Pitching a Fit Saturday

A lot of blogs that I read always shows their kids happy and angelic.  Sometimes I wonder if their kids are ever “fit pitchers”!  I wish I had a picture of Sophia, it was a real doozy.  It was all over wanting candy at 9:30 am.  Um, no! I really don’t need you all sugared up before lunch! 😉  Now I am “not her best friend”, “not the boss of her” and “doesn’t love me anymore”.  All over chocolate. I love me some chocolate, but at least I can control myself (mostly.)

Before all of the fit pitching, I made an awesome breakfast.  I made Bob Marley Oatmeal (formerly Jamaican Oatmeal).  Drizzle of coconut butter, some coconut, raw cashews, pineapple and maple syrup flakes.  It was fantastic and a great way to add some sunshine to my day, since the sun is not shining outside my window.

Fresh Pineapple.

The new and improved Bob Marley Oatmeal

Yesterday I ate more Mexican (what is up with that?) Honestly, I could eat it every day!!  I stuck to only 3 times this week, LOL 🙂  I forgot to take pictures, it must’ve been the 2 pomegranate margaritas that I drank.  I had a huge grilled chicken quesadilla…one really large flour tortilla filled with chicken and cheese sauce.  Oh it was sooo good!  There was also a side of guacamole. YUM!  I’m not used to eating a lot of cheese, so it made me super thirsty and I drank tons of this later at night:

Water!  Did you know that our bodies are made up mostly of water? In men that percentage is about 60% and in women the percentage is about 55%.  [source]  Another fact about water: most people don’t drink enough and are perpetually dehydrated.  Thirst can sometimes be mistaken for hunger, also, resulting in over-eating.  Just another reason to stay hydrated.  I’ve heard many different “experts” say that if you’re thirsty, then you are already dehydrated.  Personally, I shoot for about 40 ounces each day, and even more if I am exercising.  It is different for each person, there isn’t a “set amount” (for example, 8 glasses a day) that you should be drinking.  That is only a guideline. You just need to figure out what feels good for you.

My meals were slightly off because of the gigantic quesdadilla so I did not eat until maybe 8:00 pm, and by that time, I was famished yet again.  Looking for something quick to eat, and tired of the same ole’ thing, I found this in my freezer:

I love this kind of pizza.  They are almost clean – there’s some evaporated cane juice.  I hate to say it, but I ate the majority of the pizza.  It was really good. You don’t even miss the cheese!

That's not cheese. That's artichokes 🙂

I attempted to make whole grain bread in my bread machine again:

Uhhh. It happened again! 😦

So, I followed the directions/recipe exactly. My husband seems to think I got a bad batch of yeast so I am going to try again today, with different yeast, and proof the yeast before adding it in to get it going.  Good thing flour is cheap, because I’m going through it like water!  I would like to point out, once again, that it tasted yummy!  It just, well, it was like a brick.

I also made some of Averie’s Raw Chocolate Cookie Dough Balls.  I couldn’t manage the balls, so I made Raw Cookie Dough Blobs.  You can find all of her wonderful raw treats (healthy!) vegan recipes here.

And a closer view of the balls blobs:

I think I did ok 🙂

I leave all of you today with a picture of Sophia yesterday actually sitting with Biscuit instead of yelling and screaming at her:

I have to remember, she’s only 4 😉

Have a great day. Be healthy, eat clean, and drink your water!

Jessica xoxo


3 Responses to Pitching a Fit Saturday

  1. Thanks for making my treats…yummmmm! Sorry it took me all day to get here 🙂
    The link doesnt link back to me, just letting you know in case someone wants the recipe and if they are reading this, just c’mon over 🙂
    Anyway hon happpy rest of your weekend, your daughter is adorable!!!!!!

  2. Kelly says:

    hi jessica – love this post. am definitely going to try those raw choc chip balls. thanks to averie too! also, sophia’s pic with the dog is precious. hope you had a good weekend. Kelly

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