Merry Christmas!! (and ding! cut-out cookies are done)

Hope you all are having a fantastic Christmas Day and that your Christmas Eve was wonderful as well.

This morning’s breakfast was NOT this:


But a healthy breakfast of this:

This is cream of wheat with peaches and dates, and Greek yogurt with honey and dates. So not a pancake smothered in pure maple syrup.

So last night I ate a few cookies and had a slice of apple pie. I haven’t eaten sugar like that in months, and hardly any in the last 3 weeks because cane sugar is on my severe sensitivity list. They were yummy, though! Until I kind of felt sick 😦

The kids were finally so excited to make the cut-outs, I know I had been sooo busy and just had to find the time to make them with the kids: What in the world was that sentence? I don’t think I’ve had enough coffee this morning! What I meant to say was the kids were so excited to make cut-out cookies finally

Sophia with the dough 🙂

Sophia, Aidan and Sean flouring the cutters


THE RESULT: A cookie tray with homemade cookies!

Dinner last night was fantastic. Things I haven’t eaten in a very long time:

Fried Turkey

My lovely husband frying in the cold rain:

My resulting plate of yumminess:

Fried turkey, stuffing, roasted carrots, french fries! YUM!!!

Have a fantastic, magical Christmas my friends!


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