It’s going to be a PEACH of a day…

This morning I felt like peaches, so I made groats with peaches and honey.  Groats are whole oats, in case you were wondering, and are much better for you and have more protein then regular oatmeal.

Groats, Peaches and Honey

Let’s get down to it, yesterday was a busy cooking day for me. I had NO IDEA what to make for myself with my new “restrictions” for food sensitivities. So, I took some chicken from yesterday, steamed every veggie I could find, and made a sort of sauce. The sauce was soy sauce, honey, rice wine vinegar, and a bit of brown rice flour. I threw all of that over some brown rice.

Steaming Every Veggie in the House

Making the Sauce

Voila! It's Some Kind of Stir-Fry!

After making lunch I found out that my 9 year old (Aidan) had volunteered me to make some muffins for the class Christmas Party on Tuesday. Well, always trying to be healthy (and clean!), I decided I had ingredients for chocolate chip. Whole wheat flour, buttermilk and skim milk, honey, egg, canola oil and semi-sweet chocolate chips:

Making Healthy Muffins

That’s Sean and Sophia, helping me make them. They turned out like this:

Healthy Muffins!

He has 26 kids in his class! So that was 3 batches of muffins. Somehow it didn’t make the amount it was supposed to, it was supposed to make 36, but only made 29, so the kids are getting extra big muffins! LOL.

Dinner was 3/4 clean. I had bought pork for carnitas, but didn’t realize that they are fried. In lard. Which my husband did, because he wanted them to be authentic. Well, not worth the effort, I would have rather simmered it all day and had adobo instead.  At any rate, I added a salad, yellow rice and green beans to round out the meal.

The next couple of days are going to be really busy. Kids Xmas parties at school, cleaning the house, and my folks come on Wednesday! Plus I need to finish the Xmas shopping, and grocery shop. Aaargh. And hit the gym. Hitting the gym tonight at 6:30 with the kids for a Cardio Core class to work out some of the stress,

See you later, my friends! 🙂 Have a PEACH of a day!


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