Cookies: Round 1, Ding!

We made gingerbread cookies today and cookie dough for cutouts for tomorrow.  We were supposed to do the gingerbread house, but we just didn’t get to it. The mix I used (like I said, I don’t like to cook…much) and my Princess Sophia helped:

made the dough and cut it out,

resulting in little gingerbread men! (and women) ;). There were only a couple of fatalities:

Hahaha. Then there was some frosting done by Sean and Sophia: 🙂

Tomorrow….more cookies and a gingerbread house!


4 Responses to Cookies: Round 1, Ding!

  1. Jennifer Walsh says:

    They look good enough to eat! They need lots of sugary icing! Damn, Sophia has alot of hair! I requested 3 of Tosca Reno’s books at the library. I had done an initial search under her name and got nothing, so I went back, thinking that’s just crazy! So, hopefully they aren’t already out and I can pick them up soon!

  2. Yay! I know you’ll like them..the first one explains a LOT about clean eating. and Sophia has more hair then me 🙂

  3. shelley says:

    Great gingerbread cookie pictures. I need to find some organic gingerbread mix for the kids.

  4. Colleen says:

    looks like you had fun making cookies! Sweet pictures.

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