger pic ~

Jillian Michael’s chocolate protein powder, maca, unsweetened cocoa, banana.

I got hungry while I was making dinner, and had some of these:

Mary's Crack and Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus

and some of this:

Pepper and hummus

Then I set out to make dinner.  I actually had another meal turn out this week!  I started with a chicken:


threw some spices together:


and roasted it in the oven at a low temp until it looked like this:

roast chicken.

and of course another view of said chicken:

another view: roast chicken.

Resulting in my complete dinner:

the complete dinner.

Of course, the chicken breast was eaten sans skin.  It was divine!  So happy it turned out for the family.  It’s one of those dinners that you make that is not needing a lot of supervision.

Of course, there were a couple of these leftover from yesterday:

Have a great night! Tomorrow’s plan is a butt-kicking BodyStep workout in the am, followed by a weights session.

See you tomorrow!

Jessica xoxo


3 Responses to What do I do all day?

  1. Kristin says:

    wow, you are wonder woman!!!

    Mom’s are amazing 🙂

  2. Wow, that is quite a busy day! Kudos for getting that all day! And extra kudos for cooking that chicken! Can you please come cook for me??? 😉 haha

  3. april says:

    You are one busy lady!! And I love the looks of that breakfast!

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