Tuesday Ramblings and Clean Food

Hello my friends 😉 Today is another busy day for me so I will make the rambling quick: I want you all to know that I CHOOSE to eat clean and to avoid preservatives in my diet. I CHOSE to have the food sensitivity test done, not because it’s a “diet”, but because my body, for ONE YEAR, has had issues with losing weight and retaining water, and my doctor thought I might have food sensitivities. I can gain up to 10 pounds of water weight after eating certain meals. 10 pounds! I think most of you will agree that anything beyond a pound or two (or even three) is not normal.  After a year of dealing with this, I am ready to try just about anything. It’s been a very frustrating year for me in this regard.  And I repeat, this is not a diet. I am not cutting or watching calories, or restricting foods (except for the ones I showed sensitivities to – and those will be added back into my diet in the future).  I am doing these things so that I can live a long, strong, life. Which is what I believe clean eating and working out will achieve.

I just wanted to make that absolutely clear, because I think there were some questions about why I eat the way I do.

Now, onto more fun topics such as food 😉

This mornings breaky was different for me, because I strayed away from my normal oatmeal routine and ate yogurt instead, and some fruit. I LOVE Fage 2% yogurt with honey. It ROCKS!!!

And some peaches. I need to go to the store today and stock up on good-eats, I’m running low.

Lunch yesterday was boooring. Sorry! And I had wanted feta, but my feta was frozen so it was really boring. But I was stuffed full when I was done 🙂 Salad, carrots, baked chicken, raisins and Cafe Geneva all natural dressing…(sugar and carb free, if you were wondering, and you can get it in the refrigerated section in the produce section in Publix). Plus, it ROCKS! YUMMY 🙂

“Boring” Salad

For a snack I had an Oatmeal Protein shake out of Tosca Reno’s Eat Clean Diet Cookbook: oatmeal, vanilla protein powder, peanut butter, skim milk, ground flax. I drank this right before I went to the gym and got my stress out in the 6:30pm Cardio Core class.  This class is taught by a kick-butt instructor who is the most motivating person I’ve met in a looong time 😀 In 52:56 I burned 426 calories at 26% fat. Not bad at all!

I was starving when I got home but I had to take care of the kids and the puppy. By the time I sat down to eat, it was around 8:30. Being that it was so late, I seared a piece of salmon in 100% maple syrup (1 Tb) and heated up my steamed veggies. My carb was Mary’s Gone Crackers.

It doesn’t look like a lot, but I had already started chowing down when I remembered to take the pic. Starving, I tell you! LOL! I also had some Kombucha Tea:

Now, for dessert, I made a “Banana Hammock”.   These are the creation of a fellow blogger, Chocolate-Covered Katie. I LOVE Katie’s creations!  My creation included a banana, unsweetened cocoa powder, raisins, natural peanut butter, and honey. Foodgasmic! I am definitely going to try to be creative with these for the next couple of days. Healthy and Yummy!

Sorry about the blurries!

I will leave you all with a picture of my NEW peanuts cup. My boys had one, and I found one at my local Publix 🙂 I LOVE the Peanuts at Christmas time! Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday Tip of the Day: Bring your snacks with you! Some versatile snacks include almonds and raisins, celery and peanut butter, or clean eating granola bars. Easy and versatile, your snacks that you have throughout the day will stop you from bingeing later when you are super-hungry, as well as keep your blood sugar levels steady, reducing “junk food” cravings.


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