Snow Day Friday ;)

Yes, I live in the Atlanta area.  YES, we got snow.  Now, I have to admit that I am not a fan of snow.  I was born and raised in Rochester, NY and lived in many snowy areas: Burlington, VT, Boston, MA, Buffalo, NY.  So if you ever wonder why…there you have it 😉  It’s nice for the kids, though.  Surprisingly, they haven’t asked to go outside yet!  And I tried to get my dog outside, and she went straight back in and went and sat on the heat vent. LOL!

This morning, in light of the snow and the fact that it is winter, even here in the south, I wanted comfort food.

I am going to call this oatmeal bowl Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins Oatmeal.

Yesterday it snowed.  Did I mention that? LOL!

It was snowing, but you can't see it...

Also, yesterday after I ate the smoked salmon breakfast, I wasn’t hungry for hours and hours. I missed my snack, and finally had lunch at 2:00! The only reason I ate was because I was leaving for the gym at 5.  Lunch was great.  I made another bison burger, but crumbled it and put it in a wrap.  These were clean wraps, and they were really good.  I started with some reduced fat feta and purple onion:

Added some butter lettuce and ground bison:

And wrapped it all up.  Phenomenal!!

Then I hit the gym.  I hit this class so hard I was exhausted at 9pm.  Mysti rocked this class.  Then I did some shoulders (finally) and chest and headed home.  Overall, I burned 584 calories @29% fat in 1:25:40.  This weeks totals so far: 1936 calories in 4:57:55 not including today!!!

I also had some homemade trail mix: golden raisins, raw cashews, raw cacao nibs:

I was ravenous when I got home from the gym.  So while I took a shower, I put a pork loin in the convection oven with carrots and they were ready when I was done:

4 oz. pork loin, 2 carrots, and my fantastic salad that I missed so much because there wasn’t a single dressing I could have with the whole food sensitivity thing going on.  Last night, I had what I wanted.  And it was all clean eats. 🙂

The salad was butter lettuce, reduced fat feta, roasted red peppers, and crushed Mary’s Gone Crackers.  Fantastic!!

Have a wonderful day off to my Georgia friends!  To all of the rest of you, TGIF!!! 🙂


10 Responses to Snow Day Friday ;)

  1. Kellyjlose20 says:

    hi Jessica – wow, your eats look great in this post! and wow, you have really gotten the workout thing going this week! great job. it has been SOOOO cold in OK this week, (6 degrees, yes 6!!! with a windchill of -8) that I have not been very good about getting out to the gym. good news is that the weather is supposed to warm up to freezing to where I won’t mind it so much 😉 have a great day! Kelly

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Ugh – I’d be so mad if I lived in ATL and got snow. 🙂 I grew up in Buffalo, NY (live in Seattle now). I figured you were from around there since I saw your boy wearing a Sabres shirt in a previous post. 🙂 Occasionally we get snow here and it’s my least fav time of the year!!

  3. april says:

    yay for clean eats! I’m getting so many yummy recipe ideas from you.. and I love lean ground bison! It’s so good cooked up with veggies or cabbage!

    And I’d love that formula! I normally burn about 250-500 depending per workout!

  4. feerlessfood says:

    Just came across your blog–very nice! I totally agree with clean eating; was wondering if you saw the article in Men’s Health magazine from the new book, The New American Diet. Had a lot of good information surrounding how its not neccesarliy fat that is causing obesity problems, but all the other processed things being put into our food! I’ll stick with real butter over margarine any day!
    I’m looking forward to following your blog!

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