Survivor Thursday and bar review!

Good evening friendlies! 🙂 The title of the blog is in honor of a new survivor starting next week…Heroes vs. Villians! I have been a fan since season 1.  I am watching the preview as I sit here writing. It’s been 10 years! I wish I owned every season, but I only own season 1, which we watch from time to time.

I thought about a run today (I have yet to do my long run for this week) but it didn’t happen.  Breakfast was centered around the run though:

Honey whole wheat bagel with SunButter, 2 egg whites, one whole egg, and some peaches.  I love breakfast.  I think it’s my fave meal of the day! There’s always so many clean options. Carbs can be oats, groats, bagels, bread, cereal, etc…protein can be eggs, salmon (remember that post? I was full all day long!) protein powder oatmeal, chicken breast in tortillas with egg, turkey egg scramble.  So many options!!!

So today, my blog got 213 hits by 8:45pm.  WOW! I have no idea how that happened, but…thank you! Hope you are all enjoying the blog!

I did some running around at Wally World and bought a DVD that I’d been wanting for a while, I’m thinking it will make me happy 😉

It took a bit, but I’ve decided I really love this show.  It probably has something to do with the singing in dancing, since I like to do both (and not well, LOL).

After my trip I came home and decided that I was kind of hungry, so I ate a ton of carrots (more then pictured) and Mary’s Gone Crackers, and Wegmans Hummus.  YUM!

Carrots and Mary's Crack


I took Mom to get her hair cut today and bonus! I got my hair cut too.  I think the blond is finally gone:

Me. for 3 years!

The above picture was also before I started clean eating and exercising.  Also shortly after I had my 3rd child.  My natural color, 3 years later: and after clean eating and exercising!

OK, so I got that out of the way, phew! Even my skin looks different (never-mind that the blond washes me out, LOL).  All around, I think that clean eating and exercising has done wonders.  Surprise! Y’all just got a before and after picture! 😀

Today I think I found a bar that I like.  I tried the LaraBar, PB&J.  It actually tasted like peanut butter and jelly! Limited ingredients, no added sugar, and clean.

I also took a pic of the ingredients just in case you didn’t believe me 😉

Yummy. So far, my second recommendation! (I also recommended the Lemon Zest Luna Bar, but keep in mind, that one is high in sugar, where this one doesn’t have any added sugar).

Dinner wasn’t as clean as I would like, but that’s ok.  I made reuben sandwiches for me and Dad!  Wegmans corned beef, clean rye bread, swiss cheese (clean) sauerkraut (not clean, but you can make your own that is clean) and Thousand Island dressing. (obviously, not clean. I didn’t even bother to look at the ingredients).

We enjoyed our sanwiches…I was so hungry I had already taken 2 bites and then realized I didn’t take a picture ;)…

I made up for it with the veggies.  Can you tell I stopped at Wegmans? Loving the veggies.  I am going to try to duplicate the recipes when I get home.  The veggies are broccoli and butternut squash.

On a side note, I’ve been trying to increase my veggie intake, and am playing around with the idea of eating mostly vegetarian.  Not sure about that yet, I will need to research it some more.  I have concerns about not being able to get all of my protein in, especially with all of the running that I am doing.

I made Dad some dessert:


Skip this next part if you don’t want to know what was in this, haha! Coffee ice cream, fudge topping, almonds, real whipped cream, bananas.  None for me 😦  But that’s ok!

I wanted to try the chocolate coconut snowballs I made the other day, remember this picture?

Well. The above picture turned into a brownie, and is a snowball no more:

Of course, I need to give Averie credit for her recipe!  As always, it turned out fantastic!!

A snow storm is supposed to be rolling in tomorrow. Hope you are all home with your loved ones, curled up in front of a fire. Happy early TGIF!

Jessica xoxo


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