Still thinking about paradise…

Bob Marley always get’s me thinking about Jamaica 🙂  So, in an ode to Bob Marley this morning, I made some Jamaican Oatmeal:

A closer look:

Plain ole’ oatmeal, pineapple, raw cashews, shredded coconut, and maple syrup flakes.  Brought me back to the tropics 😉

So, yes, my husband reads my blog. So that’s a big hint.

I had exhausted kids yesterday, and really, my days actually start when they get home from school at 2:45.  So I tried my best to eat good meals to keep my energy levels high throughout the day.  I didn’t need my 3:00 cup of coffee, so I must have succeeded.

When you energize through food, you won’t need a surge from sugar or caffeine mid-afternoon. Most days, if I drink coffee in the afternoon, it’s because I want to (I LOVE coffee) not because I need to.

I went and hung out at the gym all morning.  Why, how unusual! 😉 I was starving after my workout, so I brought my portable smoothie machine (kind of like a generic bullet thingy everyone has), packed a frozen banana, then threw  maca, unsweetened cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder and water all together and had a homemade smoothie right from the gym.  It looked like this:

Sorry about the old pic, but people probably already think I’m strange for smoothie-ing at the gym…can you imagine if I took a picture of it too? LOL! I don’t care, if I go to the smoothie bar, I can’t count on the quality of what they’re putting in my drink, or if there’s sugar.  There wasn’t any sugar in mine, except for some fructose in the protein powder! And it tasted ah-maz-ing.

Lunch was also ah-maz-ing.  I actually made something that tasted like it was from a restaurant:


There it is, baking in my new convection oven. That I love. Took 10 minutes, 15 total…

That’s not a great picture, but here is what was on my extra fiber tortilla (not clean, but I don’t think I would be able to make my own, and ezekial is out for the time being)…FETA, rotisserie chicken, purple onion, butter lettuce.  If you don’t fold it over first, and then put it in the oven…it will fall apart, and you will need a fork and knife.  FYI. Didn’t matter to me, it was awesome!

To accompany that (not sure what I should name it?)  I steamed some broccoli in my huge chinese style steamer that came from San Francisco:

And had a great big plate full with splashes of my current fave seasoning, balsamic vinegar:

Snacky time right after the kids got home to re-energize:

My new FAVE snack

I know, I need to switch things up! But I am loving my new FAVORITE snack:  raw cashews, raisins, and raw cacao nibs.

Then there was dinner, and I was once again stymied…I worry about the kids and what they’re eating, and then cook myself something entirely different (it’s not normally like this, but I can’t eat everything they are eating).

Does anyone remember peas and carrots jewelery? I used to have earrings that were peas and carrots.  That’s really strange, but they were my favorite when I was around 4 years old.  I think they came with a necklace too: and looked exactly like what I ate last night for a side:

So what this is:  obviously a sweet potato (I put a bit of earth balance spread on it), peas and carrots, and under all of that mess of pineapple is a very dried out bison burger that I bought frozen and pre-made at Whole Foods.


So, I was still dealing with my kids dinners and getting them eating, and totally dried the cr*p out of the burger.  It tasted fine with that small exception. 😉 I had sprinkled garlic salt on it, and with the pineapple…it was fantastic tasting. Not so much to look at.  Maybe I will try again tonight, if I get stuck for ideas for my dinner.
Even with all of that food at dinner (yes, I cleaned the plate, as usual)…I was hungry around 10pm.  I plan on switching what I eat late at night around, as it is my witching hour, but last night I treated myself as I had such an incredibly hard day with the munchkins:
In keeping with the tropical theme, that is my “banana boat”. HINT! 😉 With a side of chocolate Purely Decadent coconut milk , everything in it I can eat ice cream!
Cashew butter, coconut, banana. That’s all you need.
Have a fantastic day everyone! I have to get to the gym for my first 3 miler in over a year!  Just as a reminder, the ALCAT page is updated, as is a new page with my personal food sensitivities…and the FIT workout is almost complete (except for legs and abs). Let me know what you think!!!
Stay warm!
Jessica xoxo
Yesterday’s Workout (Cardio and Weights):
Machine Chest Press, 50 lbs. 3 sets, 12 reps
Pushups (body weight) 3 set of 12
Bench dip (body weight) 3 sets of 8
Machine triceps extension 80lbs. 3 sets, 8 reps
Seated tricep extension 15 lbs. 3 sets, 12 reps
BodyAttack Class
calorie expenditure: For the cardio – 462 calories at 35% fat; for the weights: 77 calories @ 52% fat.
I didn’t get to my shoulders 😦 I plan on doing them today after my run, along with some abs.  Please keep in mind that my cardio classes also incorporate body weight strength training, so I probably did 100 push ups before I even hit the floor for weights, as well as a ton of body weight strength training on my legs and an ab track 🙂  Overall, a good workout!

2 Responses to Still thinking about paradise…

  1. your my new convection oven looks awesome!!!!!!!
    as does your trail mix snack.
    and the bob marley oats…love it 🙂

  2. Sometimes it’s really that simple, isn’t it? I feel a little stupid for not thinking of this myself/earlier, though.

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