Finally, today my kids all went back to school after the loooong weekend.  They had a 4 day weekend for 1/4 inch of snow and some ice.  That just cracks me up! Unfortunately, since I have a rebellious 9 year old, we also missed the bus.  Honestly, not an entirely big deal because I have to drive my daughter to pre-k anyway, but now I have to waste time in the car pool line at their school, which is huge.

First, I would like to mention that I did stick to not having any natural sweeteners except for Stevia in my coffee.  The nut butter did not fare as well, in part because I decided to put on a chef hat and try to make homemade cinnamon vanilla pecan butter.  You can find the recipe here, because I’m not good at making up recipes.  The taste was fantastic. The texture, turned out…different. 😉


On the homemade loaf I made a couple of days ago:

I love knowing what’s in my bread, and there’s nothing bad in it. 🙂

I read somewhere yesterday (I wish I could remember where!) that 65% of my calories need to come from carbohydrates because I am training for a half marathon.  WOW!  I can eat more carbs 😉  I’m pretty sure that I’m not eating that high of a percentage, but you never know.  So for the next week, starting tomorrow, I am going to go to my favorite calorie counting website, and start counting calories and doing percentages.  Clean eating does not do calorie counting, so I guess this will be the exception to that rule.

I knew I needed more because of the following reasons (and this applies to any cardiovascular exercise, not just running): glycogen stores through carbohydrate consumption are what the body uses for exercise.  Because the glycogen needs to be replenished on a daily basis, (especially in endurance athletes such as marathon runners) if it isn’t, the athlete can experience extreme fatigue.

Since running isn’t the only cardiovascular exercise I get (I take classes 3-4 days a week also in addition to strength training) I think it is important for me to journal what I am eating up until the race.  So be aware! You will have even more insight into the world of eating clean…for endurance athletes!

Yesterday I took Sophia to the doctor (she’s ok, just needed an antibiotic for an infection on her leg) and stopped at Wally World to grab some things I forgot yesterday.  When I finally made it home, I had purchased a treat for the kids: Mc’Donalds.  Eeeww.  I am not a scrooge, though, and they had an extra day off from school.  I hardly ever get them Happy Meals.  I came home and made a salad for myself because I was famished:

Butter lettuce, onion, roasted red peppers, reduced fat feta cheese, Mary’s Gone Crackers, and Goddess Dressing.  Oh it was sooo good 🙂 and made me completely full and satiated.

There was some shenanigans while I was eating my lunch by a certain 4 year old that decided to change into her fathers tee shirt, a ski hat and my really old Converse sneakers:

The rest of the day was relatively quiet, the boys were on the computer playing games (almost the entire day!) and I was working.

There was some more of this:

because all of the sudden, I was completely famished and was trying to decide if I was going to go to the gym or not.  I had the mix, and then another handful of raw cashews:

I’m not interested in the salt that regular nuts always have attached.  I just want the nut, no salt 😉  I honestly think they have better flavor without the salt, because your taste buds can actually taste what you’re supposed to be tasting (again, the nut, not the salt).

Today I decided to take an extra day off from the gym in my ongoing effort not to over-train while training for the marathon.  This is the first week out of 3 for launch at my gym, where they introduce all of the new choreography for my classes that I love (  This happens about every 3 months.  So this week, I am adding in a BodyCombat class on Wednesday night, and doing my 4 mile run in the morning.  I think another day off to rest the legs is well deserved in advance!

Dinner was just a bunch of leftovers and they were sprinkled all over with balsamic vinegar:

There was also a salad (I apologize about the lighting, I have no idea what happened!

Those are mushrooms.  I covered the salad with mushrooms and feta and this dressing:

Loved the dressing. And clean! Nothing bad in it at all.  It will never replace my Goddess Dressing, though 😉

I finally cooked up 2 pounds of chicken and made my Mexican Shredded Chicken Recipe.  It’s versatile and so good…and all that chicken should last me a while.  I should write a book, 500 ways to eat shredded chicken. haha!

Tip for today:  Breakfast is really the most important meal of the day.  Your Mom wasn’t lying when you were kids.  It jump starts your metabolism in the mornings and get your body ready for the day.  Plus, you won’t get that famished feeling (which leads to binging) later in the morning!)

I have to run (not literally, it’s my cross-training day, so I am all about BodyAttack) because I have to eat and drink my coffee so I can get to the gym.  Have a healthy and fit day 🙂

Jessica xoxo


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