The “4 miler” Wednesday

Wish me luck 😉  I haven’t run 4 miles in almost a year!  It’s only one more mile than 3. That makes it sound more achievable, doesn’t it? I’ll let you know how it goes!

This morning I mad my first ever oats in a jar.  It was sooo good!  Oatmeal, cashew butter, golden raisins and raw cacao nibs: (recipe will be under the recipe tab shortly)

Oats. In a jar. 🙂

With a side of coffee (notice what my mug says…:D)


I did workout yesterday and had an awesome workout.  I busted it out!  First I took BodyAttack class, and then I worked my back and biceps:


  • Machine lateral pullup: 60 lbs 3sets of 12
  • Row rear deltoid: 40 lbs. 3 sets of 12


  • 21’s: Set 1 12lbs, 36 reps, set 2 12 lbs. 30 reps
  • Open Ups: 12.5 lbs, 3 sets of 12
  • Hammer curl: 12.5 lbs, 3 sets of 8

All of the exercise resulted in a fantastic burn: 651 calories in 1:17:45!

I was famished after my workout, and went with a friend to grab some lunch at the local Mexican restaurant.  I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures, especially since we were discussing the blog (among about a million other things!)  I had the carne asada, with avocado, corn tortillas, and a couple of fork fulls of refried beans.  Accompanied by a very large glass of water . It was a great lunch, we hadn’t seen each other in for-ev-er! 😀

I picked up The Troublemaker, (I mean Sophia) at school and headed home to start the 100 loads of laundry that came out of nowhere.  I worked some this afternoon while the boys and Sophia played, and then dinner totally snuck up on me.  I did have a snack:

Haven't had one of these in a while 🙂

Then realized I hadn’t planned dinner! After much to-do and deciding on virtually nothing, I pulled a Ming Tsai frozen fried rice kit out of the freezer that I picked up at Target for emergencies (mostly because it was on sale).

I was tired, so Jeremy cooked it up, and added some Braggs Aminos to it, in an effort to increase the nutritional content (I think). LOL. It was not clean, I think it had MSG in it under one of those other names when they don’t want it to come out and say “MSG”. I seem to remember the words “hydrolyzed” or “autolyzed” in the ingredient list.

The edamame increased its nutritional value (kind of).  Enough of that, I was snacky-snacky again, and didn’t want a real meal, so the accompaniment was:

Homemade bread (the bread that actually turned out and didn’t look like this:)

I'm blaming this on the bread machine...;)

Don’t even ask me what happened.  It tasted good, but it was a huge brick.  Yikes!  On the slice of bread that I did eat (I have no problem increasing my carbs, LOL) was my favorite nut butter:

Almost empty and ready for "oats in a jar".

Oh, and there was also a glass of wine (not pictured).  I’m sure y’all know what a glass of wine looks like 😉

Lately my stomach has been off from stress so I have been enjoying this peach, ginger, green tea that I bought at a little local health food store around the corner from me:

This tea is great.  If you like peach tea, this is the way to go.  The peach smell permeates the room, and it really tastes like a real peach.  Highly recommended. I had 2 cups!

10:00pm is my “witching hour”…that late night hour every night where I get hungry no matter what.  Tonight I just couldn’t find anything that looked appealing to me.  I walked from pantry to fridge, back to the pantry, back to the fridge, (you get the idea).  I finally found what I wanted in the freezer:

My splurge for today

I LOVE these brands of ice cream. So healthy, so good, nothing bad in them.  I HATE that for a little container like the one pictured, it is almost $5.00.  Really? Is it made of gold ?!  Sometimes Publix (the local grocery store) has them buy one get one free.  That’s the time to stock up!

I added some of my homemade cinnamon vanilla pecan nut granules butter because I wanted to:

This hit the spot!

That was the best ice cream ever.  A truly decadent end to my night. 🙂

Have a great hump day!

Jessica xoxo


2 Responses to The “4 miler” Wednesday

  1. Nancy says:

    Love reading and drooling over your food pics, keep up the awesome blogging! – Nancy, sister in iron!

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