The Day of Festivus ;)

Hello my friends 😉

I was in the mood for oatmeal this morning! I really wanted to imagine myself in a tropical location, but since that wasn’t happening I put peaches and strawberries on my oatmeal instead and  pretended 😉

Today’s (the day after festivus) plan:

I am starting my day with BodyAttack at my gym. I can’t wait to de-stress! Then the plan is to go to WalMart (again.) I’m not a fan, because there’s a lot of crazies that hang out there (I’ve had a previous incident, so I now carry pepper spray in with me), but I save a lot of $$$.  And I will go to great lengths to do that, especially now that it is the day after Christmas.

I ate a lot of things yesterday on Christmas Day, with no rhyme or reason.

My second meal on Christmas Day was a modified version of  Tosca Reno’s Wheat Berry Salad. This is a one bowl meal…providing carbs and protein all in on shot:

And a close up:

Carrots, green onions, wheat berries, red pepper, celery, edamame, and a Greek yogurt home-made sauce.

There were various snacks, too many to picturize…Mary’s Gone Crackers, Sabra Hummus, Carrots, natural Peanut Butter 🙂

Then there was Christmas Day Dinner…Honeybaked Ham, Mom’s potatoes, broiled carrots (I’m on a carrot kick) and Schwan’s cheddar rolls.

First, the HAM:

Well, that was the best of the pictures. Here was the dinner in its entirety:

Oh, it was sooooooooo good. And now it’s over! There were some organic gingerbread men from a few days ago:

There was some Beetles Rock Band:

And some Dora the Explorer Wii:

And that was the day of Festivus. Peace Out! 🙂 Hope your Christmas Day was wonderful!


2 Responses to The Day of Festivus ;)

  1. Tricia says:

    Grrrrr….strength training is my nemesis. Why is it always so much easier to just do cardio?

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