Cookie Making Sunday!

As I haven’t made any Christmas cookies yet for the family, today is hereby declared Cookie Making Sunday. And gingerbread house making day. 🙂 Pics to come!

I felt like I needed a vacation this morning (who doesn’t during the season) so I made an adapatation of CE mags Jamaican Steel Cut Oatmeal recipe.

I used groats, which is the whole oat. Steel cut oats are cut up groats. (Okay, that just sounds funny, LOL)! And Ialways make them ahead of time, because they take about an hour to cook. They hold in the fridge forever, and have more protein in them and nutrients then your regular quick oats which are great in a pinch.

So anyway, I used groats, chopped pineapple (it was fresh, but I guess it would equate to 1 slice or a little less), shredded coconut (maybe 1 tb), walnuts (half a palm full cut up) and maple sugar flakes (really hard to find) – I ordered mine on the internet and they were astronomical…if you don’t have them use turbinado sugar (just a pinch to sweeten).

And they look like this when all is said and done (it took less time for me to make them then to explain about them, 🙂 )

And a close-up of the yumminess:

Foodgasmic breakfast! 🙂

Yesterdays eats were great too! I had a lovely salad…the usual chicken, feta, mushrooms…Goddess Dressing…

and Santa was watching over it 😉

Just so you know, yes, that is a cookie jar, and no, there aren’t any cookies in it. Yet. The kids still have Halloween candy in it!

I had another Fage yogurt with honey for a snack, and then for dinner, we had prime rib. I don’t eat red meat very often, but this was superb!

That’s a sweet potato with cinnamon. I haven’t had cinnamon since I got my sensitivity tests back, because it is on the mild list. I really enjoyed the sweet potato as much as the prime rib 🙂 The other food is broccoli with some parm on it.  This was followed by a couple more of Averie’s coconut snowballs:

Just a couple, not the whole plate!

And a Peanuts Cup of coffee: (which I guess is going to be my “thing” this holiday season)

And an apple with Sunflower nut butter.  OK, so the sun butter was a new thing, but I wasn’t real thrilled with it. Maybe I just didn’t like sunflower seeds as much as I thought I did! I put honey on it to try and make it better but…that was a no-go. (But I ate it anyway in the hopes that I would like it more). UGH.

So, instead of seeing more of that, you’re going to see more of this:

Like anyone can see the difference, LOL!

Sorry about the sarcasm today. Guess I’m having “a day”. 😉

TTYL, Jessica


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