Happy Sunny Day Saturday

Hello all! I woke up to 13 degrees today. Ack! I can’t believe this cold weather. It just makes me want to sit around and snacky all day 😉 And snacky all day would not be a good thing. I have no idea what I am going to do with myself today. I’ve decided that Saturday’s will be my day off from the gym, because I have a tendency to over-train. Tomorrow will be another 2 mile run and then I plan on working my legs. I need to really strength train my legs, and I get lots of it using body weight in my classes (think lunges, squats, plyometrics) but I need to get with a leg machine or 2 (can’t forget the hamstrings!) at my gym and make it my friend 😉

On a side note, every single morning there is this one guy that walks by my house. I don’t have any idea where he comes from, but he’s older and always walking no matter what the weather is doing. I doubt he reads the bloggy, but kudos to him for getting out and moving! I think it’s fantastic. And on a whole, that is what we all need to do. If you are just starting out with exercise, a simple 1/2 hour walk would be great 3 times a week! You can build on that, and it will give you a wonderful place to start. And there he goes, LOL!

If you don’t have one of these monstrosities, head outside! Your body will thank you!

This morning I ate some things that were on my sensitivity lists. It is just so hard to avoid certain foods all of the time. Eggs and millet (of all things) are both on my mild sensitivity list, so I can have them once every 4 days if I choose. Since it had been a while, I decided to make something I’m going to call Jessica’s CE Breaky Sandwhich:

The above picture is 1 egg white, 1 egg, roasted red peppers, and reduced fat feta. I am still trying to get through a huge jar of these peppers:

Preservative-less Peppers

Yum. Did you see the running peach on my coffee cup? LOL!

I had to bribe Sophia to go to the gym with me, (she wanted to stay home and play in the snow) so I offered a trip to “The Coffee Store” aka Starbucks after. So we headed over to Target, where I picked up some more reduced fat feta (on sale this week!) Pork Butt (I’m making Adobo Pork for dinner tonight) and some other odds and ends that I’m sure we didn’t need needed.

I chatted up the Starbucks Barista about eating clean and had a very good conversation! She’s totally on board. So here’s a shout out to Jennifer @ the Starbucks in Target on rt. 92. 🙂 Good for you!! And as I walked around the store I snacked on my homemade trail mix, because I was starving after my run.

Talking about working out, I did my run, finished my shoulders, did 2 tracks of BodyCombat (where my instructor Melissa gave me a fit and clean shout-out but I was concentrating on beating imaginary people up and didn’t even hear her!) YAY!

Yesterday, I ate another wrap, but unfortunately technology had issues with me and I don’t have a picture. So look at this picture:

Replace it with the pork loin I had 2 days ago, and add feta, with a side of carrots and broccoli. It was yummy! I ate late in the afternoon, so there wasn’t another snack before dinner.

One picture I wanted to show you was I had gotten these wraps, and they are completely clean. And they taste wonderful!

I got them at Whole Foods, and I think they were around $3.

We ventured out into the freezing cold to the local watering hole for dinner:

So this is bar food, where they have an extensive beer list. Did I mention mediocre bar food that is not clean in the least? Well, I did the best I could:

That is a $8.99 Chopped Cobb Salad.  The description according to the Taco Mac web site included the following:

Chopped romaine tossed with grilled
chicken, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, black
olives, Blue Cheese crumbles, avocado,
and olive oil vinaigrette.

Review of Taco Mac’s Chopped Cobb Salad

Awful! It was like having a huge plate of romaine with sliced olives and some avocado.  Which I am not opposed to. However, it was waaaay less then an ounce of bacon (not a problem since it’s not clean, but I have to admit, everything tastes better with bacon), a very little bit of blue cheese, a very little bit of egg, and some grape tomatoes that I can’t eat.  I also neglected to mention, I had to send the salad back, because I ordered it with the dressing on the side (olive oil vinaigrette), and it came with the dressing on it as well as on the side.  And it took forever.

The dressing tasted like a cup of sugar with spices in it. UGH!

SO, I’ve determined that eating out is over rated.  I can’t see what they’re putting in my food, so I just didn’t want to eat it 😦

So in waiting for my dinner I ate a few of these off of Aidan’s plate (and by a few I mean 4 or 5):

Because everyone loves a french fry.  🙂

That whole dinner left me ravenous at 10:00 at night, which is my “witching hour” for eating anyway, so I made a clean dessert and made up for the calories:

The "loaded" banana boat

Banana, big scoop of natural peanut butter, golden raisins, and a ton of coconut.  All with a drizzle of honey.  I’m in LOVE!!!

If anyone is interested, my total caloric burn for my workout week was 2329 in 6:48:40.  Yesterdays burn with 2 combat tracks, 2 miles, and shoulders was 391 calories @ 45% fat.

Have a fantastic Saturday and get out there and exercise 🙂

Jessica xoxo


One Response to Happy Sunny Day Saturday

  1. Kellyjlose20 says:

    hi jessica – how funny – i have an older man with a dog in my neighborhood who walks daily too – never misses! even in 13 degree weather! love your eats today. and your motivation to get ‘MOVING’….thanks

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