My Friday Extravaganza

Good TGIF to you! My other half made it home last night and that always makes for a happy Friday!

Last nights clean eats were A-MAZ-ING.

Leftover steak from Whole Foods, some more smoked Maine Muscles from yesterday, Mary’s Gone Crackers, and a small salad with goat cheese, cranberries, sun-dried tomatoes and Goddess dressing.

The dinner was before a small binge on peanut butter (with honey) and 3 pieces of the clean eating fudge from the other day. I have issues with the fudge, how do you get it out of the pan? I was eating it with my peanut butter spoon. SCRUMPTIOUS!!!

Breakfast this am was a new concoction for me, and one that I REALLY liked. I used Bob’s Red Mill 5 Grain Oatmeal, a big spoonful of plain pumpkin, a dash of real vanilla extract (beware of those that have hfcs) and yellow saltana raisins. Oh MY!!!

I was really hungry still and hadn’t eaten my protein, so I had 3 egg whites AND one whole egg with sun-dried tomatoes,done up in the microwave. Fried eggs in the microwave. LOVES it!!!

TTYL, my wonderful friends 🙂 Will check back in a while…errands to run today! Walmart, Publix, and the pet store for our new puppy, Biscuit 😀

I just realized I hadn’t posted in a LONG time today, and I know that if I don’t, I will be overwhelmed in the am. I was out and about running my errands this am, and I forgot all about my snack (meal 2) but realized I had a Luna Bar in my purse (who DOES that?) LOL! So I ate it in the car on my way home with all of my goodies.

I HAD pictures of lunch, but along with the crazy day, I deleted my pics. It was Mary’s Gone Crackers, homemade hummus, and 2 chocolate chip pancakes. (I REALLY don’t know what came over me). Oh, and the rest of the smoked muscles, which I am sure you all will be happy about as you’re probably sick of hearing about them! It was an unplanned crazy lunch.

Dinner was just as much unplanned but I had my trusty “go-to” meal: Shepherds Pie and my normal lovely salad. Had some more of Mary’s crack, too! See you in the morning, fellow foodies!


2 Responses to My Friday Extravaganza

  1. Jennifer Walsh says:

    I was reading what you said about getting the fudge from the pan. Next time line the pan with either non-stick reynolds wrap and let the sides overlap the pan. Then you can lift the whole thing out and slice it up! Happy Eating! What mags do you subscribe to for the cleean eating? Also, are there any books you’d recommend?

  2. I subscribe to Clean Eating Magazine, and Eating Well. Eating Well has good recipes, although some of them need to be tweaked. Thanks for the fudge tip 🙂 Not sure that it will work tho, because there’s something about the coconut oil.

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