And It’s Finally 2010! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I truly hope that your new year is happy, healthy, fit, and CLEAN! 🙂

We never do much for New Years Eve. Mostly because we don’t want to have to deal with crowds, get a babysitter, and drink and drive. So this year we vegged at home, my husband did his grilling magic on the Big Green Egg with steak, I made some sides and we watched hockey. (We’re northerners, after all! ;))

So, for breakfast this morning, I made healthy pancakes for the kids:

I only burned one.  And I ate that one. 🙂
There were yummy strawberry “syrup” pancakes for me 🙂
See the recipe section for the “syrup” recipe!

Yesterdays eats were good, but not so clean. Sometimes, I just get that urge…to have a cupcake that I had made for the kids (they were so pretty!!)

At least we ate dinner first 😉

The first snack of the day was on the way home from the gym (BodyStep class) and was a Cliff Nectar Bar. I am fairly convinced that I can make these at home, but I bought a bunch at Whole Foods the other day and it came in handy in the car:

Then I proposed that we go out for lunch (“We” meaning the entire family) and the kids love Mexican, so we ventured out in the drizzly rain to go to La Parilla, our local Mexican restaurant and PetSmart for cat food and “flat bones” for the pup-pup.

There was a strawberry margarita or 2:

Then for me, there were sauteed fish taco’s in garlic and butter, with corn tortillas, onions and avocado, rice, charro beans and salsa verde:

A couple of these before sans tomato salsa:

Sophia had a huge bowl of ice cream after her cheese quesadilla:

And that is the remnants of a brownie sunday that the boys dug into after nachos and quesadillas!

I had one small taste of the brownie, and decided I liked my raw brownie bites that I had made yesterday better!

So we came home and vegged out the rest of the day. Finally, some joyous peace.

Then came dinner…so good!

Yikes! Check out the purple sweet potato! I honestly wasn’t expecting it to be sooo, well, purple. It was bright!!!

I sprinkled some cinnamon on it. I found it more starchy and less sweet than a regular sweet potato, so I’m not sure I’m a fan. I have a couple more that I will try again soon…and then make my decision 😉 And of course, there was the steak and broiled carrots!

And 3 happy kids:

Smiley Sean-y

Aidan pretending to be serious, and

of course, Princess Sophia 🙂

What will 2010 bring? For me it is going to bring a personal training certification, a half marathon run, and (hopefully) a group fitness instructor/nutrition certification, and book deal! All on my bucket list for 2010. What’s on yours?? Plans, resolutions? I would love to hear!!!

Jessica xoxo


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