And then there was strawberry cheesecake….oatmeal!

Sundays always make me kind of sad for a couple of reasons: 1. because the weekend is over and 2. my husband leaves again on Monday morning. Well, at least I have the puppy to keep me company 🙂 (Along with my 3 kids, 2 cats, 2 fish and 2 lizards).


Yesterdays clean eats were hard, because here I am again on a new regime. Clean eating itself is like second nature, but this new way of eating without my faves has been a challenge. I didn’t have any of my “go-to” meals ready, so they’re going to see kind of bland (you’re forewarned!)

My snack was celery with natural peanut butter and Mary’s Gone Crackers. (Thanks to the fitnessista who spoke very highly of them!) They fit right into my new eating plan and are delicious!

Lunch was unusual. Grilled chicken breast, baked potato topped with avocado, and a salad with red pepper and balsamic vinegar.

Dinner was tough, because everything that my husband mentioned he wanted to eat, I couldn’t have. So I ended up having another chicken breast, (and baked the rest for next weeks go-to’s) a LOT of broccoli, and my normal “lovely” salad (why do I call it that? no idea!)

Uh. huh. BORING!

So let’s get to what I was REALLY excited about, which is this mornings breaky.  I made the best oatmeal EVER!!! Even better then yesterday! I named it Strawberry Cheesecake Oatmeal. Because that’s what it tastes like!


So I started with some frozen strawberries that I warmed up in the microwave with a touch of water. I added agave nectar and vanilla protein powder. LOVES it! OMG, you have to try it. So easy and so good. Look in my recipe section for the full recipe.

Have a fantastic day! Will check back in later 🙂


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