Brrr…It’s COOOLD Here!

Yes, even in Atlanta…18 degress?!?! OK, I’ve had enough. I’m trying to convince my husband to take me for a long weekend to the Florida Keys or the Bahamas…(we have points..the perk to his traveling all of the time – didn’t want to seem like a snob!) It’s not working so far, but he is in Ohio, so maybe it will work after all because he’s dealing with snow and ice!

Breakfast today will not include anything Ezekial, because I found “millet” on the ingredient list, and I can’t have millet. SO, I had some Cream of Wheat with pineapple, coconut and honey…everything tastes better with pineapple! And it was the only fruit I had on hand:

My eats yesterday were interesting, in part because I just didn’t know what to eat, and hadn’t planned ahead like I normally do.  I had gone to the gym, and then to Target with all my kids to keep them occupied (gift certificates!) and was famished by the time I got home.  This didn’t do much to hold me over, even with the protein in my grande non-fat latte:

Nope, didn't cut it...

Looking in the fridge, I found I had some leftover rotisserie chicken and broccoli (which was actually yummy..and I doused it in my fave balsamic vinegar):

It didn’t hold me for very long though, I had some Mary’s Gone Cracker crumbs with it, but I suspect I was seriously lacking in the carb department! Half an hour later, I made homemade trail mix:

Raw cashews, raisins, and raw cacao nibs! FANTASTIC!!!

Good thing I ate that snack, because I didn’t eat dinner until late, and once again I was famished.  I was planning on pasta, and had bought some Ezekial pasta to eat with my homemade arugula pesto.  But, since I discovered the millet in the ezekial stuff, that was a “no go”.  As was the whole wheat pasta, that had rye and spinach! (It was tri-colored). Even the plain whole wheat pasta had something in it I couldn’t eat. (sigh…frustration).  So, I decided that regular pasta would be good. FINALLY:

Rotisserie chicken breast, 1 serving of angel hair pasta, and arugula pesto. YUMMY! and a salad to round things out…with my LOVE, FETA. I can eat feta as it is made from cow’s milk. YAY me, LOL! 😉 Also with balsamic vinegar, my seasoning of choice today…

Hungry again at 10pm, I made a cashew butter on whole wheat bread (not clean, but not left with any other options…making my own tomorrow!) with “no jelly” strawberry sandwhich:

OK, how good does that look? It was great! And would’ve have been clean sans bread 😉

On a side note, I updated the ALCAT page. Please check it out and let me know what you think of the test. Thanks!

Also, I hit the gym today and ran the 2 miler I was supposed to run yesterday but didn’t feel up to. I also did a round of weights as I had been slacking lately:


  • cable seated low row     3 sets, 40lb. 12 reps
  • seated reverse fly           3 sets, 8 lb.   10 reps
  • reat deltoid row              3 sets, 40 lb. 12 reps


  • 21’s  (except I did 10 each) 3 sets, 12 lb.  30 reps
  • internal rotation (bicep exercise) 3 sets, 15 lb.  12 reps

I wanted to do more but I had all of my kids with me at the gym.  Tomorrow will be chest, shoulders and triceps.

For anyone that’s interested, in 1:19:40 I burned 399 calories @ 40% fat.  (15 minutes of that was probably chatting with my friends at the gym 😉 ) Last weeks total burn: 12/28-01/03 in 4:08:54 I burned 1799 calories.

I leave you with a happy Princess Sophia who was playing with her newly acquired toy from Target and loving every minute of it:

Yes, that is Strawberry Shortcake and her pal, Lemon Mirangue, in a pool with a flower that sprays water!


4 Responses to Brrr…It’s COOOLD Here!

  1. Kellyjlose20 says:

    Hi Jessica – love your blog today – what fun pics. your daughter is precious! Ok, couple questions – so when you make that trail mix – can you tell me the measurements – i.e. 1/2 cup raisins, 1/4 cup cashews, etc? that sounds good. I will have to try the carob nibs too.

    also, how do you make the ‘no jelly’ part of the sandwich?


    • Hey Kelly…I didn’t do measurements, I did palm-full’s, LOL! Which I think measure out to a 1/4 cup, give or take. So 1 palm full each of cashews and raisins, and just a sprinkling of the cacao nibs…you don’t really need a ton, they’re big on flavor 🙂 The no-jelly part of the sandwich is just mushed up frozen strawberries. Sometimes I add a squirt of agave if they’re not very sweet 😉

  2. “Raw cashews, raisins, and raw cacao nibs! FANTASTIC!!!”—yum!
    and i checked out your alcat page, awesome job 🙂

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