Gingerbread House: Round 2, DING!

I had a repeat of yesterday for breakfast, so please see the previous post 🙂

My eats yesterday were all over the place. It really must have something to do with the holiday. After breakfast (where I didn’t get my protein in) I had another Fage yogurt with Honey:

Can you tell I like this yogurt?

Then me and my honey hubby went out to lunch at Smokey Bones. I started with a salad with vinegar as dressing:

Then a glass of vino:

Unfortunately the lunch itself was very boring so no pics…roasted turkey breast and PLAIN broccoli (I had to make it very clear about that).

Then off we were going to get Christmas presents.

After we got home, I was due for a snack, so I had some hummus with Mary’s crack and carrots:

While everyone else had pizza night, I packed up and headed to the gym for my kick butt cardio core class. (A HUGE fan of the class, not the time the class is at!) and burned 357 calories @27% in 45:37. In case you were wondering!

So I came home to Gingerbread houses and baths…(the kids, not mine) and made myself some dinner (by this time, it’s 8:00pm!)

I had homemade Mexican Shredded Chicken, in organic blue corn tortilla shells, with broccoli, peas and carrots, and salad with Goddess dressing and Farmer Cheese. It was so great! I put some Chohula (oops!) Cholula (that’s a hot sauce, by the way) on the chicken, too.

And a close-up of the chicken:

And finally, the elusive gingerbread houses! I took a before and after picture so you can SEE the difference, LOL!




My dessert is this fantastic ice cream made from coconut milk and agave nectar. Sometimes it is BYGO at Publix which is great because it’s expensive:


And no, I did not eat the whole thing:

Even though I wanted to! 🙂


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