And then it snowed…

Good evening! Rochester is getting hit with a HUGE snow storm.  The schools here are all canceled tomorrow, so you know that it’s bad.  Of course I was out in it when it began, I had to go to the grocery store (the one that gives me anxiety attacks because it is so busy, LOL) and get a few things for the family.  Tomorrow I have more running around, and I may invest in some trail shoes for running outside in the snow. I don’t think my sneakers are going to cut it.  We shall see!

Today Mom was at the doctor for the majority of the day so it was more of a snacky-snacky kind of day.  Breakfast is my new favorite thanks to my Dad:

Mushroom omelet with herbs de Provence. They really add such fantastic flavor!  That is one whole egg, and one egg white, plus half of a blueberry bagel. (Not the pre-packaged kind, so clean).

And of course, my staple morning beverage:

Cooffeeeee! In an Atlanta coffee mug, where it’s been 63 degrees today, not 16. I’m just sayin’.

I was at the doctor with Mom, and we compeltely missed the lunch that they serve.  I came prepared, just in case, though!  It’s all about being prepared.  I had another Luna Lemon Zest bar:

I really like these bars. I really don’t like the amount of sugar (13 grams).  I have some others I am going to try that I can’t get at home, so if I love them, I’m shipping them home! 😉

I also ate some of the clean beef jerky that Jeremy made me with Braggs Aminos:

That’s all that was left!

This is what it was to begin with..I ate one slice.  Braggs is lower in sodium then traditional soy sauce, so I don’t feel bad about eating it.

I guess that was “lunch”.  I needed to go to the store, and then all of the sudden, it hit me and I was starving so I grabbed some organic chocolate covered almonds, (and almost ate the whole thing!)

I kind of “tore into it”, LOL!

I finally got home in the snowstorm and had dinner with the parents…Italian style goulash with carrots and mushrooms as my veggie, because I didn’t have time to make anything else:

The right side is the veggies, the left is the goulash.  No I did not mix them together! Hit. The. Spot.

I was hungry again soon after, probably because my caloric intake was so low.  I took out some of these:


Oh my goodness, these are fantastic.  They make them right in front of you, no preservatives, and 16 calories.  Lighter than a rice cake.  However, you need to put something on it…(tastes a little like pop corn).

Coco Pops nutrition

I started with SunButter:

I ate an entire one covered in SunButter, which I am normally not a fan of, but paired perfectly with the Coco Pop.

I was still hungry, so I grabbed my cinnamon vanilla pecan nut “butter” (remember it didn’t blend out smooth?) and covered another Coco Pop:

That concludes my eats today in snow covered Rochester, NY.  Hope all of your eats are happy, too! 🙂

Jessica, xoxo


3 Responses to And then it snowed…

  1. april says:

    I’m so jealous of that jerky! I love jerky but all the store brought brands have tons of icky ingredients 😦

  2. Meg says:

    Ahh I loveeee Sunflower Seed Butter. Jerky is awesome as well, I haven’t had it in so long! Hope you’re keeping warm 🙂

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