Fit Friday :)

Sorry this post is so late in the day!  I was at my gym all morning…I ran 2 miles and then did the Les Mills BodyCombat launch!  Then of course there was a small celebration after 🙂  It was fantastic, and between the run and the class I burned 629 calories @ 32% fat.  Burn baby, BURN! LOL!  There will be a picture of us all after the class soon…

This morning I was going to make oats in a jar, but they never made it into the jar! So I had oats in a bowl with chocolate protein powder, peanut butter and raisins:

Not bad.  I chugged lots of coffee because I was heading in before class to run the 2 miles I had on my schedule today:

In case anyone was wondering, Georgia is the Peach State.

In the 101 ways to make the same Mexican shredded chicken, yesterday I made shredded chicken nachos…

Publix blue corn tortilla chips, feta cheese, chicken and diced green chillis.  On the side, was some previously roasted acorn squash.

Also some of this LOVE:

Tabasco is clean.  Nothing bad in it at all. Not even Xanthan Gum, which I am not impressed with.

Yesterday I received some protein powder in the mail.  This protein powder is different because it is whole brown rice protein, instead of your typical whey or casein.  I asked Gena at Choosing Raw about the difference and she explained that the protein isolates in the soy protein are very processed at high temperatures, and the same goes for whey protein also.  As I try to cut processed foods out of my diet, that should also pertain to my protein powder!  I ordered some SunWarrior protein powder from  It is raw (not heated over 90 degrees, whole grain sprouted vegan protein).  I haven’t tried it yet, but I will let you all know how it is.  The following are the nutrients on the label:

Raw protein powder.


Yesterday for dinner I made an Ah-maz-ing omelet. Fantastic in every way! And ever since I learned that I needed to eat 65% of my calories in carbs, I’ve added some of my homemade bread to my diet.  I started with an onion:

That's my onion holder. My fridge DOES NOT smell like onion! 🙂

Then I added 3 egg whites:

Some Havarti cheese:

and some almost clean chicken sausage.  It had some evaporated cane juice, which was not clean, but sometimes there’s a give and take:

There weren’t any nitrites, nitrates or artificial ingredients. Heaven!

And finally cooked up the ah-maz-ing omelet:


And the finale picture:

That was the last of the homemade bread 😦  I am attempting more…those slices had the cinnamon vanilla pecan butter granules.

Have a great night! See you all in the AM 🙂

Jessica xoxo


3 Responses to Fit Friday :)

  1. The coconut oatmeal looks AMAZING!!! 🙂 I need to try it!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Lilia Cynova says:

    Thanks for the information. I enjoyed reading it. You have a very nice blog.

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