Snacking in the Sky

I made it to the airport. I made it through security (not without being pulled aside and pat down, of course). I then got on a train to my terminal (the Atlanta airport is huge!).

I had eaten my fantastic Bob Marley Oatmeal with protein powder this morning for breaky, so I wasn’t hungry when I got to the airport. I haven’t actually been in a couple of years so I didn’t know what there was to eat in my terminal (C). I scoped the place out and found what I needed the most:

From this place:

Of course, we all know Seattles Best is owned by Starbucks. Yummy! I had a nonfat latte and sprinkled some cinnamon on top.

After getting myself some liquid energy, I scoped out the restaurants to see if there was anything healthy to bring on the plane.

There was a Moe’s, which is kind of Tex-Mex, think burritos with grilled chicken, rice, beans, cheese…you name it. Calories can get very high, plus it was 10am. As you can see, that did not matter to some folks.

Sorry about all the pictures running together but I am posting from my iPhone…not hooked up to the Internet yet!

Anyway, we had Charlie’s Grilled Subs, a bar, and a newstand. Nothing for me in any of those places!

Never fear, I came to the airport prepared for this mini food crisis. I was starving when I got on the plane. I asked for some bottled water (“business class” rocks!) and had a snack I stowed in my purse:

According to Clean Eating Magazine, these bars are clean. They look a little funny, but taste ok. So I drank my water,ate my bar and read some in-flight material:

Then I learned a little about the “Cookie Diet” 😉

I had lots of leg room!

I got hungry again soon after, those little bars only had 4 grams of protein :(. The flight attendents came around with snacks, but instead of this:

I turned to my stowaway, homemade trail mix! 🙂 Almonds, raw cashews, raisins, raw cacao nibs. I put it all in one of those little snack baggies and devoured the entire thing while reading Runner’s World magazine! I also drank some more coffee 😉

We landed safely and without incident. Dinner tonight was from a local store that makes fresh ravioli, sauces, breads and dipping sauces. My plate held a *few* cheese ravioli with sauce, broccoli with a little garlic salt, and a slice of bread (not pictured). All clean and preservative free!

I also had a few pomegranite dark chocolate balls. Only 3 or 4, not clean but I wanted to try them. I will take a picture tomorrow!

It’s been a very long day for me so I am going to read and hit the sack. Tomorrow is supposed to be really nice here so I thought I would run another 5 miles, I need to get my parents groceries, and help out with daily chores.

Thank you all for the well-wishes!
Jessica xoxo


4 Responses to Snacking in the Sky

  1. Kellyjlose20 says:

    good to hear you made it there safely. I am impressed you were organized from the snacks department – kept you totally on track I see. great job!

  2. these sound great: pomegranite dark chocolate balls!

    traveling is sooo hard, hang in there!

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