YaY! It’s Friiiidddaaaaay!

Hello y’all from rainy, gloomy Atlanta, Georgia. Oh well, that’s ok. At least it’s not snow! 😉 Yesterday was horribly busy and hectic for me. Something went really wrong with my car, and I wound up having to have it towed and get a rental. It was after the gym, though, which was good (priorities, LOL!) I took BodyStep and had the most fantastic class since I’ve been back on my feet (literally!) I burned 589 calories @ 24% fat in 1:28. That is fantastic. Plus, I was on an endorphine high for the rest of the day so the car incident didn’t really bother me 🙂

I promised I would veer away from chicken and steamed veggies and switch things up. I did!

This morning’s breakfast was not very creative (but I have never claimed to be a cook). Wheatena with peaches and coffee. I was super hungry, the Wheatena has carbs and protein, and I just felt like my body needed carbs. So there you have it. At least I was drinking out of my Peanuts mug!

So lunch yesterday (because I had to deal with the car) came from Publix, the local grocery store. I had gone to one that I normally don’t go to, and found they have a little sushi station! (The other stores just make it in the back and package it). SO, I have a moderate sensitivity to cucumbers, which every single roll had, and was able to custom order my rolls and bring them home:

this is smoked salmon, avocado and brown rice. It was sooo good!

Dinner I made a pork butt with garlic powder, thyme and a pinch of sea salt (ummm, not that great, but edible:)

Salad mix with mushrooms, Goddess dressing, and a LOT of broccoli. I also had a Luna bar yesterday (I had a coupon, buy 2 get 1 free so they’re gone now) and another banana hammock (the same as yesterday as well). So if you missed my posts from yesterday, go check them out!

My plan for today:

1. Return rental car (my hubby came home last night, so I can use his car)

2.  Find out what is wrong with my car

3.  Take Biscuit for a bath at PetSmart (didn’t make it yesterday for obvious reasons)

4.  Christmas shopping

Friday Tip of the Day: If you experience pain while doing a particular exercise, don’t continue to do it. Try to modify it if possible or choose a different one. There are lots of exercises out there, you don’t have to do any that cause you pain!


2 Responses to YaY! It’s Friiiidddaaaaay!

  1. YankSkeez says:

    Love me some Publix sushi!!! They are great for to-go dinners & lunches..mmm! But thats why I love Publix 🙂 It’s definitely tops my list of favorite stores

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