2 Days

Can you tell I’m homesick? I miss the hubby and the kiddos!

First Day of School, 8/2009

Pensacola Beach, summer 2009

me and Jeremy Pensacola 2009

Ok, so enough of the family! 😀  I did some eating today (what else is new?)  Breakfast was bright and early:

Cinnamon raisin bagel from Wegmans with SunButter and some of these:


Peaches remind me of Georgia (uhh, I live in the peach state)!  They also remind me of summer, which can’t get here soon enough!  I’m so tired of being cold all of the time!

I took Mom to her appointment at the cancer center where she did really, really well.  I haven’t been hungry, so I had a salad with balsamic vinaigrette:

and there was some turkey noodle soup (but I wasn’t feeling it, I bit into a bone and that was kind of it for me!)

I’m not a huge fan of broth-y soups, although I do like some.

I was craving fish and veggies for dinner.  I never used to until I started clean eating!  I haven’t been eating my salmon!  For dinner I made a huge plate of leftover veggies with a piece of salmon (plain) and a slice of sourdough bread (also plain).

Now that’s the perfect dinner! It was great.

When I get home there’s going to be some updates, and possibly a new blog that will be mainly about exercising.  I was watching Fox News today and I swear that they made a comment stating that being thin and eating healthy are mutually exclusive. I didn’t think I heard that right, but I’m fairly certain that I did.

Really? What kind of message is that?? Of course the way that you eat will either cause you to be thin, or to gain weight. It’s as easy and simple as that.  I am a firm believer in the “calories in vs. calories out” mantra.  If you eat more calories then you burn, you will gain weight.  If you burn more calories then you eat, you will lose weight.  Of course, this is a generalization, and there are lots of factors that can play into the weight situation.  A person’s medical situation, how much they exercise (or not) are just 2 factors that could rock the boat.

I was very disappointed when I heard that said on national TV.  That’s a horrible message to be sending to the public!

(**I guess I will get off of my soap box now**)

Hope you all have a wonderful night! Big changes ahead, my friends! It’s going to be very exciting! 😀

Jessica xoxo


4 Responses to 2 Days

  1. Another good reason not to watch Fox News, haha 😉

    I’d love some peaches right now!! I love frozen ones, slightly thawed in the microwave and topped with vanilla FroYo 🙂

  2. yah, sometimes I question the media and their new “reports” on being healthy. Ridiculous they send the wrong messgae out there.

    Your kids are adorable 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    Hope things are going ok, so glad to see you are eating well, it is so important in tough times. 🙂

  4. april says:

    Aww being homesick is the worst! I hope everything is going well!

    And I used to hate fish.. but now I crave salmon on the daily!

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