The countdown has begun…

to 2010! I can’t wait for the new year. I am notorious for saying this at the end of every year, but this year especially.  The holidays have finally come to a close, and I am blogging and sitting with my husband. All 3 kids are quiet and upstairs playing/watching movies. Finally some peace!

So, yesterday morning I went to the gym for a Les Mills BodyAttack class. Wondering what BodyAttack is? Click the link. Through this link you can see all of the classes that I take. And I love them! It is worth the time to see if a gym in your area has these specific classes. And for anyone wondering, I burned 466 calories @ 25% fat in 58:00.

So let’s talk about healthy eating. If you are not currently eating healthy, a good time to start is the beginning of the year. Set a date, and begin! It’s easier then you may think. I thought it would be difficult to eat clean, but essentially all it is, is getting back to basics. Our grandparents never had boxed foods loaded with preservatives lining their grocery store shelves. They made everything from scratch. Eating out was a treat, not a way of life. You can begin by making small changes. Realize that every small change you make will be part of a bigger picture – a healthy picture, with the added side effect of weight loss.

It is possible to eat out and eat clean. I want to make that clear. There are always options, just as there are at the grocery store!

OK, lets get to today’s clean eating breakfast…

Always in a hurry (I start my training this morning!) I made yet another Ezekial muffin, but a peanut butter and strawberry non-jelly one:

Pac Man!

I thought I had taken a picture…but remembered mid-bite that I hadn’t 😉

Yesterday’s clean eats were great. I started with sushi from my trip to Whole Foods yesterday: Raw Tuna and Avocado with Brown Rice:

And a close-up of the love:

Then there was another Cliff Nectar Bar, this one cacao:

Then there was a Starbucks non-fat latte, which I am addicted to this holiday season. But I was getting my nails done while I was drinking it, so no pictures (sometimes I’m such a girl 😉 )

A LOT later I got hungry for dinner, so I ate my Wheat Berry Salad, along with a regular salad that had pomegranite arils, raw cashews, feta cheese and Goddess Dressing…with a side of Mary’s Crack 🙂

pomegranite arils

Wheat Berry Salad

Yummy Salad

Something I didn’t eat today, but someone else in my family did and decided to take a picture:

What I ate instead:

Clean Chocolate Coconut Snowballs. The next time I make a treat it is going to be clean peanut butter cups. I will share the recipe!

And there was picture of the pup-pup (Biscuit)…

And one more 🙂

Question: What are your New Years Resolutions for 2010?


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