Wild Wednesday

Hellooo! Yesterday was a good day, my friends! I actually got a good workout in at my gym, an hour BodyAttack class. AND, I got lots of other stuff done too. Christmas is around the corner, kids! Time to get on it!

The almonds were healthy, though, so that’s something. I was starving again an hour later so I made lunch:

Ezekial muffins with homemade hummus, avocado, chicken breast and a “lovely” salad with Goddess dressing. It was absolutely what I needed. I had wanted to eat a whole wheat pita, but under the “Unsuspecting Chemicals” tab (which I am going to set up in a sec.) you will see why!!! 😦
Meal 3 was a Pure Bar. Pure Bars have nothing bad in them, they are raw and vegan (if you’re interested).

At any rate, dinner was one of my “go-to” meals. Clean eating Shepherd’s Pie, green beans, and a small salad with goat cheese, cranberries and almonds! Heavenly! Dessert was Clean eating Molasses Bread Pudding with more cranberries and Cocoa Almonds.

Remember the green beans I grow in my kitchen Aerogarden? I took a pic, and if you look closely enough, you can see some beans growing! Have a Wild Wednesday my friends!!!

Fit and Clean tip of the day: If there’s an ingredient you can’t pronounce, you should think twice about eating it.  Questions about eating clean or anything else? Email me at fitclean@gmail.com

So the rest of today was an interesting one food-wise. I snacked on another Pure Bar this morning and it was SO GOOD! I need to get some more!
Lunch was smoked muscles from Maine. They were giving them as samples at my Whole Foods and I fell in loooove. On the side was whole wheat cous-cous with smoked sun-dried tomatoes. Green beans with balsamic vinegar completed my lunch.

I had to run to a parent teacher conference, to the bank, Starbucks (where I had a nonfat grande latte) pick up my other kids and then finally home for a snack. Yummy Ezekial muffin with cashew butter and maca 🙂

I was looking forward to dinner. I ate a little different then the kids…they had steak, I had salmon with a hint of maple syrup, broccoli with Fiesta Lime Mrs. Dash, and Nature’s Way rice, my shortcut side.

Today was my day off for working out. Back to the grind tomorrow! Have a delicious night 🙂


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