Here’s a big shout out….

To my friends at Bodyplex Fitness in Woostock, GA. I will miss not being with y’all tonight 😦 Yes, too much going on for me, too much to do…ugh (sigh). Have one for me! πŸ˜‰

SO…the holidays are too rushed for me, I don’t even have the presents wrapped yet! Right now my top priority is getting to the gym for a cardio workout. (Yes, I’m a HUGE cardio junky) I admit it! It’s a great stress buster, and I told myself that I wanted to get my fitness level back up close to where it was before my “year of injuries” by the end of the year. (calf strain, hip stress fracture). I am about 75% there in 6 weeks. I will be cutting back on classes soon enough to start training for the ING 1/2 in March. (I know, I keep talking about it, but I can’t wait!) Today I took the BodyAttack class and burned almost 500 calories (forgot to turn the darn thing on until track 2) so in 54:32 I burned 426 calories @ 28% fat πŸ™‚

So eating will play a huge roll in my training for the 1/2. I will add in some things, take out some things..switch things around…exciting πŸ™‚

So breakfast today is Ezekial Bread with peanut butter, maca and raisins. I needed a quick meal this morning!

Yesterdays eats were sparse at best. I am really trying to get all of my meals in, but half the time I don’t feel like eating, and the other half I’m too busy. I’m working on it! Another Luna Bar (I was stuck in Walmart lines), and then a banana and a vanilla-peach protein shake:

Vanilla-Peach Protein Shake

I guess that was lunch! Dinner was fabulous, though. I made everyone else Taco Bell taco mix taco’s, and would have had them myself but the mix had paprika in it, which I have a HUGE sensitivity to. So not for me today! I ate chicken taco’s again, but I bought some green chili’s at Walmart to put on them, and then the Cholula hot sauce. Fabulous! Sides of broccoli and leftover brown/wild rice from yesterday completed the meal. And I LOVE the Whole Foods brand organic blue taco shells. Delicious!

Oh, and a close-up of the taco with the green chili’s (I wish the chili’s had been hot, but oh, well!)

Then since I really didn’t have much to eat today, I ate an apple with natural peanut butter, then had a couple of extra spoonfuls too! I sprinkled some ground flax on it to make it even more healthy!

Can you see the flax? YUM!

Today is going to be “visiting a different gym day” (because mine didn’t have a morning cardio class…they’re on a different schedule for this week), “wrapping presents day” (because none of them are wrapped yet…3 kids plus my husband and parents!) and “going to the Doctor day” to get a cortisone shot in my hip to alleviate some of the inflammation from the bursitis that was caused by the hip stress fracture that has since healed. (Dont’cha love the run-on sentence, LOL!) Oh, and get together with my BFF Alisa so she can meet Biscuit the puppy. Have a GREAT DAY! πŸ™‚

I leave you with a picture of my neighbors house down the road, whom we have obviously nicknamed “The Griswalds”, LOL!


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