Brrr! Welcome Old Man Winter!

Good Morning my fellow foodies! It is crazy cold here in the Atlanta, GA area! My puppy woke up at 7:30am, and I thought we were going to turn into popsicles outside! I am sooo not a winter person, even though I grew up in the north. I can say for certain that I’ve done my time. Vermont, anyone??? LOL!

So let’s get down to it. My eats are going to be fairly different from now on. I had a food sensitivity test done and found that while I’m not allergic, I have some pretty severe food sensitivities. So I am on a 4 day rotation with the foods that I can eat (it’s limiting, but not terrible, but a lot of foods that I ate every day I can’t eat for say, a minimum of 6 months. Then I try to add them back in. At risk of boring everyone, if you want to find out more, see my “Alcat” page.

SO, breaky was very unusual, but OMG, YUMMY!!! (Assume that everything I am eating is on the list) I made what I like to call chocolate banana split. AND, I managed to get my protein in too! Foodgasmic!!!

This is regular oatmeal, chocolate protein powder, banana, unsweetened cocoa. Oh, and my coffee, because I can’t live without my coffee 🙂

The rest of the day should be VERY interesting. Have a great morning, y’all!!!


3 Responses to Brrr! Welcome Old Man Winter!

  1. Kayla Walters says:

    Goodluck with eating clean around all those food sensitivities! I’m sure you can be really creative and make it work 🙂 Hopefully after 6 months you can reincorporate certain foods back into your diet without any problems. I am sure you are going to finally be through with the water weight issues though…YAY!

  2. Kayla Walters says:

    Oh, and btw…LOVE your blog!

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