not a believer in global warming anymore…

Whatever happened to global warming? Atlanta is supposed to get more snow tomorrow! At this rate, we’ll be shut down for a year, LOL.  In light of all of the snow, I took some pictures.  Now I know that some of you are going to laugh…it is not as much snow as MD, or DC got by a long shot, but still enough to shut us down!

So I have to show some pictures of the snow. 🙂

Alright, enough of all the snow! I think I brought it down with me from NY! 😉

So sorry I missed a day of blogging 😦 Please bear with me as I get back into “the swing of things” at home!!

Yesterday I thought I was going to run, but I just didn’t have the energy. (Probably because I didn’t run!)  It’s funny how that works out…I have more energy on the days that I exercise.  Yesterday’s breakfast was yummy, and I kind of ate the same thing this morning as well:



Yesterday’s breaky was 1 egg and 2 egg whites with havarti cheese and ezekial bread with blueberry jam.  Today’s breakfast was 1 egg, 2 egg whites with baby bella mushrooms and herbs de provence.  Highly recommended! There was an ezekial muffin with blue berry jam.  I also took a picture of the jam, because it’s clean, with no processed sugars:

Yesterday’s lunch was Wheat Berry Salad…and I have to admit, I ate some chocolate and other things that weren’t clean.  There won’t be anymore of that, rest assured, because it didn’t taste the same that I remembered…and wasn’t very good!

The salad was so good.  I was kind of the person planning the dinners and since my in-laws were still here I decided a couple of days before to marinade some chicken and have Jeremy cook it on The Big Green Egg.  We had regular baked potatoes (I put some cheddar cheese on mine, I had a total craving.)  I also roasted carrots with some EVOO and garlic salt that I ate with leftover brussel sprouts:

Oh my, it was all soooo good.  We also celebrated Aidan’s 10th birthday yesterday, and in light of everything being closed down in the ATL my mother in-law whipped up a cookie cake for his birthday:

I partook in some cookie.  It was sooo sweet though! I kind of felt icky after eating it.  Oh well, I’m all sweetened out now! 😉

oh, and before I forget, have a Happy Valentines Day!

Jessica xoxo


2 Responses to not a believer in global warming anymore…

  1. april says:

    Happy valentines day! Where did you find that jam at? I love low sugar jams but they all seem to be sweetened with splenda!

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